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Transform transactions into meaningful actions with eco-friendly rewards.

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Ample is a fantastic app that transforms transactions into meaningful actions with eco-friendly rewards, making it a fun and impactful way to engage customers and increase online conversions.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Transform transactions into eco-friendly rewards that make a difference.

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Say goodbye to traditional methods of giving back and embrace a more impactful way to engage customers and increase online conversions. Our easy-to-use tools offer a truly rewarding shopping experience that strengthens loyalty and brings your social impact to the forefront. Select value-aligned projects dedicated to positively impacting society and the environment; give back to nature and empower customers to make a meaningful difference with each purchase.

Immerse in a powerful, transformative way of enhancing social impact and boosting online conversions with the unique offering of Ample. This app shatters the norms, ushering in a wave of impactful, purposeful shopping experiences that foster deep customer loyalty. Use simple, intuitive tools to highlight your brand's contribution to society and the environment, bringing your commitment to sustainable impact front and center.

We're ditching the ordinary, offering a whole new level of customer engagement through value-aligned initiatives dedicated to making a positive societal and environmental change. Your customers will appreciate this opportunity to help shape a better world with every purchase they make.

Revel in the joy of giving back to nature in an eco-conscious and empowering ecommerce environment. With us, customers don't just shop; they contribute to the meaningful difference you're making in the world. Realize increased conversions, stronger loyalty, and visible social impact by reshaping the way you engage with customers, one purchase at a time.


Offer a planet positive checkout starting at just $0.11 with 100% impact and no donation fees.
Help remove ocean-bound plastic, donate meals, protect bees, and endangered species through your customers' purchases.
Enable customers to track progress and daily impact growth with a live impact counter.
Provide personalized customer impact dashboards and emails for a unique experience.
Deliver purposeful and powerful marketing content that aligns with customer values and drives engagement.


Increase customer loyalty and conversion rates by highlighting your brand's commitment to sustainable impact, fostering deep customer loyalty and engagement.
Boost online conversions with purpose-aligned initiatives that allow customers to contribute to societal and environmental change with every purchase, leading to increased conversions and stronger loyalty.
Drive visible social impact and customer engagement by reshaping the way you interact with customers, resulting in increased conversions and measurable progress towards environmental and social goals.

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Owlfred Review Recap

Meet Ample - Sustainable Impact, created by the insightful folks at Proton Partners Ltd. Although this Shopify app is new on the block with only two sterling reviews to boot, its potential to transform your e-commerce business is unparalleled. Ample is not your traditional donations app; it melds eco-friendly action with online conversions in a smooth, sustainable dance. Offering planet-positive checkout options where as little as $0.11 makes an impact is really a game-changer. Ample incentivizes purchases by empowering your customers to make a difference, whether by removing ocean-bound plastic, donating meals, or protecting bees and endangered species - it's purposeful shopping at its finest! Plus, the live impact counter updates daily, providing trackable progress that can boost customer loyalty and engagement. With this app, you're not just equipping your online shop with another tool, you're embarking on a value-aligned journey towards making the world a better place, one transaction at a time. So, if you're seeking an innovative, rewarding way to shine a light on your brand's social impact, Ample sounds like a mighty fine choice. Just bear in mind that while it's free to install, additional costs may arise down the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Ample app benefit my Shopify store?
Ample app provides an interesting way to enhance social impact and increase online conversions. By utilizing the tools offered, you can highlight your brand's sustainable efforts, create a unique shopping experience, and cultivate customer loyalty.
How does the Ample app contribute to societal and environmental change?
Ample app helps create value-aligned initiatives aimed at making a positive societal and environmental impact. It encourages customers to contribute to a meaningful difference with every purchase they make, reshaping customer engagement.
Can using Ample app increase conversions and customer loyalty?
Yes it can. By redefining how you engage with customers and endorsing your commitment to sustainability, Ample can aid in boosting conversions and forging stronger customer loyalty.
Does the Ample app allow customers to contribute to charities or causes?
Ample offers ecommerce environments that enable customers to give back to various causes. They don't just shop, but also contribute to the meaningful difference your brand is making.

Shopify App Comparison: Ample ‑ Sustainable Impact vs CarbonClick - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of Ample ‑ Sustainable Impact and CarbonClick, we found that both apps offer unique features that allow customers to make a positive impact with every purchase. Ample allows brands to highlight their commitment to sustainable impact through personalized customer impact dashboards, while CarbonClick offers a transparent and effortless way for customers to offset their carbon footprint. Both apps aim to increase customer loyalty by empowering customers to contribute to societal and environmental change, but they do so in different ways.

While Ample focuses on fostering deep customer loyalty through purpose-aligned initiatives, CarbonClick differentiates ecommerce stores by offering customers the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment with each transaction. Additionally, Ample enables customers to track their progress and daily impact growth with a live impact counter, while CarbonClick provides seamless point and click installation for quick setup. Overall, both apps offer valuable solutions to engage customers and drive positive change, but the choice between them depends on the specific needs and goals of the ecommerce store.

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