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Monitor Cash Flow & Boost Profitability with Artoh's Financial Insights

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Cut through the complexity of financial tracking with a revolutionary tool designed specifically for Shopify merchants. This app connects to your business banking and payment platforms to provide immediate insights relating to profits, costs, and cash flow. It offers a comprehensive view of the business's profitability, revealing more than the typical isolated metrics of particular departments or products.

Unveil the genuine financial conditions of your venture without the need for scrolling through multiple spreadsheets or pausing operations to obtain reports. The tool keeps you in the loop, sending real-time notifications regarding upcoming payouts and impending due dates. By delivering a full picture of your financial health, it allows you to make swift and informed decisions.

Turn to this intricate yet user-friendly tool that aligns with your financial needs, offering you an unparalleled, vivid view of your business profits. A game-changer that stands tall among its counterparts, the app grants you the power to stay ahead with your financial data at your fingertips.


Calculate profits and track all costs in real-time
Monitor daily cash flow with up-to-date financial snapshots
Sync with bank accounts, sales channels, and marketing channels
Receive real-time alerts for upcoming payouts and credit card due dates
Get daily reports on business performance.


Track profits and costs in real-time to make informed decisions
Monitor daily cash flow for an up-to-date snapshot of financial health
Receive real-time alerts for upcoming payouts and credit card due dates

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Artoh: Business Finance App plays a crucial role in managing your Shopify store's financials. It's designed to track profit metrics, monitor cash flow, and keep tabs on costs in real-time - a virtual accountant at your fingertips! While it's a relatively new addition to the app market, its backbone features promise to rectify any anomaly between projected and actual profits. The connectivity to multiple business bank accounts and payment processors ensures a comprehensive financial review of your store. If you find your business suffering from fiscal mysteries, Artoh is a detective worth considering. Although it currently falls short in the ratings department, take note that this solution has plenty more to offer. From cash flow snapshots to daily business performance reports, it's all geared towards keeping you in the know about the financial health of your business. However, we must stress that it's always best to tread carefully with new, unproven solutions. Although free to install, do be aware additional charges may come into play, so you might want to keep your owl eyes open!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my cash flow in Artoh: Business Finance App?
With Artoh: Business Finance App, you can check your cash flow by visiting the dashboard. It provides an overview of your in/out bound money, allowing you to understand your businessโ€™s liquidity.
Why is it vital to keep track of cash flows?
Monitoring cash flows is crucial because it helps determine your company's liquidity, efficiency, and financial performance. It provides a snapshot of the money entering and leaving your business.
What is the goal of tracking your cash flows?
The purpose of cash flow monitoring is to give you a clear picture of your company's financial health, identify trends, assess business performance, and plan for future growth.
In terms of cash flow, what is the best point of comparison?
The most beneficial cash flow measure is comparing the current period's data with previous ones. This comparison will highlight any trends or changes, helping in making informed business decisions.

Shopify App Comparison: Artoh: Business Finance App vs Profit Calc: Profit Calculator - which is better?

When comparing Artoh: Business Finance App and Profit Calc: Profit Calculator, it's clear that both apps offer powerful financial tracking capabilities. Artoh provides a comprehensive view of a business's profitability, allowing users to track profits and costs in real-time and monitor daily cash flow. Additionally, it syncs with bank accounts, sales channels, and marketing channels, and provides real-time alerts for upcoming payouts and credit card due dates. On the other hand, Profit Calc offers instant access to key insights about a store's financial performance, with the ability to view multiple stores simultaneously within the same report. It also integrates with popular ad platforms like Facebook and Google, ensuring data accuracy and providing a comprehensive overview of the business's financial standing.

While both apps excel in their financial tracking capabilities, Artoh stands out with its ability to provide a vivid view of business profits and its user-friendly interface. With real-time notifications and comprehensive reports, users can make swift and informed decisions. Profit Calc, on the other hand, offers simplicity and depth in its approach, with the capability to integrate with crucial ad platforms and view multiple stores in one report. Ultimately, the choice between the two apps depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user, but we would highly recommend Artoh for its unparalleled financial insights and ease of use.

Artoh: Business Finance App Shopify AppArtoh: Business Finance App
Profit Calc: Profit Calculator Shopify AppProfit Calc: Profit Calculator
Average Rating 3 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 64
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Min Price $0.00 $29.00
Max Price $0.00 $99.00
Works With Facebook Ads, Aliexpress, Google Ads, CJ Dropshipping, Tik Tok Ads, Pinterest Ads
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