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April 9, 2024

Silent and Seamless Age Verification for E-commerce Stores

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BlueCheck automatically verifies all inbound customer orders and confirms the customer age using name/address. The age verification process happens during checkout and doesn't stop the checkout flow. No extra customer data is required to complete the verification, which allows for seamless age verification on age-restricted products.

Protect your Shopify store from unlawful sales with a reliable age verification solution. This app, specifically designed for age-restricted products, ensures that only legitimate purchases are processed. Gain peace of mind knowing every customer order is automatically verified at checkout, without disrupting the buying process or requiring additional customer data.

The app excels at maintaining a fluid and intuitive user journey. From the moment customers enter the checkout phase, their age is confirmed behind the scenes, giving you a seamless yet secure transaction. So, take back control of your e-commerce shopping experience, and quit worrying about selling to underage buyers.

This tool is a must-have for merchants dealing with products like vaping accessories, alcohol or other age-restricted goods. Whether you're selling globally or locally, this solution adapts, implementing stringent age verification rules that keep your business compliant. Trust it to be your digital bouncer, keeping the minors out while letting genuine customers in with ease.


Automatically verify age of all customers without needing extra customer data
Verifies age in real-time as customer info is entered into checkout forms
Analyze customer age data to optimize product offerings and marketing strategies
Ensure compliance with age restrictions on age-restricted products, preventing unlawful sales
Streamline checkout process by enhancing user experience with seamless age verification


Increase compliance with age restrictions on your age-restricted products, ensuring only legitimate purchases are made
Streamline the checkout process by automatically verifying the age of customers in real-time, enhancing the user experience and preventing delays
Optimize your product offerings by analyzing customer age data and tailoring your marketing strategies based on age demographics

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Owlfred Review

Hoot-hoot! Let's turn our feathered heads towards Age Verification by BlueCheck. This app is the equivalent of having a wise old eagle silently perched on your Shopify store's checkout process, automatically checking the age of all inbound customer orders. Light as a sparrow when it comes to the customer experience, it verifying age in real time, without needing any extra data from your customers. It keeps the checkout flow as smooth as a swan on a lake and, best of all, won't get your feathers ruffled over privacy concerns. There are some mighty interesting insights this app can offer you as well. You can examine which customers are purchasing what and optimize your store offerings based on age. Starting from $25/month with a 14-day free trial, it comes with some tiny moth-sized extra charges. With perfect five out of five stars from users' reviews, it seems that BlueCheck is truly the cat's pyjamas for merchants dealing in age-restricted products. Every bird from the tiniest wren to the largest ostrich would recommend this app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Age Verification by BlueCheck benefit online retailers?
Age Verification by BlueCheck provides a seamless solution for online retailers who need to verify the age of their customers. It ensures compliance with legal age restrictions, providing a trustworthy shopping environment.
How does age verification on an e-commerce platform like Shopify work?
On Shopify, an app like Age Verification by BlueCheck facilitates age verification by prompting users to provide necessary age-related information during account creation or checkout. The app then verifies this information to ensure the shopper is of a legal age for purchasing certain products.
Why is age verification important for online stores selling age-restricted products?
Age verification is crucial for online retailers selling age-restricted items to ensure they're not inadvertently selling to minors. This includes industries such as alcohol, tobacco, or adult content. Age verification helps these businesses remain compliant with legal requirements.
What kind of businesses need age verification on their online storefronts?
Niche industries such as vape and e-cigarette stores, online liquor stores, adult content providers, and other retailers of age-restricted goods or services often need age verification. It's a dynamic solution for anyone who has to maintain legal age compliance in an online retail setting.

Shopify App Comparison: Age Verification by BlueCheck vs Enchant Product Age Verifier - which is better?

When comparing the Age Verification by BlueCheck app and the Enchant Product Age Verifier app, we find that both apps excel at ensuring regulatory compliance and preventing access to underage users. However, there are some key differences between the two. Age Verification by BlueCheck automatically verifies the age of all customers without needing extra customer data, streamlining the checkout process and enhancing the user experience. This app also allows merchants to analyze customer age data to optimize product offerings and marketing strategies. On the other hand, Enchant Product Age Verifier allows merchants to designate age restrictions on specific products, maintaining an inclusive customer base. This app also provides the flexibility to conform with diverse regional age restrictions and allows merchants to personalize the age verifier with a custom message, enhancing the user experience.

Overall, both apps offer valuable solutions for age verification and regulatory compliance. If you are looking for a solution that automatically verifies customer age and provides insights for optimizing your business, we recommend Age Verification by BlueCheck. However, if you prefer a solution that allows you to designate age restrictions on specific products and personalize the age verification process, Enchant Product Age Verifier may be the better choice for you. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences as a merchant.

Age Verification by BlueCheck Shopify AppAge Verification by BlueCheck
Enchant Product Age Verifier Shopify AppEnchant Product Age Verifier
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