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June 13, 2024

Track Orders and Boost Revenue with Afterdeal‑Order Tracking&Email

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Imagine a dependable, modular order tracking system that goes beyond the simple dispatch and delivery updates. Get ready for an experience enriched by this advanced order-tracking solution that leaves no detail unexplained for your customers. This Shopify app takes the art of staying informed to a whole new level, providing timely order updates in a minimum of seven distinct scenarios, including shipment, transit, and delivery stages, and many more.

This app is no ordinary logistics tracking system. It brings an unheard level of accessibility and interactivity by greatly increasing user touchpoints. With this, you amplify customer engagement and foster an intriguing customer experience that keeps shoppers locked into their order journey. Quality, depth, and ease of access - this is what this app pledges to offer in its diligent approach to order tracking, ensuring no logistic detail is missed.

Upgrade your eCommerce with this app which not only reliably informs but implicitly persuades customers to keep revisiting, subsequently increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. Sync your Shopify store with this app now for an enriched customer shopping journey and superior service delivery.


Provide insightful tracking data for faster resolution of delivery events
Engage customers with brands through seamless post-sales communication
Deliver the best post-sales experience to drive customer loyalty
Ensure timely order updates in multiple scenarios for an engaging customer experience
Enhance customer retention and brand loyalty with improved delivery event resolution.


Increase customer retention and brand loyalty by providing timely order updates in multiple scenarios, fostering a more engaging customer experience
Enhance post-sales communication and customer engagement to drive repeat purchases and strengthen brand relationships
Improve delivery event resolution time with insightful tracking data, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let me introduce you to a hidden gem of Shopify back-end apps- Afterdeal-Order Tracking & Email. Although it hasn't got many reviews yet, it's proudly perched on a perfect 5-star rating! This nifty little tool optimizes your post-sales phase like a hawk on the hunt. For zero charge, it offers accurate order tracking in at least 7 different logistical scenarios such as shipped, in-transit, or delivered. This means invaluable insight for you to resolve hick-ups faster, and a smooth experience for your users. The best part? It doesn't stop at tracking! Engage customers with your brand through seamless post-sales communication and foster loyalty. Your users will relish the best post-sales experience, and keep coming back for more. Despite its lack of installs, I would definitely recommend all Shopify merchants to try out AfterDeal. After all, it's free, comprehensive, and fuelled with features to enhance user experience and loyalty. It's quite the hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my order tracking?
Efficiency of order tracking is improved by providing real-time updates, using order tracking tools like Afterdeal, and sending timely notifications.
Is Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email a trustworthy app?
Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email is reliable with positive user reviews and ensures secure and accurate order tracking.
How does Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email work?
Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email works by giving merchants the ability to monitor and share package delivery status with customers.
How do I create an order tracking page?
You can create an order tracking page by implementing an order tracking system like Afterdeal to your e-commerce site, then adding a dedicated page where customers can track their orders.

Shopify App Comparison: Afterdeal‑Order Tracking&Email vs AfterShip Order Tracking - which is better?

Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email is an advanced order tracking app that offers a comprehensive solution for keeping customers informed throughout the entire order journey. With its extensive range of tracking scenarios, including shipment, transit, and delivery stages, this app ensures that no logistic detail is missed. The app goes beyond simple order updates by providing insightful tracking data, enhancing post-sales communication, and driving customer engagement. By offering timely and accurate order updates, this app increases customer retention and brand loyalty, making it an essential tool for any Shopify store.

In comparison, AfterShip Order Tracking provides a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing live order tracking system. This app allows you to offer real-time shipment updates through a customizable tracking page, keeping your customers in control and building their confidence. Additionally, the advanced shipment analytics dashboard provides valuable insights on carrier transit times, on-time rates, and exceptions, enabling you to make informed decisions and streamline your shipping operations. The app also includes an AI-driven delivery estimate widget that offers accurate delivery timelines, fostering buyer trust and providing a seamless e-commerce experience.

While both apps offer valuable order tracking features, Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email stands out with its focus on customer engagement and post-sales communication. This app goes beyond simply providing tracking updates by enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing brand loyalty. With its comprehensive range of tracking scenarios and insightful tracking data, Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email ensures that no logistic detail is missed. Therefore, we highly recommend Afterdeal-Order Tracking&Email for Shopify store owners who want to deliver an exceptional post-sales experience and increase customer retention.

Afterdeal‑Order Tracking&Email Shopify AppAfterdeal‑Order Tracking&Email
AfterShip Order Tracking Shopify AppAfterShip Order Tracking
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 4537
Estimated Installs 0 19405
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $119.00
Works With Shopify Flow, Checkout , Klaviyo, Loox, Shipstation, Gorgias, Zendesk, Attentive
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