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Effortlessly edit product details in bulk with AI-powered automation.

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With Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit, you can effortlessly manage your prices, automate edits, and boost your sales with ease.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Supercharge your product editing with Astra's intelligent bulk editor.

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Streamline price management with Astra's powerful bulk editor. Update prices, SEO tags, inventory, vendors, and types across many products in one click. Intelligent automation ensures swift, accurate changes. Rewrite titles and descriptions for individual products with ease. This intuitive app empowers effortless bulk editing so you can scale your catalog 10x faster. Managing inventory and driving sales has never been simpler. Kiss goodbye to tedious product editing.

Transform cumbersome catalog maintenance into a breeze with the highly efficient bulk product editor. Designed for agile price management, this tool makes it remarkably easy to simultaneously update prices, SEO tags, stock levels, vendors, and product types across multiple product listings in just a simple click.

This advanced app inherently infuses smart automation to ensure prompt and faultless edits. Whether it's customizing individual product titles or redefining descriptions, this app navigates the task with unrivaled ease. With its help, you can scale your catalog at a pace 10x faster than traditional methods.

Notably, this app simplifies inventory management and catalyzes the sales process, turning complexity into productivity. Trim down the tedious hassle of catalog updates and editing. Enjoy the freedom of effortless bulk editing and focus on your core business growth.


Easily edit prices, costs, inventory, SEO, status, vendors, and product types across multiple listings with a single click
Edit thousands of products by filtering through collection, tags, price, and more
Set up recurring bulk edits and member day sales effortlessly
Schedule edits and reversions in advance for flash sales
Utilize a powerful AI assistant to help generate product titles and descriptions


Save time and effort by simultaneously updating prices, SEO tags, stock levels, vendors, and product types across multiple listings with just a simple click
Scale your catalog 10x faster than traditional methods by customizing individual product titles and descriptions effortlessly
Simplify inventory management and speed up the sales process, freeing up time to focus on core business growth

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Owlfred Review

Take a peep at Astra Bulk Price Editor! This is your one-stop-shop for effortless bulk product editing. Speed up your catalog scalability tenfold with its intelligent, automated interface that helps you seamlessly update prices, SEO tags, inventory, vendors, and product types across a multitude of products β€” instantaneously, I might add! This owl is absolutely thrilled with its powerful AI assistant that can whip out catchy product titles and descriptions in a jiffy. The preview feature is another feather in its cap, allowing you to approve changes in real time before they go live. It's also engineered with the capability to edit and revert automatically at predetermined times. Customers rate it a whopping 5 stars β€” impressive for an app with no trackable installs. Now, don't worry your owl heads over any mistakes when bulk editing, with Astra Bulk Price Editor being your trusted aide in managing inventory and driving sales faster and simpler. Plus, with a free trial and a fair price range starting from zero, it's a real hoot! Recommend? Absolutely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main functionality of Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit?
Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit is a Shopify app designed to streamline the process of editing multiple products and prices at once in a bulk manner
How is Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit different from Elementor?
While both Astra and Elementor are tools for customizing websites, their functions differ. Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit specifically focuses on editing products and prices in bulk on Shopify, while Elementor is a general website building plugin on WordPress
Can Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit be used with WooCommerce?
Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit is primarily designed for Shopify platforms and may not work seamlessly with WooCommerce. It's advised to use dedicated WooCommerce bulk editing tools for optimal performance on that platform
Is the investment in Astra Pro worthwhile for my Shopify store?
Whether Astra Pro is worth it for your Shopify store depends on your specific needs. If you frequently need to update and edit large numbers of product details or prices, Astra Pro’s extended features could significantly increase your productivity and save time

Shopify App Comparison: Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit vs Ablestar Bulk Product Editor - which is better?

When comparing Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit App and Ablestar Bulk Product Editor, we can see that both apps offer similar capabilities and features for streamlined product management. Both apps allow users to edit thousands of products and collections in bulk, adjust prices, and modify SEO tags and stock levels. However, Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit App stands out with its AI assistant that helps generate product titles and descriptions, making it easier for users to customize individual product details effortlessly. This feature sets Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit App apart by providing an added level of automation and convenience.

In addition, Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit App offers a scheduling feature that allows users to schedule edits and reversions in advance for flash sales, ensuring prompt and organized updates. This feature enables users to stay ahead of sales events and minimize manual effort. On the other hand, Ablestar Bulk Product Editor focuses on providing more control and visibility over the editing process with preview and progress monitoring features, including an 'undo' button. This ensures that users can confidently make changes without the fear of irreversible mistakes. Overall, both apps are capable and efficient, but Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit App's AI assistant and scheduling feature make it our recommended choice for users looking for a comprehensive and automated solution for bulk product editing.

Astra Bulk Product/Price Edit Shopify AppAstra Bulk Product/Price Edit
Ablestar Bulk Product Editor Shopify AppAblestar Bulk Product Editor
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 20 443
Estimated Installs 0 1029
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $19.98 $120.00
Works With Google Shopping, Google Drive, FTP / SFTP, Dropbox, Google Sheets
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