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Boost your search rank with AI-generated SEO-optimized alt text.

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Experience the convenience of effortlessly integrating ready-made alt text into your online marketplace with this ingenious AI-powered tool. An impeccable solution for tackling the daunting task of manual alt text writing, this app auto-generates precise and SEO-focused alt text for your product intuitively while amplifying your site's accessibility and potentiate search engine ranking.

Armed with cutting-edge technology, this app takes into account each precious detail about your product, generating natural-sounding descriptions that blend seamlessly into your platform. The moment you add a new product or update an existing one, the app jumps into action, identifying the need for alt text and taking care of it on your behalf.

This app also allows you to make updates in bulk, further streamlining your operations and saving you from the tedious task of writing alt text for each of your products or blog posts. Immerse yourself in a no-nonsense workflow where every image automatically contributes towards optimized SEO performance, site accessibility and a boost to your overall online visibility.


Works automatically on each product image you create or update
Bulk update all/any of your existing products or blog images at once
Utilizes keywords from product name, brand, and description in the alt text
Fully customizable settings to control when alt text is added
Automatically generates alt text for collection images as well


Generates SEO-focused alt text for all product images, boosting search engine ranking and site accessibility
Saves time by updating alt text in bulk for all products or blog images at once, streamlining operations
Automatically integrates natural-sounding descriptions for each product, enhancing online visibility and SEO performance

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Owlfred Review

In my wise owl opinion, the app is a robust tool, especially for Shopify sellers looking to improve their SEO strategies. With an impressive average rating of 4.6 based on 10 reviews, this backend app uses AI to automatically generate accurate and SEO-optimized alt text for product and blog images, proving to be a real time-saver for those tired of manual alt text writing. You can even bulk update existing images – quite a nifty feature, if you ask me! Key features include automatic application on each product image, customizable settings to control when alt text is added and the ability to use keywords from your product name, brand, and descriptions in the alt text. Offered at a minimum price of $0.00 to a maximum price of $49.00, this SEO-focused app is a smart choice for enhancing your store's accessibility while also boosting your search rank. Get ready to ditch the drudgery of alt texts and embrace!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does alt text benefit my SEO?
Indeed, alt text plays a significant role in boosting SEO. It helps search engines to understand and index image content, which can lead to better search ranking.
Can artificial intelligence create effective alt text?
Artificial intelligence, like that in, can generate accurate and descriptive alt texts. These can aid in SEO enhancement and improve image accessibility.
What types of content can be represented in alt text?
Alt text typically consists of brief yet descriptive sentences that can convey the notable contents of an image. Examples could include Red apple on white background or Woman wearing a green jumper.
What do we mean by alt tag optimization?
Alt tag optimization refers to the process of effectively and descriptively labeling images on a website with alt tags. This improves both SEO rankings and website accessibility.

Shopify App Comparison: vs Easy Alt Text - which is better?

When comparing and Easy Alt Text, we found that both apps offer similar capabilities and benefits. They both automate the process of adding alt text to product images and utilize keywords from product names and descriptions to generate SEO-focused alt text. Additionally, both apps allow for bulk updates, saving time and streamlining operations. However, there are a few key differences that set these apps apart. stands out with its emphasis on site accessibility and overall online visibility. By generating natural-sounding descriptions for each product, this app enhances the user experience and SEO performance. On the other hand, Easy Alt Text focuses more on the efficiency and productivity of image SEO. It ensures error-free ALT attributes and allows users to focus on strategic tasks. Overall, we highly recommend for businesses looking to prioritize site accessibility and online visibility, while Easy Alt Text is a great choice for those seeking to maximize productivity and efficiency in their image SEO efforts.

Attribute Shopify
Easy Alt Text Shopify AppEasy Alt Text
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 29 2
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $49.00 $1.49
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