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Track and sync multiple Facebook pixels effortlessly for enhanced ad optimization.

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Pixelio FB Facebook Pixel is a fantastic app for tracking and syncing multiple Facebook pixels effortlessly, ensuring you never miss out on valuable data that can boost your conversions. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 13, 2024

Track, Sync, and Optimize: Boost Facebook Conversions with Multiple Pixels!

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Supercharge your Shopify store's marketing efforts with an app that allows seamless tracking and synchronization of multiple Facebook Pixels. Redefine your conversion strategy with this powerful tool designed to install Meta Pixel codes with precision. Specifically tailored for non-technical users, embrace the potential of effectively utilized pixels for high conversion rates and business growth.

Dive into the world of advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising. This app backend meticulously records every pixel event, augmenting your ad optimization opportunities across various social media platforms. Enhance your digital marketing strategy by gaining a deeper understanding of your ads’ performance, ensuring your expenditure returns maximum impact.

Flexibility is the key, and all Shopify themes are fully fulfilled by this app. Its comprehensive integration ensures valuable sales data won’t go amiss, even those outside of the Shopify environment. The promise of never missing a sale resonates as a strong value proposition for all Shopify merchants aiming to push their store's performance to its potential limit.


Track and manage unlimited Meta and Facebook Pixels IDs to seamlessly monitor traffic
Easily add and manage multiple pixel tracking data with just one click
Track all conversion events per individual product without any coding required
Ensure proper tracking of Apple devices through the iOS 14 Conversion API
Backup your business manager with multiple Facebook Pixels for added security and insights


Track and synchronize multiple Facebook Pixels seamlessly to boost conversion rates and enhance your digital marketing strategy
Gain a deeper understanding of ad performance across various social media platforms for optimized ad spending and maximum impact
Ensure valuable sales data from all Shopify themes is integrated and never miss a sale opportunity.

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Owlfred Review

Pixelio FB Facebook Pixel is a valuable app for Shopify merchants aiming to optimize their Facebook and Instagram ads. With an impressive average rating of 4.9 from 79 reviews, this app allows you to track and sync multiple Facebook pixels effortlessly. You can add unlimited Meta and Facebook Pixel IDs as backups, manage multiple pixel tracking data with a click, and utilize the Conversion API of iOS 14 to track Apple devices accurately. The app also requires no coding, ensuring ease of use. Overall, Pixelio is a must-have tool in your marketing analytics arsenal to enhance conversions and never miss a sale opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facebook Pixel and how does it work?
A Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by tracking user actions on your website. It uses cookies to track users as they interact with your website and your Facebook ads.
How can Pixelio FB Facebook Pixel app help in my marketing analytics?
Pixelio FB Facebook Pixel app facilities to leverage the data collected via Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store. It helps to analyze user behavior and engagement, optimize ads, track conversions and re-target audiences for improved marketing campaigns.
Why should I use multiple Facebook Pixels?
Using multiple Facebook Pixels can help you to track different user actions on your Shopify store. This data can be further used to create specific ad campaigns targeting various user groups, thus allowing for more effective marketing strategies.
What is the Facebook Conversion API and how does it differ from Facebook Pixel?
Facebook Conversion API is a tool that allows advertisers to send web events from their servers directly to Facebook. While Facebook Pixel tracks user behavior on the website, Conversion API sends event data from server to server, making it more reliable and less susceptible to issues like browser blocking.

Shopify App Comparison: Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio vs Better Thank You Page - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of Pixelio FB and Better Thank You Page, we can see that both apps offer unique features that cater to different aspects of an eCommerce business's marketing strategy. Pixelio FB is designed to enhance digital marketing efforts through seamless tracking and synchronization of multiple Facebook Pixels. It allows for precise installation of Meta Pixel codes and offers comprehensive integration with Shopify themes, ensuring that no valuable sales data is missed. On the other hand, Better Thank You Page focuses on post-sales interaction by transforming the thank you page into an interactive platform. It enables businesses to solicit actionable feedback, allows customers to track their delivery status, and encourages further browsing through merchandise links.

In terms of benefits, Pixelio FB helps boost conversion rates and optimize ad spending by providing a deeper understanding of ad performance across social media platforms. It ensures that valuable sales data is integrated and can be utilized for maximum impact. On the other hand, Better Thank You Page enhances customer engagement and loyalty by turning the thank you page into an interactive platform for sharing branding stories and connecting with customers on a deeper level. It keeps customers informed about their delivery status and encourages repeat transactions through merchandise links.

In conclusion, both Pixelio FB and Better Thank You Page offer valuable capabilities and benefits. While Pixelio FB is recommended for businesses looking to supercharge their digital marketing efforts and optimize their ad spending, Better Thank You Page is recommended for those who want to enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and post-sales interaction. Depending on the specific needs and goals of an eCommerce business, either app can be a valuable addition to their marketing toolkit.

Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio Shopify AppFacebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio
Better Thank You Page Shopify AppBetter Thank You Page
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