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Enhance customer journey, boost sales with customizable wishlist tool and email reminders.

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Wishlist King is a must-have app for enhancing your customers' shopping journey and boosting conversions with customizable wishlist features and email reminders! Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 8, 2024

Enhance your sales with a customizable customer wishlist.

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Creating a seamless and personalised shopping experience for your customers just got easier with this wishlist app. This smart tool allows customers to bookmark their favoured products, enabling them to make purchases at their convenience. From guiding a customer's shopping journey to supporting sales conversion, this app is meticulously built to aid and accelerate your online commerce narrative.

Valuable insights into popular items allow merchants to understand current trends and market demands, while wishlist-related email reminders can help nudge your customers towards completing their purchases. This translates into an effective method to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase overall sales.

One of the distinguishing features of this wishlist app is its easy customization using the Shopify Theme Editor. This ensures perfect harmony between the app's interface and your store's branding. On top of that, if your store is currently attached to another wishlist app, don't stress β€” we facilitate a hassle-free migration and importation of existing wishlists so that no customer data is lost in transition. All in all, this app makes for a fundamental addition to your Shopify store ecosystem.


Start a wishlist with one click and add products easily from anywhere without requiring accounts.
Seamlessly integrate the app with all themes for a cohesive look, avoiding generic pop-ups.
Benefit from free setup and customizations by the developers for a polished appearance and functionality.
Utilize Klaviyo integration for email reminders, along with GA4 and Pixel support.
Enjoy full functionality with unlimited usage on all plans for a streamlined experience.


Increase sales by reducing cart abandonment rates through wishlist-related email reminders
Gain valuable insights into popular items to understand current trends and market demands
Facilitate a seamless and personalized shopping experience for customers with easy customization using the Shopify Theme Editor

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Owlfred Review

Wishlist King is a top-rated app with 333 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.9 out of 5. With 4561 installs, this app offers a fully customizable wishlist solution that enhances the customer journey, boosting sales and conversions. The app allows customers to easily track and purchase their favorite products, while providing valuable insights to drive sales. Wishlist King integrates seamlessly with Shopify themes and offers features like one-click wishlist creation, Klaviyo integration for email reminders, and free setup assistance. If you're looking to elevate your customer's shopping experience and drive more sales, Wishlist King is a great choice at a starting price of $4.95/month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a wish list?
The purpose of a wish list is to create a personal compilation of desired items from an ecommerce site. It helps shoppers save products for future purchases and makes it easy for their friends and family to buy gifts.
What are the benefits of a wishlist?
Having a wishlist on a ecommerce site allows customers to save items they are interested in. This increases customer engagement, leads to higher sales conversions and provides valuable insight to merchants on customer preferences.
What is the impact of wishlist on an online store?
A wishlist can boost an online store's sales as it encourages customers to return to purchase items they have shown interest in. It also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, whilst providing data about customer behaviour and preferences.
What does adding things to wishlist do?
Adding products to a wishlist allows shoppers to keep track of items they want to buy in the future. For merchants, it provides insight into what individual customers or groups of customers are interested in, which helps in tailoring marketing efforts.

Shopify App Comparison: Wishlist King vs Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List - which is better?

Wishlist King is a robust wishlist app that enhances the shopping experience for customers. With one-click wishlist creation and easy product addition, customers can bookmark their favorite items without requiring an account. This app seamlessly integrates with all themes, ensuring a cohesive look and avoiding generic pop-ups. Additionally, merchants can benefit from free setup and customizations by the developers, leading to a polished appearance and functionality. The app also offers useful features such as Klaviyo integration for wishlist-related email reminders and GA4 and Pixel support. Furthermore, merchants can gain valuable insights into popular items, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing overall sales. The app's standout feature is its easy customization using the Shopify Theme Editor, ensuring a perfect harmony with your store's branding. With its full functionality and unlimited usage on all plans, Wishlist King is a fundamental addition to any Shopify store ecosystem.

Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List is a versatile store assistant that provides a personalized shopping experience for both B2C and B2B markets. Customers can curate their favorite items into personalized wishlists, fostering loyalty and increasing conversion rates. The app's intuitive design supports wishlist sharing, promoting a socially-engaged shopping experience. The application also equips distributors with the ability to upload wishlists via CSV, streamlining order processing and reducing operational hassles. This app enables fruitful connections with customers' narratives and tastes by harnessing vital insights into their preferences. Furthermore, scalable to stores of all sizes, it offers a personalized, data-driven, and immersive shopping experience. Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List is more than just a wishlist tool; it's a targeted approach to understanding and catering to your market's needs and wants.

Both Wishlist King and Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List offer valuable features and benefits for enhancing the shopping experience. Wishlist King stands out with its seamless customization using the Shopify Theme Editor, ensuring perfect harmony with your store's branding. On the other hand, Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List offers the ability for distributors to upload wishlists via CSV, streamlining order processing and reducing operational hassles. Both apps provide insights into customer preferences and offer features such as wishlist sharing and personalized experiences. Whether you choose Wishlist King or Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List, you can expect an enhanced shopping experience and increased customer engagement. It's recommended to try either of these apps to elevate your online commerce narrative.

Wishlist King Shopify AppWishlist King
Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List Shopify AppPasilobus Wishlist Supply List
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 345 1
Estimated Installs 5039 0
Min Price $4.95 $0.00
Max Price $49.00 $49.99
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