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The Ultimate Attention-Grabbing Announcement Bar for Your Store

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Make a bold statement and keep your customers informed with Announcement Bar, the ultimate app for creating attention-grabbing announcements on your store. Whether you're promoting a sale, announcing a new product, or sharing important information, our app makes it easy to add a custom announcement bar to your website. With a user-friendly interface, customizable options, and mobile-responsive, Announcement Bar is the solution for any store looking to improve customer experience.

Navigate your customer's attention seamlessly with a top-notch app designed for crafting striking store announcements. Enhance the visibility of exclusive sales, the introduction of new products, or any key information using an easily integrated announcement bar.

The application enables a swift addition of custom announcement bars on your website with a user-friendly interface guiding the process. Whether used on a mobile or desktop, the app maintains full responsiveness, guaranteeing an optimal display irrespective of the device.

The flexibility it offers in customization options ensures tailor-fit announcements that speak directly to your unique audience, equipping you with a powerful tool in enhancing your customer's journey and overall experience on your store.

This app offers you the supreme capacity to not just communicate with your customers, but to do it with flair, style, practicality, and utmost efficiency, creating a strong connection between your products and your customers.


Create custom announcement bars like Free Shipping, Top, or Subscription bars to grab customer attention
Display notification bars directing visitors to specific pages for increased engagement
Target specific countries, devices, and schedule bar display times
Customize styles, colors, and fonts to match your store's unique look
Track announcement performance to optimize sales and engagement


Create eye-catching store announcements that grab your customers' attention instantly
Enhance customer engagement and boost sales with targeted and customizable announcement bars
Track performance metrics to optimize your announcements and increase sales

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Owlfred Review

Libautech's Announcement Bar app certainly knows how to make a splash! With an impressive average rating of 4.7, it seems Shopify merchants are hooting with delight about this handy tool. Despite being a backend app with an untrackable number of installs, its place in the ecosystem is undeniable. The app impresses with its ability to create attention-grabbing announcements, perfect for promoting your latest sale, revealing new products, or sharing critical updates with your customers. To make things even better, it's chock-full of customizable options - from the type of bar (Free Shipping, Announcement, Top, or Subscription), to its appearance. Libautech also helps you ensure your messaging hits home with the right audience by targeting specific countries and devices. Plus, you can schedule your announcements to fit your marketing plan. Let's not forget about tracking - through this app, you can monitor the performance of your announcements and witness their impact on your store's sales firsthand. With a free plan available and a cost-effective maximum price of $3.95, any Shopify merchant, from a newbie owl fledgling to the wisest veteran, can benefit from this banner email capture app. Recommended for those looking to enhance their visitor communication and boost store sales!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Libautech: Announcement Bar do for my Shopify store?
Libautech: Announcement Bar is an app that allows you to feature banners and capture email information on your Shopify store. It's designed to enhance your store's visibility and customer engagement.
How could an announcement bar improve customer interaction on my Shopify site?
An announcement bar helps improve customer interaction by displaying relevant information such as sales, promotions, or important announcements. This can prompt customers to take desired actions, like signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.
How to effectively use the announcement bar for email capture?
By offering incentives like discounts or exclusive deals in your announcement bar, you can encourage visitors to provide their email addresses. These emails can be later used for marketing campaigns or newsletters.
What can I display in my Shopify store's announcement bar?
You can display a variety of content in your announcement bar such as promotional offers, sales announcements, new product releases, upcoming events, or any important message you want to share with your customers.

Shopify App Comparison: Libautech: Announcement Bar vs Geo Shipping Bar - which is better?

Both Libautech: Announcement Bar and Geo Shipping Bar offer unique capabilities that allow you to enhance your e-commerce platform and create a personalized experience for your customers. Libautech: Announcement Bar stands out with its ability to create custom announcement bars that can grab your customers' attention instantly. With this app, you can easily create eye-catching announcements like Free Shipping or Subscription bars, and track their performance to optimize sales and engagement. Additionally, you have the flexibility to target specific countries, devices, and schedule bar display times. The customization options such as styles, colors, and fonts allow you to match the bar with your store's unique look. Overall, Libautech: Announcement Bar equips you with a powerful tool in enhancing your customer's journey and overall experience on your store.

On the other hand, Geo Shipping Bar focuses on providing a personalized touch to your e-commerce platform and engaging international customers. With this app, you can create customized, geo-specific free shipping bars that blend seamlessly with your website's design aesthetics. It allows you to foster brand loyalty and encourage purchase progression by setting country or continent-specific messages for a truly localized shopping experience. Moreover, you have granular control over your shipping progress bar state, enabling customization of messages for different stages of the shipping process. You can also preview real-time shipping progress bar updates before setting them live. By extending warm welcomes through tailored and geo-specific free shipping messages, Geo Shipping Bar helps enhance your international business positioning and drive customer engagement multi-fold.

While both apps have their unique strengths, we would recommend Geo Shipping Bar if you are looking to expand your international business and create a personalized shopping experience for your international customers. Its focus on geo-specific free shipping bars and tailored messaging allows you to connect with diverse shoppers and foster brand loyalty. However, if you want a versatile tool for creating various announcement bars and tracking their performance to optimize sales and engagement, Libautech: Announcement Bar would be the ideal choice. Consider your specific goals and requirements to choose the app that aligns best with your business objectives.

Libautech: Announcement Bar Shopify AppLibautech: Announcement Bar
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