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Restrict access and block underage visitors with customizable age verification pop-up.

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Age Verifier by OTG is a customizable pop-up app that is essential for blocking underage visitors from accessing your Shopify store, especially if you sell age-restricted products like alcohol or tobacco.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 9, 2024

Block Underage Visitors with Customizable Age Verification

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Age Verification โ€“ Is a customizable pop-up app to restrict access to your website. If your Shopify store sells age restricted products such as; alcohol, wine, tobacco, ecigs, or vaping products... Age Verification is an important first step in blocking access to underage visitors.

Transform the way you regulate your store's access with this advanced Age Verifier tool. Ideal for any Shopify storefront that caters to age-limited goods, this tool assists in restricting underage site visits. Be it alcohol, tobacco, wine, or vaping products, it helps maintain regulatory compliance by serving as an efficient gatekeeper.

This intuitive, custom-built pop-up app operates like a diligent bouncer, ensuring no underage visitors get past your storefront. Its specialisation lies in flexible customization that perfectly aligns with your brand image and store aesthetics, thus eliminating any disruptions to your overall site design.

The benefits extend beyond just legal compliance. Utilize this tool to protect your brand reputation, foster customer trust, and augment user experience via its discreet yet effective modus operandi. With this tool, create an inviting yet responsible shopping environment that prioritizes ethical consumer experiences.

Join the community of proactive Shopify merchants who prioritize both profitability and compliance with this uniquely designed age verifier. Empower your business today and protect tomorrow.


Define a minimum age requirement for age verification
Enable or disable the Date of Birth selector for verifying age
Set cookies for seamless age verification process
Customize the age verification tool to align with your brand's image and aesthetics
Foster customer trust and enhance user experience by creating a responsible shopping environment.


Restrict underage access effectively, maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting your brand reputation
Customize the age verification tool to align perfectly with your brand image and store aesthetics, ensuring a seamless user experience
Foster customer trust and enhance user experience, creating a responsible shopping environment that prioritizes ethical consumer experiences

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Open Think Group, Inc.
431 E. 600 S., Salt Lake City, UT, 84111, US
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Owlfred Review

Wise old Owlfred here, swooping in with insight on the Age Verifier by OTG. Shopify merchants dealing in age-restricted wares will find this helpful tool a hoot! This perceptive app, from Open Think Group, Inc., helps protect your shop from the prying eyes of our younger friends. Goods like alcohol, vaping products, or antique timepieces from around the time I was a hatchling (just kidding) are easily safeguarded by customizing an initial verification pop-up. Its smart features allow you to set a befitting minimum age (18-21+), and even have an enable/disable date of birth selector, and a set cookie feature for easier return visits. Even though it hasn't been downloaded yet, this doesn't reflect its quality - it's a backend app meaning we can't track installs. From the three who reviewed it, all gave it a perfect 5! For a wallet-friendly $2.99 a month, after a free 7-day trial, I'd say this app is a wise investment in maintaining your store's integrity!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Age Verifier by OTG?
Age Verifier by OTG is a Shopify app designed to add and customize an age verification system on your website. Prior to site access, it asks users to confirm their age providing compliance with laws and regulations on age-restricted products.
How do you implement age verification?
To implement age verification, you need to install an app such as Age Verifier by OTG. Once installed, you can configure it from your Shopify admin area where you set the minimum age limit and customize how it appears to your visitors.
What is the purpose of age verification on a website?
Age verification on a website acts as a gatekeeper to prevent underage users from viewing or purchasing age-restricted goods or content. It's commonly used on websites selling alcohol, tobacco, vape products and adult content.
How does Age Verifier by OTG work?
Age Verifier by OTG integrates directly into your Shopify store. When a user visits your website, a pop-up will appear asking them to verify their age. If the user meets the minimum age requirement set by you, they can proceed to view and buy from your website.

Shopify App Comparison: Age Verifier by OTG vs Age Verification by BlueCheck - which is better?

After analyzing the capabilities of both the Age Verifier by OTG and Age Verification by BlueCheck apps, we can recommend both tools based on their unique features and benefits. The Age Verifier by OTG stands out with its flexible customization options, allowing you to align the age verification tool perfectly with your brand's image and aesthetics. This customization ensures a seamless user experience and reinforces trust among customers, creating a responsible shopping environment. Additionally, this app helps maintain regulatory compliance and protect your brand reputation by effectively restricting underage access.

On the other hand, Age Verification by BlueCheck excels at streamlining the checkout process with its real-time age verification capability. By automatically verifying the age of customers as their information is entered into checkout forms, this app enhances the user experience and prevents delays. It also offers the added benefit of optimizing your product offerings and marketing strategies by analyzing customer age data. With its stringent age verification rules, this app ensures compliance with age restrictions on age-restricted products, preventing unlawful sales.

Ultimately, the choice between these two apps will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize customization and brand alignment, the Age Verifier by OTG may be the better option. Alternatively, if you value a seamless checkout process and deeper insights into customer age demographics, Age Verification by BlueCheck would be the recommended choice.

Age Verifier by OTG Shopify AppAge Verifier by OTG
Age Verification by BlueCheck Shopify AppAge Verification by BlueCheck
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 3 5
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