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April 18, 2024

Boost Sales with Engaging Live Video Shopping for Merchants

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Introducing Amperstand Live Shopping - the perfect way to engage customers with your products! Try Amperstand Live Shopping today and take your customer engagement to the next level!

In the bustling digital marketplace, active customer engagement remains paramount for successful online retail experiences. With this exceptional Shopify app, marchants are empowered with a unique solution that caters to the very element. The real-time functionality, coupled with visually rich user interface, offers a transformative approach to the term 'e-commerce.'

Imagine a fusion of late-night television shopping meets modern online platform - that's precisely what this app delivers. It invites potential buyers to immerse themselves in a live shopping extravaganza, with interactive product demonstrations igniting interest and stimulating higher purchase decisions. By employing interactive, real-time shopping capabilities, this app offers a shopping experience like no other: candid, captivating, and constantly engaging.

Unlike traditional product listings, this live shopping app presents products lively and dynamically, instantly boosting customer trust and confidence in their purchases. A constant line of communication benefits both merchants and consumers alike: shoppers' queries get resolved instantly, while store owners seize immediate opportunities to close sales. Whether launching anew product or promoting bestselling items, merchants can easily streamline their operation through this live shopping app.

Purge the divide between you and your customers. Start experiencing the future of e-commerce today!


Increase customer engagement with a visually rich, real-time shopping experience
Ignite interest and stimulate purchase decisions with interactive live product demonstrations
Instantly resolve customer queries to boost sales and build trust
Seamlessly launch new products and promote bestsellers through dynamic live shopping features
Close sales quickly by engaging shoppers in a live shopping extravaganza


Increase customer trust and confidence in purchases with dynamic, live product presentations
Boost sales by instantly resolving customer queries and seizing immediate sales opportunities
Streamline operations by easily launching new products and promoting bestsellers through real-time shopping capabilities

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Owlfred Review

Who needs a brick-and-mortar store when you've got Live Shopping by Amperstand? With an average rating of 3.9 out of 5, and a small but enthusiastic user-base, this app is sparking up the online shopping scene. For just $29.99 a month after a free 7-day trial, you can take customer engagement to soaring heights. Host live sales, bring in influencers, or demonstrate your high-flying products all while on the go, thanks to their dedicated iOS and Android apps. An added bonus? You can capture customer email addresses and inflate your outreach using their built-in giveaway feature! Perfect for Shopify merchants seeking to modernize their sales strategy, while leveraging the power of live and influencer marketing to boost their reach. If boosting sales, customer interaction, and cross-selling are your nest-building materials, Live Shopping by Amperstand might just be your next best tool!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can livestream e-commerce enhance my sales?
Livestream e-commerce has been proven to boost sales due to its interactive and real-time nature. It allows merchants to showcase products in a more engaging manner and answer customer queries live, leading to better customer engagement and higher sales.
How can I drive more sales on my e-commerce site using Live Shopping by Amperstand?
To drive more sales you can incorporate techniques like product demonstrations, exclusive deals or flash sales during the livestream. Keeping the sessions interactive, addressing viewer questions, and creating urgency can also lead to an increase in immediate purchases.
Why is live shopping becoming increasingly popular among merchants?
Live shopping is gaining popularity as it blends the functionality of e-commerce with the interactivity of social platforms. It provides customers a personalized shopping experience from the comfort of their homes, leading to higher customer engagement and conversion rates.
What is a good conversion rate for live shopping sessions?
There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer because conversion rates can vary widely based on factors such as the industry, type of product, and audience engagement. However, research indicates that live shopping tends to have higher conversion rates compared to traditional e-commerce, sometimes seeing conversion rates above 10%.

Shopify App Comparison: Live Shopping by Amperstand vs LiveSell, Live Video Shopping - which is better?

When comparing the Live Shopping app by Amperstand and the LiveSell app, we can see that both apps aim to transform the online shopping experience through real-time engagement with customers. However, there are key differences in their capabilities and features.

The Live Shopping app by Amperstand offers a visually rich and dynamic shopping experience. It allows merchants to present their products in real-time, boosting customer trust and confidence in purchases. The app also provides interactive live product demonstrations, igniting interest and stimulating purchase decisions. Additionally, merchants can instantly resolve customer queries, increasing sales and building trust. This app is particularly beneficial for launching new products or promoting bestsellers, as it offers seamless integration and streamlines operations through real-time shopping capabilities. Overall, the Live Shopping app provides a unique and engaging shopping extravaganza that sets it apart from other e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, the LiveSell app focuses on facilitating live interactions between sellers and customers through text, voice, and video. It offers the ability to establish branded interactive spaces for selling, which can be seamlessly embedded into existing online stores or hosted on other domains. This app aims to enhance customer loyalty and increase sales by creating personalized meeting spaces for various sales scenarios. It also provides features such as live polls, streaming to social media, watch parties, and recordings, adding an element of fun and engagement to the shopping experience. The LiveSell app ensures a unified experience across all devices, making it accessible to a wider audience and maximizing its impact on sales and customer retention.

In conclusion, while both apps offer real-time engagement and aim to transform the online shopping experience, the Live Shopping app by Amperstand focuses on visually-rich, dynamic product presentations and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms. The LiveSell app, on the other hand, emphasizes interactive live interactions between sellers and customers, with a focus on creating personalized meeting spaces and adding elements of fun and engagement. Depending on your specific goals and priorities, both apps offer unique capabilities that can enhance customer trust, boost sales, and improve the overall shopping experience.

Live Shopping by Amperstand Shopify AppLive Shopping by Amperstand
LiveSell, Live Video Shopping Shopify AppLiveSell, Live Video Shopping
Average Rating 4 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 9 3
Estimated Installs 8 0
Min Price $29.99 $9.00
Max Price $29.99 $9.00
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