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Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Furniture Shopping Experience

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SunMall helps furniture merchants increase conversion and reduce returns. With SunMall AR viewer, consumers can view furniture in their own space. The 3D viewer allows consumers to see the product from any angle and zoom in to see the finest details. Our native shopify app seamlessly integrates with your existing web pages. We make 3D Models from your existing images and have styling capabilities to match your brand.

Unlock the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) with a smart solution designed to transform your furniture store's online experience. Embrace the future of e-commerce, offer an irresistible purchasing journey with the power of immersive 3D modelling and AR technology.

Boost customer interactions with products in real-time and wave goodbye to just static images. Offer a 360-degree view of each piece. This not only adds a whole new level of customer engagement but also allows buyers to zoom and scrutinize every small detail, texture, and shade to their satisfaction, reducing returns.

This seamlessly integrated tool takes the shopping experience further with a unique AR feature, enabling customers to visualize products in their own space. Let them feel, envision, and be confident in their purchase decisions without ever having to step foot in a physical store.

Moreover, it’s not just visuals and functionality, it’s about maintaining your brand's touch. The customization capability ensures that the 3D Models aligns well with your brand's aesthetic to deliver a shopping experience that is as close as possible to touching and feeling the product.


Consumers can visualize sizing-realistic furniture in their own space
View furniture from any angle and zoom in to see the finest details
Seamlessly integrate and automatically generate 3D models
Allow customers to experience products in their own space using AR technology
Customize 3D models to align with your brand's aesthetic for a tactile online shopping experience.


Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by offering a 360-degree view of products, allowing buyers to zoom in and scrutinize details, reducing returns
Enable customers to visualize products in their own space with AR technology, boosting their confidence in purchase decisions without visiting a physical store
Maintain your brand's identity by customizing 3D models to align with your aesthetic, delivering a tactile shopping experience online

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Owlfred Review

SunMall's The Immersive (3D/AR) ShowRoom app aims to revolutionize the way you shop for furniture, floating on the edge of reality and virtuality. While its install numbers remain a secret because of backend operations, the endearing feedback we have received rates it a solid 5 out of 5! What sets it apart, you ask? It empowers merchants to offer an unparalleled 3D furniture shopping experience, enabled by augmented reality, promising increased conversions and fewer returns. Shoppers can visualize how potential purchases fit and look in their space, scrutinizing products from every angle, and zooming in on the finest details. The app is designed from the ground up to blend with existing web pages, exhibiting some serious seamless native integration. But that's not all! The SunMall wizards turn your existing images into 3D models and style them to champion your brand's aesthetic prowess. With a price tag of absolute zero, it's a fascinating gateway to the future of furniture shopping! Certainly, this is an app worth giving a hoot about!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can 3D/AR technologies enhance my Shopify store's customer experience?
3D and AR technologies can greatly enhance your Shopify store's customer experience. They allow customers to interact with products in real-time, offering a 360-degree view where customers can observe details, textures, and shades. This level of interaction enhances engagement and customer satisfaction, reducing returns.
What are some of the key benefits of using Augmented Reality (AR) in e-commerce?
The key benefits of AR include increasing customer engagement, reducing returns, boosting customer confidence, and providing a more interactive and immersive shopping experience. AR allows customers to visualize products in their own space which aids in their purchasing decision.
How is a 3D/AR tool integrated with my Shopify store?
A 3D/AR tool is seamlessly integrated with your Shopify store. It will contain features that allow for customization ensuring the 3D models align with your brand's aesthetic, delivering a shopping experience close to touching and feeling the product.
Can 3D/AR tools help reduce product return rates?
Yes,3D/AR tools have the potential to reduce product return rates. They allow customers to scrutinize product details to their satisfaction before making a purchase which can minimize the chances of returns due to unmet expectations.

Shopify App Comparison: The Immersive (3D/AR) ShowRoom vs Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D - which is better?

We have reviewed two apps that offer unique features and capabilities to enhance the online shopping experience. The Immersive (3D/AR) ShowRoom App stands out with its focus on transforming furniture stores' online experience using augmented reality and immersive 3D modeling. This app allows customers to engage with products in real-time, offering a 360-degree view and the ability to zoom in and scrutinize every small detail. The standout feature is the AR functionality, which enables customers to visualize products in their own space, boosting their confidence in purchase decisions without visiting a physical store. This app also offers customization capabilities to align the 3D models with the brand's aesthetic, delivering a tactile shopping experience online.

On the other hand, Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D app offers an intuitive and interactive interface that allows shoppers to create bespoke designs on products. With its advanced virtual try-on tool, customers can visualize how their tailor-made items will fit before making a purchase, reducing returns and increasing satisfaction. Additionally, this app provides practical tools like Web-to-Print automation and a 3D made-to-order solution for smooth management of custom orders. One unique feature is the ability to simulate engraving effects on various materials. Overall, Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D app enhances customer experience and drives conversions through interactive product customization and practical workflow solutions.

Both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits that cater to different aspects of the online shopping experience. If you are a furniture store looking to offer an immersive and engaging online experience, we recommend The Immersive (3D/AR) ShowRoom App. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that combines interactive customization, workflow management, and integration with print-on-demand platforms, Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D app would be an excellent choice. Ultimately, the recommended app depends on your specific needs and goals.

The Immersive (3D/AR) ShowRoom Shopify AppThe Immersive (3D/AR) ShowRoom
Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D Shopify AppZakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 103
Estimated Installs 0 1819
Min Price $0.00 $14.90
Max Price $0.00 $129.90
Works With Checkout , Printful, CustomCat, Zapier, Order Desk, Printeers, PageFly Landing Page Builder
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