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Enable sharing and creation of customized shopping carts for seamless collaboration and purchases.

What Owlfred thinks...

AskToBuy is a fantastic app that allows visitors and sales reps to easily create and share carts with friends, parents, and customers, making the shopping experience more convenient and collaborative.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 9, 2024

Create and Share Carts Easily with AskToBuy

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Add the AskToBuy button to let your visitors to create and share carts via email or link. Teens without a payment method can pre-fill shipping details and send it to their parents for the final payment. Shoppers can create a gift registry to share with friends. Sales representatives can create dedicated carts for their customers, and send it to them for the payment. Invitees land directly in the checkout page with a custom welcome experience. Inviters get notified on finalized purchases.

Capture more sales with a unique shopping convenience that empowers potential customers to pre-fill carts and share them via email or a personalized link. Perfect for teens without a payment method, this tool enables them to add desired items to a cart and forward it to their parents or guardians for final payment. This feature doubles as a creative avenue for shoppers to generate gift registries that they can easily share with family and friends.

The application offers unprecedented flexibility to sales representatives by allowing them to create special carts for their customers. These customized carts can be forwarded directly to clients who land on a personalized checkout page, thereby streamlining the buying process. The inviting charm of a custom greeting enhances the user experience and encourages conversion.

To maintain engagement and facilitate prompt payment, the app provides real-time notifications to the inviter once a purchase has been finalized. Offering the marriage of simplicity and functionality, this feature is an unseen catalyst for increasing sales, solidifying customer loyalty, and promoting a seamless purchasing process that challenges the traditional e-commerce model.


Pre-fill checkout details for easy payment, ideal for wish lists
Create special carts for customers, personalized checkout pages with custom greetings to boost conversions
Built-in AskToBuy buttons or customize your own for a unique touch
Track cart shares, conversions, and revenue with group share support
Get real-time notifications once a purchase is completed to prompt payment and increase sales


Enable potential customers to pre-fill carts and share them, empowering teens without a payment method to easily create gift registries and share them with family and friends
Streamline the buying process for sales representatives by creating special carts for customers, leading to a personalized checkout page with a custom greeting that enhances user experience and encourages conversion
Facilitate prompt payment and increase sales by providing real-time notifications to the inviter once a purchase has been finalized

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Owlfred Review

The "Ask to Buy create & share cart" app is a resourceful tool that empowers customers, sales representatives, and even teenagers to share carts with others. With an average rating of 4.6 from 27 reviews, they're making a positive impression for a niche audience. With this app, shoppers can make wishlists, formulate gift registries, or delegate the payment process to someone else - perfect for teens without a payment method. Sales representatives can also benefit by creating targeted carts for their customers. Features like pre-filled checkout details and custom checkout experiences simplify the shopping process. The ability to track shared carts, their conversions and generated revenue makes this app a handy tool for the analytical minds. Priced at a reasonable $15 a month with a 30-day free trial, I’d say it’s a worthy addition to your Shopify setup for improving the shopping experience and increasing sales conversion. Especially recommended for those seeking solutions in the wishlist and add to cart categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Ask to Buy create & share cart app to share my cart on Shopify?
With the Ask to Buy app, you can allow visitors to create a shared wish list/cart of items that they can then send to potential buyers with a direct purchase link. To share your cart, you need to select the items, add them to cart via the app, and use the sharing feature provided by the app.
Can I use Ask to Buy app to add a product automatically to a cart in Shopify?
Yes the Ask to Buy app supports the automatic addition of selected products to the cart. Buyers can simply add items to their wish list and these are automatically added to the cart through the app's interface.
Is it possible to add multiple items to the shopping cart using Ask to Buy app?
Absolutely, the Ask to Buy app enables users to add multiple items to their wishlist or cart. This can be done by selecting multiple items from your store, and clicking 'Add to Wishlist' or 'Add to Cart' through the app's interface.
What makes the Ask to Buy app different from the traditional add to cart feature in Shopify?
The Ask to Buy app enhances the traditional add to cart capability by providing an intuitive interface where users can create, customize and share their cart or wishlist. This fosters an interactive shopping experience, supporting impulsive buying behavior and providing potential buyers with a convenient checkout method.

Shopify App Comparison: Ask to Buy create & share cart vs Simple wishlist - which is better?

We have reviewed two apps that offer unique features to enhance the shopping experience for customers. The Ask to Buy create & share cart app provides a convenient way for potential customers to pre-fill their carts and share them with others, making it ideal for teens without a payment method or for creating gift registries. It also offers sales representatives the ability to create special carts for their customers, streamlining the buying process. With features like real-time notifications for prompt payment and personalized checkout pages, this app is a catalyst for increasing sales and promoting customer loyalty. We highly recommend this app for its versatility and effectiveness in capturing sales.

The Simple wishlist app, on the other hand, focuses on maximizing customer engagement and boosting shopper retention through a seamless wishlist feature that requires no sign-in. By allowing visitors to save their favored items, it creates a tailored shopping journey that encourages return visits and increases conversion rates. With a simplified design and friction-free functionality, this app enhances the shopper's interaction and leads to higher profitability and customer loyalty. If you are looking to guide the shopping experience, increase dwell time, and promote return shoppers, we highly recommend the Simple wishlist app.

Ask to Buy create & share cart Shopify AppAsk to Buy create & share cart
Simple wishlist Shopify AppSimple wishlist
Average Rating 4.6 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 27 1
Estimated Installs 47 0
Min Price $15.00 $0.99
Max Price $15.00 $0.99
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