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July 12, 2024

Boost Conversions with Intelligent Pop-ups

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For every online merchant struggling with low conversion rates and high acquisition costs, this cutting-edge app offers an intelligent solution. The app harnesses the power of AI to conduct real-time analysis of each shopper's journey through your storefront, providing a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of their buying process. Each visitor's interaction is understood individually and distinctly, ensuring truly personalized responses and engagements.

The app's sophisticated AI technology makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where each shopper is in the buying process, allowing you to engage with them effectively. Instead of viewing all visitors collectively, think of it as having an adaptive system capable of segmenting individual shopper behaviors. This real-time segmentation forms the basis for developing targeted engagement strategies that help convert browsing into buying.

By learning from every visitor's unique journey, the app can ensure that your engagement strategy remains organic and responsive. It allows you to achieve a level of personalized interaction that not only boosts conversions but also builds customer loyalty, transparency, and trust. Optimizing this process effectively could make the difference between merely maintaining your online presence and actively growing your customer base.

This is more than just an app. It’s a powerful digital tool designed to overcome the challenges of today's e-commerce landscape. Embrace the magic of automation, personalize your customer journey, and watch as your conversion rates begin to soar.


Identify & offer High/Medium/Low intent users while protecting margins
Provide 1-to-1 personalized product recommendations for repeat customers
Automatically generate creatives with product images using Generative AI & Open AI
Access goal-oriented growth playbooks for automation and continuous improvement
Seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics, Klaviyo, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Clarity


Increase conversion rates through personalized engagement strategies tailored to individual shopper behaviors
Enhance customer loyalty and trust by providing a truly personalized shopping experience based on AI-driven analysis
Optimize customer interaction to grow your customer base and boost sales with adaptive real-time segmentation

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Checkout, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, WhatsApp, Microsoft Clarity


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Owlfred Review

Feathered friends in the eCommerce world, behold Cooee! This Shopify app is like a friendly bird whispering in your customers' ears, nudging not just the 3% but the whole 100% of them towards conversion with AI-powered, 1-to-1 personalized interactions. Promising to "Convert more with AI", Cooee uses Generative AI to add a personal touch for first-time visitors and recurring shoppers alike. Despite appearing as a fledgling with no track record of installs due to its backend nature, its high praise with a perfect five-star rating from 14 reviews lends solid credibility. With perks such as nuanced audience segmentation for high/medium/low intent users, individualized product suggestions for loyal customers, and automated, goal-driven playbooks, Cooee isn't shy about flexing its AI-powered capabilities. As a wise owl who has seen countless Shopify apps take flight, I give Cooee my seal of approval for stores looking to nurture their digital nest. Prices start at a premium range of $99/month but they do offer a 21-day free trial giving you plenty of time to see if this app can give your conversions a wing up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of using a recommender system in Shopify?
A recommender system in Shopify helps provide personalized product suggestions to each visitor. These recommendations are based on their browsing history, past purchases, and similar customer behavior. It helps in improving the conversion rate and increasing the average order value.
How can Cooee app help in upselling and cross-selling?
Cooee app uses AI to analyze visitor behavior and provide personalized product recommendations. It can showcase upsell products that are more expensive or cross-sell items that complement the current selection, enticing customers to make additional purchases and potentially increasing your store's revenue.
How can AI help improve the conversion rates of my Shopify store?
AI can significantly improve conversion rates by providing personalized shopping experiences. It analyzes customer data and shopping behaviors to recommend relevant products and create customized marketing messages. This can increase customer engagement and encourage them to make purchases, thus improving conversion rates.
Do pop-ups on my Shopify store increase conversions?
Yes if utilized effectively. Pop-ups on your Shopify store can grab the attention of visitors, provide offers or information, and encourage them to take action. Make sure the pop-ups do not disrupt the shopping experience, and the offers are tailored to the customer's interests to increase the likelihood of conversions.

Shopify App Comparison: Cooee AI: Popup,Upsell,Engage vs Shop The Look | Lookbook - which is better?

We have evaluated two apps that offer unique solutions for online merchants looking to improve their conversion rates and enhance customer engagement. The first app, Cooee - CRO & Personalization, stands out with its AI-driven approach to understanding each shopper's journey. By analyzing individual shopper behaviors in real-time, the app enables personalized responses and engagements, increasing the chances of converting browsing into buying. This level of personalization not only boosts conversions but also builds customer loyalty by creating a transparent and trusted shopping experience. We highly recommend Cooee for merchants looking to optimize their customer interaction and grow their customer base.

On the other hand, Shop The Look | Lookbook takes a different approach to enhancing the customer experience. This app focuses on creating immersive and visually stunning lookbooks that allow customers to explore matching items and visualize products in real-world scenarios. By seamlessly integrating personalized product recommendations and shoppable galleries, Shop The Look provides a seamless and engaging shopping experience that encourages customers to explore more products. With its easy customization and intuitive design, this app is a great choice for merchants looking to increase sales through curated lookbooks and drive brand loyalty.

Cooee AI: Popup,Upsell,Engage Shopify AppCooee AI: Popup,Upsell,Engage
Shop The Look | Lookbook Shopify AppShop The Look | Lookbook
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 24 108
Estimated Installs 0 925
Min Price $99.00 $0.00
Max Price $699.00 $39.00
Works With Checkout, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, WhatsApp, Microsoft Clarity Checkout , Back In Stock, MLV Auto Currency, Google Analytics, Langify, LangShop, Monster Cart Upsell
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