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Sell & manage digital downloads with ease - from software to music, videos, PDFs, and more.

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AnyAsset is the perfect solution for digital product stores, allowing you to easily sell and manage digital downloads of various file types up to 1.5GB each, with features like download limits, custom asset creation, and more.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 18, 2024

Sell and Manage Digital Downloads Easily

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AnyAsset lets you to upload multiple large files supporting 40+ different file types which can be linked to within your store using a unique link, or assigned to a product to allow digital downloading when an order containing the product is placed. It's the perfect solution for Digital Product stores, packed full of features like download limits, custom asset creation after order, download links on the checkout page, and more. Sell anything from software to music & videos up to 1.5gb per file.

Reimagine the way you handle digital products with this comprehensive tool designed for Shopify sellers. Whether selling software, music, or videos, consider the headaches of managing large digital assets, a thing of the past. The robust functionality not only permits the upload of numerous large files supporting over 40 various file types but also enables linking these files in your store using unique links.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of downloading digital content immediately after placing an order, thanks to the product-linked download feature. Providing digital products has never been easier! Coupled with features like set download limits and custom asset creation after order, this tool equips merchants with an unparalleled command of their digital inventory.

In a market where the quest for the best digital product solution never ends, this tool offers a remarkable experience right up to 1.5GB per file β€” a vivid demonstration of adaptability to merchant’s needs. Experience the perfect blend of control and convenience for your Digital Product store with this app!


Easily upload and manage digital assets up to 1.5GB, supporting over 40 file types, streamlining your inventory management
Instant download links after purchase enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases
Protect your digital inventory with download limits and custom assets for specific orders, ensuring security
Bulk uploading and assignment of files simplifies the process of managing digital products efficiently
Custom branded emails for downloads and downloadable links on the checkout page provide a personalized experience for customers.


Easily upload and manage large digital assets of up to 1.5GB each, supporting over 40 file types, saving you time and effort
Increase customer satisfaction with instant download links after purchase, boosting customer retention and repeat purchases
Protect your digital inventory by setting download limits and creating custom assets for specific orders

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Say hello to AnyAsset - Digital Downloads, a mighty tool that brings simplicity to selling and managing digital assets of all shapes and sizes! From music to videos, PDFs to E-books and beyond, this app supports a hoot-iful variety of more than 40 file types, and allows file sizes up to a whopping 1.5GB. When you're doing some night-time file management, you'll appreciate the capability for bulk uploading and assigning. Plus, if you're looking to advocate for your brand, you can take advantage of the custom branded emails for downloads. At prices starting at just $10/month, with the first seven days absolutely free, this app is a sweet deal - whether you're selling top secret owl communication technologies or just a nice e-book about nesting. The rather silent reaction from shop owners doesn't detract from the gleaming 5-star rating its single user awarded it. While it's specifically designed for digital product stores, I wouldn't be surprised if other types of businesses start picking up on the power of AnyAsset too. After all, we can't all sell physical owl-branded merchandise - some of us have more digital inclinations! Recommended if you want to keep your digital wares as organized as we owls keep our nests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell digital downloads with AnyAsset?
With AnyAsset, you can sell digital downloads directly from your Shopify store. The process is simple: you upload your files, list them for sale, and once a customer purchases, they immediately receive an email with a secure download link.
Is it profitable to sell digital downloads?
Selling digital downloads can be profitable depending on the demand and pricing of your products. Since there's no inventory or shipping costs, many of the expenses associated with physical products aren't present. However, the competition level, your marketing efforts, and product quality will all affect profitability.
What's the best file format for digital downloads?
The best file format for digital downloads depends on your product type. For ebooks, EPUB or PDF are popular. For music, MP3 is a common format. For video, MP4 is typically used. AnyAsset can support a variety of file formats, so you can choose one that best fits your content and customer preferences.
Is selling digital downloads via Shopify advantageous compared to Etsy?
Selling digital downloads on Shopify can offer more control over your brand, better customization options, and potentially lower fees compared to Etsy. Moreover, you aren't limited to a specific marketplace, so you can reach a wider audience. AnyAsset app makes it easy to manage and sell digital products on Shopify.

Shopify App Comparison: AnyAsset ‑ Digital Downloads vs DDA Fileflare Digital Download - which is better?

When comparing AnyAsset - Digital Downloads and DDA Fileflare Digital Download, we can see that both apps offer robust functionality for managing digital products in a Shopify store. However, there are some key differences that set them apart. AnyAsset shines with its ability to handle large digital assets up to 1.5GB per file, supporting over 40 file types. This makes it an ideal choice for merchants dealing with high-quality media files or software. Additionally, the app offers features such as set download limits and custom asset creation after an order, providing merchants with unparalleled control and convenience over their digital inventory. Overall, AnyAsset is a powerful tool for streamlining inventory management and improving customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, DDA Fileflare Digital Download excels in protecting merchants' interests by offering enhanced IP protection features to prevent illegal file sharing and resolve copyright issues. This is a crucial benefit for merchants concerned about their digital content's integrity. The app also provides a superior user interface, speed, and security features, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers. With functionality like bulk methods for selling millions of files effortlessly, DDA Fileflare Digital Download is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Overall, DDA Fileflare Digital Download is a game-changer for merchants looking to simplify digital product selling and provide an unparalleled shopping experience.

Considering their unique capabilities and benefits, we recommend both AnyAsset - Digital Downloads and DDA Fileflare Digital Download. AnyAsset is an ideal option for merchants dealing with large digital assets and wanting more control over their inventory, while DDA Fileflare Digital Download provides robust IP protection and a seamless shopping experience. Depending on your specific needs and priorities, either of these apps can greatly enhance your digital product store on Shopify.

AnyAsset ‑ Digital Downloads Shopify AppAnyAsset ‑ Digital Downloads
DDA Fileflare Digital Download Shopify AppDDA Fileflare Digital Download
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