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Easily manage popup and top bar banners on your Shopify store with Promo Banner.

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Promo Banner Lab is a fantastic tool to easily manage popups and top bar banners, helping you engage more traffic and boost conversions!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 19, 2024

Engage More Traffic with Easy Popup and Top Bar Banners

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This is a NO CODE app. Manage banners right in your Shopify store admin with no liquid or CSS code. Add urgency to their purchase experience with a countdown timer. Watch impressions and clicks rise on the Action Report analytics dashboard. Create popups to really get their attention. Collect email addresses for newsletters and email campaigns. Set up unlimited banners to keep track of your campaigns to perform A/B testing like the big box stores!

Master the art of persuasive banner creation and management without the need for coding. Make every interaction count by incorporating arresting countdown timers that add a sense of urgency to customer visits. See immediate results as your actions convert into elevated impressions and clicks, all visualized by a user-friendly analytics dashboard.

Transform passive browsing into active engagement with attention-grabbing popups, designed to stand out and demand notice. Cultivate a subscriber community by effectively collecting email addresses for your newsletters and targeted email campaigns, transforming hesitant prospects into dedicated customers.

Evolve your strategies with A/B testing, enabled by setting up an unlimited number of banners, and keep your promotional campaigns versatile and reflective of your audience's needs. This enables you to perform testings reminiscent of major retail giants, shifting the scales in your favor, while keeping the management preciously simple.

From articulating convincing banner narratives to assessing marketing performance, you have complete control in shaping your business's digital destiny, all within the convenience of your Shopify store admin.


Create engaging banners and popups effortlessly without any coding required
Utilize engagement measurements to test new product concepts effectively
Incorporate countdown timers in banners to evoke a sense of urgency
Collect email addresses seamlessly for newsletters and targeted campaigns
Conduct A/B testing with an unlimited number of banners to optimize promotional strategies


Increase customer engagement and conversions with attention-grabbing popups and banners
Collect email addresses for newsletters and targeted campaigns, converting hesitant prospects into loyal customers
Conduct A/B testing with unlimited banners to optimize promotional strategies and boost performance

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Owlfred Review

Hoot Hoot! Today, I'll be introducing you to Promo Banner Lab. Despite being a fresh perch in the Shopify app forest with untracked installs and a sole, glowing 5-star review, this no-code banner management tool is definitely worth a gander. It empowers you to fluff-up your customer engagement with eye-catching popups and top bar banners that are conveniently managed straight from your Shopify store admin. Furthermore, this app is not just a pretty face; its features allow you to take flight with your marketing efforts! You can induce urgency among your customers with a countdown timer banner, flex your wings with A/B testing via unlimited campaign banners, collect email addresses for targeted campaigns, and zealously watch your growth with their Action Report analytics dashboard. With a pricing catered to start from 'Free' and peaking just shy of $10, Promo Banner Lab is a gouge-free nest for merchants working to increase their customer engagement and ultimately, their traffic. Lastly, do not forget, this is entirely a no-code setup, making it a seamless addition to any Shopify store. A final hoot of recommendation for Promo Banner Lab - a nifty tool for any merchant looking to add a dose of flutter to their banner and popup management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a pop up and a banner?
In digital marketing, banners are typically images or media that is embedded within a website's fixed layout. They often advertise products or services. Pop-ups, on the other hand, are forms of online advertising that appear on a separate window above the website content. They are designed to grab the audience's attention.
How are banners and pop ups used in digital marketing?
Banners and pop-ups are used primarily to catch the attention of online users. Banners can be strategically placed on high-traffic websites to increase visibility for a specific product or service, while pop-ups are usually used to capture email addresses for marketing purposes or to make a special offer.
What is the difference between lightbox and overlay?
Lightbox and overlay refer to two different types of pop-ups. A lightbox refers to a pop-up that dims the background content of a webpage to highlight the pop-up window. On the other hand, an overlay is a pop-up that appears over the content of a webpage without dimming the background.
What is the difference between modal and pop up?
A modal is a type of pop-up that requires user interaction before they can return to the main window. Modals often contain a call to action or critical information. Conversely, a pop-up is a type of advertorial window that could be ignored, closed, or interacted with according to the user's preference.

Shopify App Comparison: Promo Banner Lab vs Hextom: Free Shipping Bar - which is better?

When comparing the Promo Banner Lab app and the Hextom: Free Shipping Bar app, it's clear that both offer valuable features and benefits for e-commerce businesses. Promo Banner Lab allows users to create engaging banners and popups without coding, utilizing features like countdown timers and email collection to increase customer engagement and conversions. On the other hand, Hextom: Free Shipping Bar focuses on increasing customer order value by displaying customizable messages that adapt as buyers add to their carts, optimizing sales conversions with advanced targeting options. It also allows for planning free shipping events in advance and auto-detects visitors' local currencies to convert free shipping amounts. Both apps have their unique strengths in driving sales and engagement, and we would recommend considering the Promo Banner Lab app for businesses looking to enhance their banner designs and collect email addresses, while the Hextom: Free Shipping Bar app would be a great choice for businesses aiming to boost average order value and run targeted free shipping promotions.

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Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Shopify AppHextom: Free Shipping Bar
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