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Automate Meta Ads, Boost Sales & ROAS with Adyogi Marketing

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Experience an effortless digital advertising journey with this must-have app that automates your Meta marketing, ensuring the highest possible ROAS (Returns on Ad Spend) for your business. By simplifying the task of setting up Meta marketing campaigns, you'll have your ads running in mere minutes with just a few clicks.

Uniquely designed by skilled digital marketing professionals, the app provides Shopify Merchants with a performance-focused marketing plan. Multiple marketing adsets can be coordinated in a single move, seamlessly extending your company's digital reach. The offering allows you to focus on what you do best, leaving the complexities of digital marketing to an automated, results-driven tool.

With a key emphasis on sales expansion, this beneficial app delivers optimised returns, powered by rock-solid algorithms. It delivers effective strategies from industry experts straight into your hands—enabling you to achieve digital marketing finesse and automation simultaneously.


Keep your products up-to-date with live catalogue sync on Meta
Level up your creative game with real-time ad preview and ad text customization
Allocate funds to your top-performing campaigns with automatic budget optimizer
Get assistance from Marketing Professionals at Meta for professional handling
Experience industry-leading support for your digital marketing efforts


Increase ROAS with automated Meta marketing campaigns
Coordinate multiple marketing adsets in a single move to extend digital reach effortlessly
Achieve optimized returns with effective strategies delivered by industry experts

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Owlfred Review

Take control of your eCommerce ads with Adyogi Facebook & Insta Ads, a savvy app dedicated to automating Meta Ads for optimal returns and sales boost. This app, armed with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5, helps Shopify merchants set up Meta marketing campaigns in record time. It's got some nifty features, such as Live Catalogue Sync on Meta, ensuring your products are always up-to-date. Who doesn't love tweaking with their ad campaigns in real time? Adyogi has got you covered with Real-Time Ad Preview and Ad Text Customization. Keep your wallet in check with the Automatic Budget Optimizer, and get professional handling and support from marketing pros at Meta. Although this app might be the new kid on the block with hidden install numbers, considering the affordable pricing — starting at just $9 per month — and the beneficial features; I'd say this is a must-try choice for those looking to automate their Meta marketing strategy. These tidbits, my feathered friends, are the nuts and bolts of professional ad management with Adyogi!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are Facebook ads in generating sales?
Facebook ads can be very effective in generating sales given the platform's vast reach and highly detailed targeting options. Ultimately, the effectiveness depends on various factors such as ad quality, targeting strategy and budget.
Are Facebook automatic ads worth it?
Facebook automatic ads can be worth it for businesses lacking manpower or knowledge in ad creation. They eliminate the need to manually set-up, manage and optimize ad campaigns. However, for larger budgets and complex campaigns, a tailored approach may yield better results.
How can I increase sales with Facebook ads?
To increase sales with Facebook ads, ensure your ads are reaching the right audience by utilizing precise targeting. Engage users with compelling and relevant content. Also, make sure you're optimizing based on conversions to get the highest ROI.
How much does running Facebook automated ads typically cost?
The cost of running Facebook automated ads can vary greatly based on factors like audience, geographic location, competition and timing. Generally, businesses can start seeing results with budgets as low as $1 a day. However, the bigger the budget, the more potential reach and results.

Shopify App Comparison: Adyogi Facebook & Insta Ads vs Google Dynamic Remarketing WDS - which is better?

When comparing Adyogi Facebook & Insta Ads App to the Google Dynamic Remarketing WDS App, it's clear that both apps offer unique capabilities and features that can enhance your digital advertising strategy. The Adyogi app focuses on automating your Meta marketing campaigns, ensuring the highest possible ROAS for your business. With features like live catalog sync, real-time ad preview, and automatic budget optimization, this app helps streamline your advertising efforts and increase your returns. It also offers industry-leading support from marketing professionals, giving you peace of mind knowing that experts are handling your digital marketing.

On the other hand, the Google Dynamic Remarketing WDS App takes personalised advertising to the next level. With the power of Google Dynamic Remarketing, this app shows potential consumers ads featuring the products they've shown interest in before but didn't buy. It creates bespoke messages for each audience segment, maximizing your target reach and increasing conversion rates. This app excels at turning simple views into purchases by capturing attention, reigniting interest, and converting curious visitors into committed buyers with its personalized and engaging content.

Both apps have their strengths, but we recommend the Adyogi Facebook & Insta Ads App for its comprehensive package of features and benefits. With its emphasis on sales expansion and automated Meta marketing campaigns, this app provides a valuable tool for Shopify Merchants who want to achieve digital marketing finesse and automation simultaneously. It's a must-have app for simplifying the task of setting up marketing adsets and achieving optimized returns.

Adyogi Facebook & Insta Ads Shopify AppAdyogi Facebook & Insta Ads
Google Dynamic Remarketing WDS Shopify AppGoogle Dynamic Remarketing WDS
Average Rating 2.8 out of 5 3.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 16 7
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $9.00 $9.99
Max Price $149.00 $9.99
Works With Google AdWords, Google Ads, Merchant Center
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