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Boost Sales with Advanced Filters & Instant Search

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If you are searching for a way to boost your stores performance by using product filter, collection filter or instant search and suggestions then "Advanced filters & Search" system could be your answer. Using this application, customers can search for products using multiple filters located on collections and search pages.

Revolutionize your online store's user experience with an impactful system tailored to refine product discovery. Equipped with state-of-the-art filtering capabilities, customers can navigate with unprecedented efficiency through myriad product options, enhancing their browsing and shopping experience.

Let your customers acquire what theyโ€™re seeking in no time with a sophisticated yet user-friendly filtering system. Perform searches with multiple filters found in collections and search pages, intensifying the efficiency of product search and ultimately accelerating customer conversion.

This ingenious functionality is more than a mere tool; think of it as a virtual assistant guiding and simplifying your potential customers' journey. By reducing the complexity of product discovery, this system enables an effortless shopping experience, thus building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Accommodating an enhanced in-store experience uplifts the online shopping journey to new heights. Give your customers a seamless online hunt with this ingenious system, designed to deliver unparalleled browsing efficiency through its exceptional filtering capabilities.


Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing the complexity of product discovery
Accelerate customer conversion by allowing searches with multiple filters on collection and search pages
Enhance browsing efficiency with state-of-the-art filtering capabilities
Provide users with a seamless online shopping experience through user-friendly customizations
Instantly suggest search options for quick and efficient product discovery


Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing the complexity of product discovery
Accelerate customer conversion by allowing searches with multiple filters on collection and search pages
Enhance browsing efficiency with state-of-the-art filtering capabilities

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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot, hoot! Step right into my owl's nest to discover the magic of DigitalCoo's Advanced Filters & Search Shopify app. With an average rating of 5 stars, this incredible backend app is all about supercharging your store's performance. Say hello to product filters, collection filters, and instant search suggestions - it's the perfect recipe for making your products easier for customers to find. Enhance your collection page with product filters or add a touch of excitement with instant search suggestions. The key highlight is its user-friendly customization, making it as simple as a mouse click to set up. Priced between $9 and $45 per month, it's an accessible tool for all merchants big and small. Remember, it even offers a 21-day free trial; a fantastic way to give it a spin! With the focus on enhancing navigation and filters search, I highly recommend this app to merchants aiming to boost sales and enrich customers' shopping experience. Wise Owl out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced filter?
An advanced filter is a tool that allows users to refine and narrow down search results. It uses a complex logic and enables users to precisely find the products or contents they are seeking.
What does boost commerce do?
Boost commerce is a Shopify app. It enhances a store's search and filter capabilities helping customers to find their desired products faster. It improves user experience and increases the conversion rate.
What is search product boost?
Search product boost is a feature that prioritizes certain products in search results. Shop owners can set parameters that move their chosen products to the top, increasing their visibility.
What is boost AI Search & Discovery?
Boost AI Search & Discovery is a system that uses artificial intelligence to improve the discovery and search process in e-commerce. It learns from users' behavior and preferences to deliver personalized and relevant product suggestions.

Shopify App Comparison: Advanced Filters & Search vs Boost AI Search & Filter - which is better?

When comparing Advanced Filters & Search and Boost AI Search & Filter, it's clear that both apps offer powerful search and filtering capabilities to enhance the user experience on your online store. However, there are key differences that set them apart.

Advanced Filters & Search excels in providing customers with an effortless shopping experience through its user-friendly customizations. Its state-of-the-art filtering capabilities allow for searches with multiple filters on collection and search pages, significantly improving browsing efficiency. This app acts as a virtual assistant, guiding potential customers and simplifying their journey, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We highly recommend Advanced Filters & Search for those seeking to optimize the browsing and shopping experience for their customers.

On the other hand, Boost AI Search & Filter stands out with its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. This app utilizes AI-powered search suggestions, typo tolerance, synonyms, and stopwords, ensuring fast and relevant search results. It also offers sophisticated visual merchandising tools for arranging and customizing product filters with unlimited options. With its smart recommendations powered by AI, Boost AI Search & Filter creates personalized shopping journeys, optimizing the buying process. If you're looking for an app that elevates conversion rates and average order value and provides in-depth analytics, we highly recommend Boost AI Search & Filter.

Advanced Filters & Search Shopify AppAdvanced Filters & Search
Boost AI Search & Filter Shopify AppBoost AI Search & Filter
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 5 1814
Estimated Installs 0 26391
Min Price $9.00 $0.00
Max Price $45.00 $69.00
Works With, Wishlist Plus, Weglot, GemPages, Currency Converter, Product Labels
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