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Boost website speed, SEO, and conversions with one-click setup and no-code approach.

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TurboBoost is the perfect solution to improve your website speed, SEO, and site conversions with its one-click setup and no-code required approach, ensuring your visitors stay engaged and your sales keep rolling in! Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Boost Website Speed and Conversions Instantly

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Imagine a world where slow loading webpages are a thing of the past, and your potential customers stay engaged with your brand, rather than bouncing off due to delayed response. Enter the world of TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster, an app specifically designed to streamline your Shopify website's performance, ensuring snappier load times and better site engagement.

The app intrinsically understands the far-reaching implications of page loading speed on SEO and site conversions. Therefore, it employs a one-click setup and code-free approach to ease your journey towards a highly efficient website. At the heart of it, don't just think of it as an app, but as your silent business accomplice.

Going beyond simple speed enhancement, TurboBoost offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including caching, CDN, and image optimization right out-of-the-box. It's built on the tenet that everyone, regardless of tech savviness, should experience the growth that comes with unbeatable website speed. The easier accessibility and improved user experience translates to higher site conversions, which ultimately boosts your bottom line.

So, turn over the nagging issue of slow loading times to TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster and refocus your energy on selling. Enjoy a significant uplift in site performance, improved SEO rankings, and better conversions, all with a simple installation of this app. TurboBoost has your back every step of the way on your ecommerce journey.


Enhances website load times leading to almost instant page access
Optimizes website speed specifically for mobile devices
Developed with Shopify's native architecture to ensure compatibility and speed
Assures speedy page load improvements with its no code installation
Provides 24/7 live chat support for immediate assistance and queries.


TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster ensures your website loads extremely quickly, boosting rankings in search engine results which can increase organic traffic by up to 20%
The app offers improved page speed on mobile devices which results in a lesser bounce rate, potentially increasing conversion by up to 30%
By significantly reducing the page load time, it provides a superior shopping experience, which can boost customer retention rates and increase revenues.

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Works with

Pagespeed Insights, Google Lighthouse, Core Web Vitals, Lossy Compression, TxtCart, Appstack


Basic plan: Free to install with $15 per 5,000 additional page views for 5,000/mo pageviews. Starter plan: $15/month or $150/year with 50,000/mo pageviews and $15 per 5,000 additional page views, includes 7-day free trial. Growth plan: $40/month or $400/year with 200,000/mo pageviews and $15 per 5,000 additional page views, includes Adaptive Image Sizing and 7-day free trial. Pro plan: $150/month or $1,500/year with 1,000,000/mo pageviews and $15 per 5,000 additional page views, includes Adaptive Image Sizing, Font Subsetting and 7-day free trial.
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Owlfred Review

With TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster, Shopify brands have a powerful tool at their disposal to enhance website speed, SEO, and conversions effortlessly. This app offers a comprehensive solution for image optimizations, caching, and CDN integration, all accessible through a one-click setup that requires no coding. With features like almost instant page loading, mobile speed improvement, and native Shopify integration, TurboBoost is a valuable asset for those looking to boost their online presence. And with a perfect average rating from two reviews, the app seems promising in its functionality and user satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster improve my Shopify website's performance?
TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster enhances your Shopify website's performance by ensuring faster load times and better site engagement. It uses a one-click setup and code-free approach for hassle-free use. It comprises tools like caching, CDN, and image optimization that ensure higher speed.
How does TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster affect site conversions?
Improved site speed leads to a smoother user experience. Easier access to your Shopify website and a better user experience encourage more visitors to convert to customers, hence improving site conversions.
Does TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster impact SEO rankings?
Yes site speed is an important factor for SEO rankings. By optimizing your Shopify website speed with TurboBoost, you can expect improved SEO rankings.
What is the installation process for TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster?
TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster requires a simple installation process. As outlined in the app description, it follows a one-click setup approach, meaning you can swiftly install the app without any coding knowledge.

Shopify App Comparison: TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster vs SearchPie SEO & Speed optimize - which is better?

We have thoroughly evaluated both TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster and SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed and found that while both apps focus on improving website performance, they have different approaches and features that set them apart.

TurboBoost excels at enhancing website load times with its caching, CDN, and image optimization tools. The app's one-click setup and code-free approach make it extremely user-friendly, suitable for those with little to no technical knowledge. With TurboBoost, you can expect almost instant page access, optimized speed for mobile devices, and improved SEO rankings. This, in turn, can lead to higher organic traffic, lower bounce rates, and increased conversion rates. The 24/7 live chat support provided by TurboBoost ensures immediate assistance and support for any queries or issues.

On the other hand, SearchPie focuses on maximizing visibility on Google's search rankings and improving page load speeds. The app provides smart reports to detect and resolve SEO issues, along with features like rich snippets, meta tags, and backlinks to boost SEO and traffic. It also offers speed optimization tools such as AMP and image compression. SearchPie simplifies SEO for users of all skill levels and guarantees a user-friendly approach. By using this app, you can enhance user experience with faster load speeds, increase customer influx, and improve store visibility on search engines.

In conclusion, both TurboBoost and SearchPie offer valuable features to improve website performance, but their focuses differ. TurboBoost is recommended for those looking to enhance website speed and user experience, with a specific emphasis on mobile optimization. On the other hand, SearchPie is recommended for those seeking to maximize visibility on search rankings and improve SEO, while also benefiting from faster page load speeds. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific goals and priorities for your Shopify store.

TurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster Shopify AppTurboBoost: Pagespeed Booster
SearchPie SEO & Speed optimize Shopify AppSearchPie SEO & Speed optimize
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 5 4049
Estimated Installs 0 5980
Min Price $0.00 $39.00
Max Price $0.00 $99.00
Works With Pagespeed Insights, Google Lighthouse, Core Web Vitals, Lossy Compression, TxtCart, Appstack
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