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Generate smart tags with advanced AI, saving you time and effort in product tagging.

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Let Mabel save you time by using AI to automatically generate product tags for your listings!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Automatically generate product tags with AI - save time and effort

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Effortlessly streamline your product tagging process with an advanced tool that utilizes top-tier machine learning algorithms for tag generation. With a thorough focus on natural language processing and computer vision, this app takes the tediousness out of the product-tagging equation.

The advanced technology behind this solution performs a detailed analysis of your product listings, extracting key details from product images and descriptions. The result? Highly-relevant, smart tags that accurately represent your products, saving you countless hours of manual tagging.

From the smallest boutique to the most extensive e-commerce platform, this app has got you covered with various subscription plans tailored to meet unique business needs. With this ground-breaking tool at your disposal, the time-consuming chore of product tagging becomes history. Embrace the sophistication of machine learning and make tedious manual tagging a thing of the past.


Automatically generate highly-relevant, smart tags for your products using top-tier machine learning algorithms
Utilize natural language processing and computer vision to ensure accurate product tagging
Streamline your product tagging process, saving you valuable time and increasing productivity
Access various subscription plans tailored to meet your unique business needs
Embrace the sophistication of machine learning technology to make manual tagging a thing of the past


Increase search impressions and traffic by using highly-relevant, smart tags generated through advanced machine learning algorithms
Improve conversion rates and average order value with accurate product tagging, thanks to natural language processing and computer vision technologies
Save countless hours on manual tagging, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business and increase productivity

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Meet Mabel - Automatic Tagging, your new time-saving companion in the Shopify realm. This clever Shopify app employs artificial intelligence to automatically generate smart tags for your product listings. Wave goodbye to the tedious task of manual tagging and trust Mabel to do the job. With the power of advanced computer vision and natural language processing algorithms, Mabel meticulously analyzes both your product images and descriptions to deliver precise tags. Key features include intuitive Shopify integration and a range of plans tailored to differing needs, starting free and then scaling in accord with your demand for tags. Although still a fledgling in our Shopify app-verse with a single yet super positive review, the benefits of Mabel are for many to reap. Whether you're tidying up your inventory, planning a summer sale, improving customer experiences, or enhancing your SEO, Mabel's automatic tags promise to deliver value. So, for the merchants seeking more efficient inventory organization and more effective product searches, Mabel is undoubtedly a wise choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is auto-tagging in inventory management?
Auto-tagging in inventory management is a process where labels are automatically generated and assigned to your products, based on their specific attributes. This can be incredibly helpful in organizing and managing your inventory in a detailed and efficient manner. The process can save a great deal of time and effort compared to manual tagging.
How can AI help in inventory management?
AI, or Artificial Intelligence, can significantly aid in inventory management by automating repeated processes such as tagging, tracking, and organizing inventory items. This increased automation results in far less manual labour, improved accuracy when dealing with large inventory numbers, and overall more efficient business operations.
What does Mabel - Automatic Tagging app do?
Mabel - Automatic Tagging is an app that uses an intelligent system to take care of your inventory management processes such as tagging products. This means that Mabel can save a Shopify merchant a lot of time by automating these routine tasks, leaving more time for strategy and customer engagement.
What does 'automated product tagging' mean?
Automated product tagging means using a system, often AI powered, to assign tags or labels to your products without the need for human intervention. Typically, this is done based on predefined rules or AI learning processes that classify and label items based on their characteristics. This process can greatly assist in inventory management and organization within stores.

Shopify App Comparison: Mabel โ€‘ Automatic Tagging vs Kroco Bulk Description Editor - which is better?

We have compared two apps that aim to streamline different aspects of e-commerce businesses. The first app, Mabel - Automatic Tagging, focuses on automating the product tagging process using advanced machine learning algorithms. By analyzing product images and descriptions, this app generates highly-relevant, smart tags that accurately represent your products. This saves countless hours on manual tagging, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business and increase productivity. The app also offers tailored subscription plans to meet unique business needs, making it a flexible solution for e-commerce platforms of all sizes.

The second app, Kroco Bulk Description Editor, offers a different set of capabilities. It allows retailers to edit and style product descriptions for an unlimited number of products simultaneously, making it a valuable tool for managing large product catalogs. Integrated with Shopify, this app simplifies product management efforts and ensures consistency across product lines. It saves time by swiftly editing and styling product descriptions in bulk, outperforming manual input. Additionally, it fosters higher customer engagement and potentially leads to more conversions by providing shoppers a uniform, cohesive browsing experience. With its smart and straightforward toolkit, this app is ideal for savvy merchants looking to optimize their product listings.

Both apps have their unique benefits and can make a significant impact on e-commerce businesses. However, our recommendation would be to use Mabel - Automatic Tagging if your primary goal is to improve search impressions and traffic through smart tagging. Its advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing will provide accurate tagging, leading to better discoverability of your products. On the other hand, if you have a large product catalog and are looking for a tool to efficiently manage and style product descriptions, Kroco Bulk Description Editor would be the better choice. Its bulk editing capabilities and integration with Shopify offer a seamless solution for retailers wanting to consolidate their efforts and ensure consistency across their product lines.

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