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Prevent underage visitors from accessing your Shopify store with an 18+ Age Verification Popup.

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Age Verification Popup Elite is a must-have tool to prevent underage visitors from accessing your Shopify store with customizable age verification popups.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 12, 2024

Prevent Underage Access with Age Verification Popup Elite

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Ecom Trend Age Verification Popup Elite app restricts underage visitors entering your Shopify store with a date of birth (DOB) verification. You can set the minimum age limit to access the website like 18+ or 21+ to ensure legal compliance and protection. Customize the popup in line with your store branding and theme. You can prevent underage access on entire website or specific pages. The app is fully responsive and functional on all devices and themes. No coding required.

Take charge of your e-commerce integrity with this robust app that allows for responsible screening of visitors through date of birth (DOB) verification. Guard your store from underage traffic by imposing age boundaries, attuned to legal and protective stipulations. Choose to make the whole site or only select pages age-restricted, providing comprehensive control and security.

Reflect your branding consistency with the facility to personalize the age-verification popup, harmonizing it with your visual identity. The adaptability of this tool assures optimised performance across all devices, interfaces, and themes, bringing ease and efficiency to your e-commerce experience.

With no prerequisite of programming expertise, this app offers an accessible and straightforward solution to ensuring age-appropriate audiences for your Shopify store, bolstering trust and reliability toward your business. Ensure that your online marketplace continues to cater responsibly to mature audiences without compromising in terms of style or function.


Set minimum age requirement with Date of Birth (DOB) Verification
Restrict all pages or specific pages
Personalize age-verification popups to reflect your brand's identity, ensuring consistency across all devices and interfaces
Fully functional and responsive on all devices with no coding required
Ensure legal compliance and build trust with age-appropriate audiences.


Increase trust and credibility with age-appropriate audiences by setting a minimum age requirement through Date of Birth verification
Personalize age-verification popups to reflect your brand's identity, ensuring consistency across all devices and interfaces
Easily implement age restrictions without any programming knowledge, maintaining legal compliance and customer trust

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Owlfred Review Recap

Perched up high with a bird's eye view, I've spotted the Ecom Trend's Age Verification Popup Elite. This wise app allows for age gating control over your Shopify website, ensuring that only those of a specified age (18+ or 21+) can gain access. The app ensures legal compliance, perfect for stores selling age-restricted products. With a perfect rating of 5 from the two reviews it has received so far, it's proving itself to be an effective tool for age verification. You can either use preset popup templates or customize one that aligns with your brand's identity, and there's an option to limit access to specific pages - a keen feature that I appreciate. It's swift, utterly responsive on all devices, and there's no coding required - so put your programming books away! Available with a free plan and a 3-day free trial, it seems like a wise choice for Shopify store owners to protect against underage access. Given its capabilities and reviews, I recommend the Age Verification Popup Elite, especially for those merchants dealing with age-specific compliance or selling age-restricted goods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an age verifier app?
Age verifier apps like Age Verification Popup Elite are designed to confirm a user's age to ensure they are old enough to view or purchase products from a site. It's important for businesses selling age-restricted items.
How does Age Verification Popup Elite work?
Our app, Age Verification Popup Elite, works by displaying a popup asking the site visitor to verify their age. This assists in maintaining compliance with local laws regarding age-restricted goods and content.
Does an age verifier app improve my site's legal compliance?
Using an age verifier app can enhance your site's legal compliance. It can help prevent minors from accessing age-restricted content, which is crucial for businesses that sell items like alcohol or adult content.
Can Age Verification Popup Elite be customized?
Yes Age Verification Popup Elite offers customization options. You can adjust the popup's design, layout and user experience to better fit your brand and site's aesthetic.

Shopify App Comparison: Age Verification Popup Elite vs Metizsoft AGE VERIFIER - which is better?

After closely comparing the Age Verification Popup Elite app and the Metizsoft AGE VERIFIER app, we have found that both apps offer robust age verification tools to ensure compliance with age restrictions and protect minors from accessing inappropriate content. However, there are some key differences between the two.

One notable feature of the Age Verification Popup Elite app is the ability to personalize the age-verification popups, allowing you to reflect your brand's identity and maintain consistency across all devices and interfaces. This can help increase trust and credibility with age-appropriate audiences. Additionally, the app offers a straightforward solution that does not require any programming expertise, making it accessible to all users.

On the other hand, the Metizsoft AGE VERIFIER app stands out with its optional FDA banner, which serves as a prominent warning to visitors about potentially harmful products. This feature can further enhance the safety and compliance of your online store, while also promoting a trustworthy shopping environment. Furthermore, the app offers the flexibility to customize the age verification process based on specific business needs, providing enhanced control.

Considering all these factors, we recommend both apps depending on your specific requirements. If you prioritize personalization and ease of use, the Age Verification Popup Elite app would be an excellent choice. However, if you place a high importance on prominently displaying a warning banner and customizing the age verification process, the Metizsoft AGE VERIFIER app would be the ideal solution.

Age Verification Popup Elite Shopify AppAge Verification Popup Elite
Metizsoft AGE VERIFIER Shopify AppMetizsoft AGE VERIFIER
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Number of Reviews 3 31
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