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Enhance your store with custom sections easily added and edited in your theme editor.

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Section Store is the perfect solution for adding custom sections to your Shopify theme without the hassle of learning new page builders or hiring expensive developers. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 8, 2024

Enhance Your Shopify Store with Customizable Theme Sections

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Offering invaluable ease in customization of a Shopify store, the Section Store app presents an assortment of editable sections, going beyond the standard options provided within the Shopify themes, helping merchants personalise their e-commerce platform with ease. Eliminating the need for intricate page-builder applications or exorbitant developers, this app proposes an innovative solution through a comprehensive library teeming with plug-and-play sections - instantly ready to incorporate into any store theme.

From features, testimonials, faqs, to trust badges, every function becomes impeccably customizable in the theme editor with this app. The high degree of flexibility it offers caters to the diverse needs of merchants, allowing for the creation of a personalised, unique website design without the complexity generally associated. Crafted to enhance user experience, it allows the personality of your brand to shine through the design while maintaining optimal functionality and efficiency in operation.

In conclusion, the Section Store app elevates the customization process of any Shopify platform, providing a richer and more nuanced setup without the need for extensive technical expertise. By fostering a higher degree of brand personality and store individuality, it ultimately aids in the creation of a more engaging and distinctive shopping experience for customers.


Browse and find customizable sections to add to any Shopify theme directly from the theme editor
Seamlessly upgrade your existing theme with new, editable sections without starting over
Enhance page speed by replacing slow-loading apps with optimized theme sections
Experiment with different sections before finalizing changes to your store design
Access new sections weekly, all 2.0 ready for easy addition to any page.


Save time and money on customization with plug-and-play sections
Easily enhance website design without the need for intricate page-builders
Improve user experience and brand personality for a more engaging shopping experience

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51 reviews in the last 30 days.

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175 reviews in the last 90 days.

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1032 installs in the last 30 days.

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11159 installs in the last 30 days.

Owlfred Review

With 467 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.9, Section Store: Theme Sections seems to be a highly recommended app by its users. Despite not being able to track the exact number of installs, the concept of providing a section library to enhance Shopify themes without the need for complex page builders or costly developers is certainly appealing. The ability to browse, add, and customize sections easily from the theme editor, along with regular updates, makes this app worth considering for those looking to elevate their store's design effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my Shopify theme without losing customization?
To update your Shopify theme without losing customization, always download and back up your current theme's code before updating. If your theme is from the Theme Store, customization can be transferred using the Theme Updater App. For third-party themes, manual transfer of customizations might be necessary.
What is the most customizable Shopify theme?
The most customizable Shopify theme can vary depending on store requirements. That said, popular themes considered highly customizable include Debut, Brooklyn, and Section Store's Theme Sections app, which offers added flexibility through page builder feature.
Are Shopify themes fully customizable?
Shopify themes are highly customizable. Store owners can tweak colors, typography, product layout and more. However, advanced customizations might require coding. Apps like Section Store: Theme Sections can add more customization features, especially for merchants without coding skills.
How do I add a custom section to my Shopify theme?
To add a custom section to your Shopify theme, you need to access the code editing mode through your admin dashboard. However, not all themes support adding custom sections. Using a page builder like Section Store: Theme Sections can make this process simpler, without the need for coding.

Shopify App Comparison: Section Store: Theme sections vs POWR Product Tabs - which is better?

The Section Store app and the POWR Product Tabs app offer different capabilities and benefits for merchants looking to enhance their Shopify stores. The Section Store app provides a comprehensive library of plug-and-play sections, allowing for easy customization of any Shopify theme. This app offers a higher degree of flexibility, making it easier to create a personalized and unique website design without the complexity usually associated with customization. With features like customizable sections, testimonials, FAQs, and trust badges, merchants can enhance user experience and brand personality for a more engaging shopping experience. Overall, the Section Store app elevates the customization process, providing a richer and more nuanced setup without extensive technical expertise.

In contrast, the POWR Product Tabs app focuses on organizing and simplifying product information across a Shopify store. By structuring content into neatly arranged, customizable tabs, this app enhances the browsing experience for potential buyers. The app allows for full customization, giving merchants control over every detail, such as colors, fonts, and spacing, to maintain a consistent brand experience. With features like hyperlinks, images, and hover effects, the app helps merchants stand out in the online marketplace and convert more browsers into buyers. The POWR Product Tabs app serves the dual purpose of optimizing product page organization for superior user experience and increasing conversion rates by creating a pleasant, user-friendly environment that seamlessly channels potential customers from browsing to buying.

Based on their capabilities and benefits, we would recommend both the Section Store app and the POWR Product Tabs app to merchants looking to enhance their Shopify stores. The Section Store app is ideal for those seeking a higher degree of flexibility in customization, while the POWR Product Tabs app is perfect for those wanting to organize and simplify product information. Ultimately, the choice between the two apps depends on the specific needs and preferences of the merchant.

Section Store: Theme sections Shopify AppSection Store: Theme sections
POWR Product Tabs Shopify AppPOWR Product Tabs
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Number of Reviews 657 103
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