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Track orders, reduce anxiety, boost repeat sales with instant global tracking and notifications.

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July 12, 2024

Supercharge Your Order Tracking & Grow Repeat Business

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Opt for a seamless delivery tracking experience that aims to alleviate customer concerns and propels repeat sales. This app allows merchants to automatically match carriers for shipment tracking, creating convenient 'Track My Order' pages to keep customers informed every step of the way.

Beyond just keeping customers updated, this resourceful tool opens up a new avenue for revenue generation. Attractive upselling and cross-selling opportunities are made available during various stages of the delivery journey. With these, merchants can seize every chance to enhance their bottom line.

Customization is a significant feature of this app. Personalize your order tracking page, issue SMS and email shipment notifications, and update order statuses in a way that aligns with your brand. Moreover, add an estimated delivery date with a choice from over 1,300 carriers. With this, your customers no longer have to guess when their package will arrive.

Merchants can start off on the right foot with free onboarding and set up, ensuring they can tap into the app's full potential from the get-go. Furthermore, a private Slack community and 24/7 support mean you're never alone whenever an issue arises, giving you the assurance you need throughout your e-commerce journey.


Create branded "Track Your Order" pages to drive repeat traffic and sales
Increase customer lifetime value by sending SMS & email delivery notifications
Boost conversion rates by providing estimated delivery dates & AI predictions
Enhance customer loyalty by masking carriers & origin addresses for dropshipping
Easily integrate with popular apps like Klaviyo, Yotpo SMSBump, Postscript, and Attentive (coming soon)


Drive repeat traffic & sales with branded "Track Your Order" pages
Increase customer lifetime value with SMS & email delivery notifications
Boost conversion rates with estimated delivery date & AI prediction

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Checkout , Okendo Fera Opinew Yotpo LOOX, Dsers CJ Dropshipping AutoDS, Rebuy Wiser Glood ShipBob, Alternative of AfterShip, Postscript Stamped, Klaviyo Yotpo SMSBump


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Owlfred Review

Whoo-kay! Shoppers of Shopify, meet Rush - an app that specializes in Order Tracking & Upsells. With a whopping average rating of 4.9 from 287 reviewers, this little gem has already proven itself over a thousand times over. Rush takes order tracking to new heights, keepings customers informed every step of the way. It builds dreamy 'Track My Order' pages and automates the delivery of SMS & email shipment notifications. Better yet, it engages customers post-purchase with relevant upsells & cross-sells. Plus, with integrations like Klaviyo and Yotpo SMSBump, it treads the fine line between tech and accessibility with ease. Rush can add carrier masking and origin addresses for dropshipping, improving customer loyalty along with AI prediction and estimated delivery dates that keep your customers smiling. So, whether you're a beginner or a Shopify tycoon, this little hoot of an app can feather your cap with increased customer lifetime value. Rush is free to try start and one of its perks is free onboarding and setup with 24/7 support that's at your service. AfterShip's got some serious competition here! Try Rush and make your Shopify nest, the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD enhance customer order tracking?
Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD revolutionizes customer order tracking by centralizing all tracking data in one place. This provides seamless transparency and convenient reporting.
What are the benefits of using Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD for my shipping reports?
Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD improves shipping reports by actively tracking and updating the shipping status. This makes it easier to manage and update shipping information in real-time.
What is order tracking and how does it benefit my online store?
Order tracking is a system that allows customers to view the progress of their orders from the placement stage to the delivery stage. It increases customer trust and gives merchants better control over the shipping process.
Can Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD help improve the efficiency of my order processing?
Yes Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD can improve order processing efficiency by providing real-time tracking updates and comprehensive reports. This allows quicker responses to any issues and improved customer satisfaction.

Shopify App Comparison: Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD vs Tracktor Order Tracking - which is better?

We have evaluated the capabilities and features of Rush - Order Tracking & EDD and Tracktor Order Tracking, and we find that both apps offer excellent solutions for merchants looking to enhance customer satisfaction and drive repeat sales through efficient order tracking systems. However, there are some key differences that set these apps apart.

Rush - Order Tracking & EDD stands out with its focus on revenue generation. This app allows merchants to seize upselling and cross-selling opportunities during the delivery journey, maximizing every chance to enhance the bottom line. The customization options offered by Rush are also noteworthy, allowing merchants to personalize their order tracking page and align it with their brand. Additionally, the app provides free onboarding and 24/7 support, ensuring merchants can tap into its full potential and receive the necessary assistance throughout their e-commerce journey. We highly recommend Rush to merchants looking to drive repeat traffic, increase customer lifetime value, and boost conversion rates.

On the other hand, Tracktor Order Tracking differentiates itself by emphasizing a personalized and delightful tracking experience. This app offers a fully customizable tracking interface that reflects the brand's image, adding an extra touch of delight for customers. It aims to transform tracking from a mundane necessity into a memorable journey, fostering brand loyalty and creating a community of repeat shoppers. The app also provides timely insights with a 3D interactive map of all order locations, allowing merchants to gain valuable information. If you are looking to increase customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty, and create a memorable tracking experience, we recommend Tracktor Order Tracking.

Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD Shopify AppRush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD
Tracktor Order Tracking Shopify AppTracktor Order Tracking
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 313 737
Estimated Installs 1113 5390
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $199.00 $99.00
Works With Checkout , Okendo Fera Opinew Yotpo LOOX, Dsers CJ Dropshipping AutoDS, Rebuy Wiser Glood ShipBob, Alternative of AfterShip, Postscript Stamped, Klaviyo Yotpo SMSBump
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