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April 18, 2024

Pay in 5 fortnights without a credit card - Boost your sales!

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Aplazo te ayuda a incrementar las ventas de tu tienda Ofrece a tus clientes comprar lo que quieran en plazos quincenales sin tarjeta de crédito desde tu página con una experiencia sencilla y segura, mientras tu recibes el pago total de las compras por adelantado. Tendrás acceso a un panel para total control de tus pagos y pedidos y solicitar las devoluciones directamente desde el admin de tu sitio.

Empower your online business with Aplazo, the strategic app designed to elevate your sales by offering an easy and secure bi-weekly installment payment option to your customers, without the need for credit cards. Seamlessly integrated onto your site, Aplazo not only enhances the customer experience but also guarantees prompt payment, letting you reap the profits upfront.

Take charge of your sales and finances with our intuitive control panel. Monitor payments and orders, effortlessly manage refunds, and optimize your operations through the built-in admin tools. With Aplazo, gain the leverage of a consummate payment solution, that promises hassle-free transactions while accentuating customer loyalty and boosting your revenue streams.


Offer customers a simple and secure shopping experience
Gain total control over payments and orders with an intuitive admin panel
Easily request refunds directly from your site's admin
Seamlessly integrated installment payment option to increase average order value
Enhance customer loyalty and boost revenue streams with hassle-free transactions.


Increase average order value by offering customers an easy and secure bi-weekly installment payment option, leading to larger purchases
Improve customer loyalty and boost revenue streams by providing a hassle-free transaction experience and enhancing the overall shopping experience
Save time and optimize operations with intuitive control panel to monitor payments, manage refunds, and streamline admin tasks

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Owlfred Review

Aplazo is a free Shopify app that helps boost your store's sales in a unique way by allowing customers to make purchases in fortnightly installments without a credit card. This appealing feature is bound to bring in more customers who want to shop worry-free. While the customer enjoys a simple and secure shopping experience, the store owner receives the full payment in advance and has a comprehensive control panel to manage payments and orders effectively. Aplazo elevates convenience by letting you handle returns directly from your site's admin. Although Aplazo is fairly new to the scene and doesn't have any reviews yet, its promising features could be a real game-changer for stores looking to cater to customers seeking flexible payment options. Give it a whirl! After all, cost shouldn't be a barrier to a great shopping experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 15 3 payment trick?
The 15 3 payment trick refers to a strategy where you make payments on your credit card balance 15 days before your statement closing date and three days before your due date. Doing so can help lower your balance reported to credit bureaus, possibly improving your credit score.
Does paying your credit card manually boost your credit score?
Paying your credit card manually doesn't directly boost your credit score. However, regular, timely payments can help maintain a positive payment history, a key factor in credit scoring models.
Does accepting credit cards increase sales?
Accepting credit cards can potentially increase your sales. It broadens payment options for customers, making it convenient and thereby potentially driving more customers to complete their purchases.
What happens if I don't pay my credit card for 5 years?
Not paying your credit card for 5 years can have severe consequences. This could include damage to your credit score, increased debt from interest and fees, collection actions from lenders, and potential legal consequences over time.

Shopify App Comparison: Aplazo vs Afterpay On‑Site Messaging - which is better?

We compared Aplazo and Afterpay On-Site Messaging, two apps that offer strategic solutions to improve online businesses' sales and customer experience. Aplazo provides an integrated bi-weekly installment payment option to customers, without the need for credit cards. With an intuitive control panel, businesses can easily monitor payments, manage refunds, and optimize operations. Aplazo's benefits include increasing average order value, enhancing customer loyalty, and saving time with streamlined admin tasks. Overall, we recommend Aplazo for businesses looking to elevate their sales and provide a hassle-free transaction experience.

On the other hand, Afterpay On-Site Messaging enables merchants to customize and publish attractive on-site messages promoting Afterpay, a buy-now-pay-later option. This app aims to increase customer engagement and conversion rates through personalized shopping experiences and persuasive callouts strategically placed across the site. Its benefits include boosting average order value, attracting and retaining millennial and Gen-Z customers, and driving revenue through upfront payments. For businesses targeting a diverse customer base and seeking to enhance their sales and shopping frequency, we recommend investing in Afterpay On-Site Messaging.

Aplazo Shopify AppAplazo
Afterpay On‑Site Messaging Shopify AppAfterpay On‑Site Messaging
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