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Display Special Offers & Events with Easy Announce Bar

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Transform the way you communicate special offers and announcements to your store visitors with Easy Announce Bar. This tool offers an intricate yet easy way of customizing banners, which are paramount in highlighting your store offers, especially during holiday seasons such as Christmas. Seamlessly customize every on-screen detail, from the font size and design to the color settings, and save changes instantly, bringing your store’s seasonal vibe to life.

Aside from customization, this application provides the much-needed functionality to deliver targeted messages to your store visitors. Display the perfect announcement at the most opportune moment, ensuring your customers stay connected, engaged, and shop for an extended period.

Add an even more personalized touch by setting the announce bar to display based on geographical locations. This smart, geographical-based targeting strategy enables your Shopify store to remain relevant by catering to localized client needs. Get started with Easy Announce Bar today, to bring an enhanced shopping experience to your customers and greater conversions to your store.


Display special offers, discount codes, events, and information to customers
Show the announce bar based on selected countries or all countries
Customize which pages to display the bar on, such as home, collection, product, or custom pages
Set the frequency of the bar display per day, such as Every Time, 1 Time, 2 Times, etc.
Personalize the text for Announce message, Purchased message, and Success message


Increase conversion rates by highlighting special offers with customized banners
Keep customers engaged and connected by delivering targeted messages at opportune moments
Cater to localized client needs with geographical-based targeting for a more personalized shopping experience

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Owlfred Review

Easy Announce Bar is an incredibly useful Shopify app for all types of shop owners looking to highlight special offers, discount codes, events, and other notable features of their store. With an impressive 100% positive feedback from its first handful of users, it's safe to say that this Announce Bar app by ZendApps is a hidden gem. As an added bonus, you can personalize this app to your heart's content, tweaking everything from the text, size, font, to color to match your brand's unique aesthetic. If you're looking for an easy way to keep your customers in the loop and drive engagement, this versatile app is definitely worth a try. Plus, with a free plan available, it's an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to display your announcements globally or to selected countries, on specific pages like home, product, or collection pages, or just want to customize your messages - Easy Announce Bar has you covered. Don't hesitate, give your store that extra oomph with this noteworthy app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a banner in terms of online advertising?
A banner in online advertising is a form of graphical ad that typically runs across the top or bottom of a webpage. It's used to promote a brand, product or service and often includes a clickable link that redirects to the advertiser's website.
How is Easy Announce Bar useful for my Shopify store?
Easy Announce Bar helps Shopify store owners effectively advertise their products, promotions and special offers. With custom banners, it enhances the shopping experience and can potentially increase sales by drawing attention to specific products or deals.
What's the best way to word a special discount on a Shopify banner?
Wording a special discount offer effectively can be key to attracting customers. It should be simple, clear and enticing. A good example might be Limited Time Offer: Save 20% on all orders over $50!.
How can banners help improve my Shopify store's performance?
Banners help improve your Shopify store's performance by attracting visitor's attention to a specific product, promotion or event. With clear calls to action and intriguing offers, they can motivate visitors to engage more deeply and ultimately make a purchase.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Announce Bar vs BannerYear! Conversion Banners - which is better?

We have compared Easy Announce Bar and BannerYear! Conversion Banners and found that both apps offer customization features to create eye-catching banners for your Shopify store. However, there are some key differences in terms of capabilities and benefits.

Easy Announce Bar stands out with its geographical-based targeting strategy, allowing you to cater to localized client needs. This personalized touch ensures a more relevant shopping experience for your customers. Additionally, the app provides targeted messaging at opportune moments to keep customers engaged and connected. With Easy Announce Bar, you can increase conversion rates by effectively highlighting special offers with customized banners.

On the other hand, BannerYear! Conversion Banners offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution for conversion optimization. It includes features such as transparent free shipping progress bars, customizable countdown timers, and alerts for low inventory levels. These elements create a sense of urgency and encourage impulse purchases, ultimately increasing conversion rates. By outfitting your store with captivating banners featuring animated icons and confetti, BannerYear! helps your store stand out in the crowded online shopping landscape.

In conclusion, both apps have their unique advantages. If you are looking for personalized targeting and the ability to deliver targeted messages to your customers, Easy Announce Bar is the recommended choice. However, if you are seeking a comprehensive solution for conversion optimization with captivating banners and engaging elements, BannerYear! Conversion Banners is the way to go.

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