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Simplify Your Multichannel Sales with our Amazon Integration App

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Tailored for the aspiring multichannel merchant, this unique tool makes it simple to manage a dual online presence across both your Shopify store and the robust Amazon marketplace. The app elegantly weaves together the operational intricacies of these two platforms, offering an immaculate and intuitive environment to manage and synchronize products, stock levels, and orders, all from a single unified hub.

By flawlessly integrating your Shopify store with the Amazon ecosystem, it functionally streamlines your eCommerce operations, lending efficiency and simplicity to your business process. A significant time and resource-saver, the app is especially indispensable for today's time-strapped online retailer who juggles diversified selling channels.

Expect smoother, more systematized business operations as you navigate the world of multi-channel eCommerce. Ultimately, the tool's primary promise is an elevated, seamless experience for enterprising business owners seeking a smart, connected, resilient way of running their ventures across Shopify and Amazon.


Connect multiple Amazon accounts like .eu, .ca, .com, etc with one Shopify store
Manage all FBA and FBM orders within the Shopify store
Improve advertising ROI and boost conversion with Amazon marketing services
Enhance Amazon listings and rank higher with the AI tool Smart Lister (Beta)
Offer local selling, utilize Amazon Buy Shipping, and manage it from Shopify (Beta)


Efficiently manage products, stock levels, and orders across Shopify and Amazon from a single hub, saving time and resources
Streamline eCommerce operations by flawlessly integrating Shopify with the Amazon ecosystem, increasing operational efficiency
Elevate business operations with a seamless, connected experience for enterprising merchants selling across Shopify and Amazon

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Amazon, POS, Seller Central


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, let's talk about the CedCommerce Amazon Channel app! With a whopping 900 reviews and an impressive 4.7 average star rating, it's clear this app is a hit among Shopify merchants. But what's the buzz about? Well, it's all about centralizing and streamlining your multichannel sales operations between your Shopify store and Amazon. This means you can manage Amazon listings and orders directly from your Shopify store, and even sell globally using multiple Amazon accounts. And get this - you can set different product data for Shopify and all your Amazon accounts for customized listings! The ability to leverage bulk upload and edit options for products is also a hoot - efficiency is key, after all. The app supports all Amazon Product Categories (even Amazon Handmade!), and takes the stress out of order and shipment management with notifications for failed orders. Plus, it's super flexible - you can connect multiple Amazon accounts with just one Shopify store and link existing products based on SKUs, barcodes, and more. And with a free plan available, the pricing is as friendly as your favorite forest owl. To sum up, if you're looking to truly optimize your Shopify to Amazon connections, it's clear the CedCommerce Amazon Channel app is a wise choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon integration?
Amazon integration is the process of connecting an online store to the Amazon marketplace. This helps merchants to manage listings, inventory, orders, and customers from their own eCommerce website.
How do I integrate with Amazon FBA?
To integrate with Amazon FBA, merchants usually need a tool or application such as CedCommerce Amazon Channel. Such applications help connect your eCommerce store with Amazon FBA, enabling you to manage orders and stock more efficiently.
Where to find Amazon integration?
Amazon integration can be found through various online tool and service providers. Providers such as CedCommerce offer applications for this, which can be found in their sales channels or online marketplace categories.
What is Amazon MCF?
Amazon MCF, or Multi-Channel Fulfillment, is a service provided by Amazon that allows you to fulfill orders from sales channels other than Amazon using the inventory that you store in Amazon's warehouses.

Shopify App Comparison: CedCommerce Amazon Channel vs CedCommerce Etsy Integration - which is better?

We compared two apps that offer solutions for managing a dual presence in different online marketplaces. The CedCommerce Amazon Channel App is designed to seamlessly integrate Shopify with the Amazon ecosystem, streamlining operations and saving time and resources. With features like connecting multiple Amazon accounts, managing FBA and FBM orders, and utilizing Amazon marketing services, this app offers a comprehensive solution for multi-channel eCommerce. The primary benefit of this app is the efficient management of products, stock levels, and orders across Shopify and Amazon from a single hub, providing a seamless and connected experience for enterprising merchants.

On the other hand, the CedCommerce Etsy Integration App focuses on providing operational efficiency in the Etsy marketplace. It offers features like aggregating product editing, listing, syncing, and translations in one utility, seamless data synchronization between Shopify and Etsy, and expert guidance on listing optimization. By using this app, users can increase operational efficiency, streamline product and inventory management, and receive expert guidance to improve product visibility and increase sales. With its comprehensive solution for managing different aspects of e-commerce operations on Etsy, this app is a valuable tool for sellers on the marketplace.

Both apps have their strengths and cater to different marketplaces. If you are an enterprising merchant selling across Shopify and Amazon, we recommend the CedCommerce Amazon Channel App for its seamless integration and comprehensive features. If you focus on selling on the Etsy marketplace, the CedCommerce Etsy Integration App is a great choice to enhance operational efficiency and maximize your presence on the platform.

CedCommerce Amazon Channel Shopify AppCedCommerce Amazon Channel
CedCommerce Etsy Integration Shopify AppCedCommerce Etsy Integration
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 997 1746
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $19.00
Max Price $89.00 $69.00
Works With Amazon, POS, Seller Central Etsy, multichannel import, Print on demand
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