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Customizable scroll-to-top button for seamless navigation on your Shopify site.

What Owlfred thinks...

AD Scroll To Top is a great app that allows visitors to easily scroll back to the top of the page with customizable options and images.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Scroll back to top effortlessly with AD Scroll To Top.

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Enhance your customer's browsing experience with this seamless tool that effortlessly navigates them back to the top of your webpage. Providing a customizable utility, the app offers options to personalize button position, size, style, and transparency, ensuring an ideal fit for any website appearance.

Confidently design your 'Scroll To Top' button with an intuitive designer tool: whether your website calls for a minimalist, bold, or whimsical style, you can effortlessly design a button to match. Furthermore, the app offers a live preview feature, letting you see the real effect of your button creation before premiering it on your page.

This app helps to improve your website's usability by reducing manual scrolling and enhancing visitor engagement. It promises an intuitive, smooth, and efficient browsing experience for your visitors, ultimately fostering increased customer satisfaction, potential repeat visits, and an overall more enjoyable digital shopping journey.


Intuitively design and preview a customizable 'Scroll To Top' button to match your website's style and brand seamlessly
Enhance visitor engagement by reducing manual scrolling and providing a smooth browsing experience, fostering increased customer satisfaction and potential repeat visits
Effortlessly set up the app without any coding skills required, ensuring a seamless integration into your store
Prioritize speed with minified and subsetted elements for optimized performance
Provide a flexible browsing experience that keeps customers on your site longer, ultimately improving their overall shopping journey.


Increase customer engagement by offering a seamless browsing experience that effortlessly navigates visitors back to the top of your webpage
Boost website usability and reduce manual scrolling, improving overall visitor engagement and potentially leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat visits
Save time and effort with the intuitive designer tool, providing customizable options to design the perfect 'Scroll To Top' button for your website

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Owlfred Review

The AD Scroll To Top app is an efficient, user-friendly tool to enhance your Shopify store's usability. Tailored towards offering your visitors a smoother navigational journey, this app lets them effortlessly scroll back to the top of the page. What's neat about this app is its fully customizable options and images - it's all about visualizing your button design. Whether you tweak the button position, size, style, or transparency, it's designed to gel with your website perfectly, all without the need for any advanced coding skills. Also, what makes this app stand out is its emphasis on speed - everything is streamlined and optimized for a swift online experience. So, it doesn't just make your store more flexible, but it may also encourage customers to linger a bit longer. Pricing is fairly reasonable, with a free plan and a 3-day trial to boot. Considering its high ratings and favorable reviews, this owl gives a hoot of approval for the AD Scroll To Top app by AD Digitech, great for those seeking to enhance their shop's navigation and search capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a 'back to top' button on Shopify?
The 'back to top' button is a user-friendly feature provided by Shopify. It is a small arrow or text that typically appears at the bottom of a webpage. When visitors to your online store click the button, they are automatically taken back to the top of the page, navigating the website easier and improving the overall user experience.
How can AD Scroll To Top improve my Shopify store's navigation?
The AD Scroll To Top app can dramatically improve your Shopify store's navigation by adding a 'back to top' button. Its presence can enhance user interactions by reducing the manual scrolling needed, particularly on long product pages or blog articles. This ultimately results in a smoother browsing experience for your customers.
How does 'Back to Top' button help with customer experience?
A 'Back to Top' button can significantly enhance the customer experience on a website. It saves visitors from having to manually scroll back to the top of the page, which can be very time-consuming, especially on lengthy web pages. It helps customers navigate your site more easily and quickly, amplifying their overall browsing experience.
Can the aesthetic of the 'Back to Top' button be customized with AD Scroll To Top?
Yes. The AD Scroll To Top app offers a level of customization for the 'Back to Top' button. Users can change the design, size, color, position, and visibility of the button to match the aesthetic of their Shopify store, offering not just improved navigation, but also consistent design integration.

Shopify App Comparison: AD Scroll To Top vs RT: Smooth Scroll To Top - which is better?

When comparing the AD Scroll To Top app and the RT: Smooth Scroll To Top app, it is clear that both tools offer similar capabilities and benefits. They both enhance the browsing experience by providing a seamless scroll-to-top function, allowing visitors to easily navigate back to the top of the webpage. Additionally, both apps offer customization options, allowing users to personalize the button's position, size, style, and transparency to match their website's appearance.

However, the RT: Smooth Scroll To Top app distinguishes itself with its unique selling proposition of smooth and unobtrusive scrolling. This subtle touch prevents abrupt transitions and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the site. Additionally, the RT app offers a scroll progress bar, which helps visitors navigate the store and provides visual feedback on their scrolling progress. These added features contribute to improved user engagement and conversion rates, making the RT app a strong recommendation for those looking to enhance their eCommerce site's browsing experience.

AD Scroll To Top Shopify AppAD Scroll To Top
RT: Smooth Scroll To Top Shopify AppRT: Smooth Scroll To Top
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 34 48
Estimated Installs 204 0
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