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Embed Instagram feed, stories, reels, and more on your store with Tagembed's all-in-one Instagram app.

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With Add Instagram Feed widget by Tagembed, you can easily showcase Instagram content on your store to engage users and boost sales.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Engage Users and Boost Sales with a Dynamic Instagram Feed

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Add Instagram Feed widget by Tagembed, it allows you to collect, curate & add Instafeed to your store in a few clicks. Showcase socialwidget like Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Instagram reels, Instagram hashtags, podcast & more to engage users, boost reach, build trust, influence decisions & hit sales. You can customise Instagram feed with features like moderation, profanity filter, card style, CSS, banner, custom language & more. Auto-update feature will collect new posts automatically.

Make your Shopify storefront more engaging and socially connected with this powerful app that expertly integrates Instagram feeds into your site. Embrace moderating, tagging, and filtering tools that allow you to curate your preferred Instagram content dynamically. Not just restricted to Instagram posts, the app harnesses the power of Instagram reels, stories, and hashtags, enabling you to offer an immersive browsing experience for your prospects.

With this app, you can essentially bring your social media content – including podcasts – to your store, where customers spent most of their time. The essence of authentically curated user-generated content can effectively influence customer decisions, increase reach, forge trust, and ultimately elevate sales volumes.

Unleash your brand personality through your customised Instagram feed with features like adjustable card styles, banners, custom language, and CSS. Notably, the auto-update feature ensures new Instagram posts find their place in your eCommerce site without any manual intervention, keeping the feed fresh and relevant.

This app lends a unique character to your store; shaping a more engaging, trust-inspiring, and updated shopping environment that can significantly contribute to your eCommerce success.


Display Instagram feeds on your store with 10+ themes & layout customization, enhancing engagement.
Ensure a seamless browsing experience with a fully responsive Instagram feed that auto-adjusts to screen size.
Easily curate relevant Instagram content by filtering feeds before adding them to your site.
Personalize your Instagram feed with custom CSS to match your brand's unique style and visual identity.
Effortlessly add Instagram reels, stories, posts, and hashtag feeds to your store with just a few clicks, enriching the user experience.


Increase customer engagement and trust by curating and displaying authentic user-generated content directly from Instagram on your Shopify store, leading to higher conversions and increased sales volumes.
Save time and effort with the auto-update feature that seamlessly integrates new Instagram posts, reels, stories, and hashtags into your store without manual intervention, keeping your content fresh and relevant for your customers.
Showcase your brand personality and create a more immersive shopping experience with customizable Instagram feed themes, layout options, banners, custom language, and CSS, enhancing your store's overall appeal and contributing to eCommerce success.

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Instagram, Instagram Feed, instafeed, Instagram Reels, Instagram Hashtag, Instagram Feeds


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Looks like we've got a featherweight champ here. "Add Instagram Feed - Tagembed" is an all-in-one Instagram tool with strong user feedback, earning a perfect rating of 5 out of 5. Even without a set number of installs, it's clear that this Shopify app is bringing a lot to the nest. Tagembed helps you leverage your Instagram feed, stories, reels, and hashtag content to engage with your shoppers, boost your reach, and build trust. It’s as streamlined as a nightcalm flight: collect, curate and add your Instafeed to your store in just a few clicks. In addition, Tagembed offers valuable features for customization, such as a profanity filter, CSS modifications, multiple themes, and responsive design - ensuring your gorgeous feeds nestle perfectly, no matter the screen size. Priced at a range from cozy-free to a max of $39.00, Tagembed offers a 14-day free trial to test if it’s a match for your store. Whooo wouldn't love to try it? Owlfred is certainly a fan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my sales and engagement on Instagram using Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed?
Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed can help increase sales and engagement by displaying your Instagram content directly on your Shopify store. This can be your Instagram posts, stories, IGTVs, or reels. Showcase your Instagram content in a dedicated widget, highlight your products in real context, and let your customers interact with your Instagram content directly from your Shopify store.
What does engage feed Instagram mean?
Engage feed on Instagram refers to the posts and content that a user interacts with the most. This can include likes, shares, comments, and saves. Highlighting your best engaging Instagram content on your Shopify store using Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed can help display your products in a more engaging way.
Which Instagram feed post type garners the most engagement?
Video posts garner the most engagement on Instagram. However, carousel posts that include both images and videos also see high levels of interaction. With Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed, you can display all types of Instagram content on your Shopify store, whether it's image posts, video posts, carousels, stories, or reels.
How does Instagram engage users and how can Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed help?
Instagram engages users through its visual content, creating a sense of community and allowing users to share personal experiences. Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed enhances this engagement on your Shopify store by allowing users to view, like, comment, and share your Instagram content directly from your site, providing them with an integrated social shopping experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed vs Juniper ‑ TikTok Feed - which is better?

When comparing Add Instagram Feed - Tagembed and Juniper - TikTok Feed, we can see that both apps offer integration of popular social media platforms into an eCommerce website, enhancing the browsing experience for customers. However, there are some key differences that set them apart.

Add Instagram Feed - Tagembed allows you to seamlessly curate and display authentic user-generated content directly from Instagram on your Shopify store. With 10+ themes and layout customization options, you can showcase your brand's personality and create an immersive shopping experience. The auto-update feature ensures that new Instagram posts, reels, stories, and hashtags are integrated into your store without any manual intervention, keeping your content fresh and relevant. This app focuses on Instagram, offering a wide range of features to engage customers and increase conversions.

On the other hand, Juniper - TikTok Feed brings the invigorating energy of TikTok to your website. By incorporating popular trends and creators, you can showcase relevant social proof and boost visitor involvement within your eCommerce platform. With grid or slider layout options, customizable rows and columns for mobile viewing, and the ability to showcase multiple TikTok feeds, this app transforms your store into an interactive and engaging platform. If you want to capture the dynamic appeal of TikTok and appeal to a younger audience, Juniper is the app for you.

Both apps have their unique capabilities and benefits, and the choice ultimately depends on your target audience and social media preferences. However, based on the growing popularity of TikTok and its ability to engage younger users, we would recommend Juniper - TikTok Feed for those looking to bring a vibrant and trendy experience to their eCommerce store.

Add Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed Shopify AppAdd Instagram Feed ‑ Tagembed
Juniper ‑ TikTok Feed Shopify AppJuniper ‑ TikTok Feed
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 3 16
Estimated Installs 344 0
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Max Price $39.00 $4.00
Works With Instagram, Instagram Feed, instafeed, Instagram Reels, Instagram Hashtag, Instagram Feeds TikTok
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