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Boost sales with an interactive, geo-targeted sales motivator bar for Shopify merchants.

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This app is a great tool to maximize order value and create urgency with interactive, geo-targeted sales motivator bars! Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Boost Sales & Create Urgency with On-Brand Sales Motivator

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Zap your Shopify store into high gear with an app that transforms targeted promotions into emotional motivators. The SC Sales Motivator leverages the power of real-time calculations, letting customers know exactly how close they are to scoring a promotion, complimentary gift, or free shipping. This continuous update stokes the urgency and triggers more purchases, flaming your revenue generation.

The strategic use of geolocation displays promotions tailored to specific country or regional preferences. It's like an interest-igniter that speaks to customers in their native languages. It adds a personal touch, bolstering the likelihood of conversion.

With a simple and intuitive interface, setting up your promotional banner becomes a breeze. Refined to the minutest detail from your admin account, it's a point-and-click process that requires zero coding knowledge. A time-saver, it adds striking value to your brand's user interface.

Finally, the dedicated support feature lends you a hand during onboarding and setup - you're soundly guided through the process. The SC Sales Motivator is truly a power-packed tool, designed to maximize your eCommerce potential by turning promotions into compelling purchase-drivers. Not just about selling more, it's about building a connect that translates into loyal, returning clientele.


Ignite revenue and boost AOV with branded, interactive promotional campaigns
Create urgency with real-time sales calculations and interactive messaging
Tailor promotions to specific countries or regions using geolocation for personalized customer engagement
Easily customize banners in seconds using a point-and-click interface with no coding knowledge required
Receive dedicated support for onboarding and setup, ensuring a seamless experience


Increase revenue and grow AOV with interactive promotional campaigns that create urgency and drive more purchases
Tailor promotions to specific regions using geolocation, connecting with customers in their native languages to boost conversions
Save time with easy setup and customization through a point-and-click interface, enhancing your brand's user interface

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DEVELOPER Free to install Always free for development stores. Install and configure on dev store before going live Free install and configuration Free for paying merchants during trial period Basic $9.99 / month 24/7 Live Chat Support Create goals to motivate customers to reach a spending goal! Promote free shipping offers to customers. 3-day free trial Full $14.99 / month Show banners to users only in certain countries Schedule when goals are displayed Automatically add free products to the cart 3-day free trial All charges are billed in USD. Recurring and usage-based charges are billed every 30 days.
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Owlfred Review

As an all-knowing owl, I'd say the SC Sales Motivator, formerly known as Bold, is a unique fit for merchants looking to boost their Average Order Value (AOV) through engaging promotional campaigns. This nifty app has a track record of over a thousand installs and an impressive average rating of 4.7 from over 500 reviews - proving its effectiveness among users. For a monthly fee starting at $9.99, this Shopify app enables you to use real-time sales calculations and on-banner messaging to create a sense of urgency, encouraging your customers to add more to their carts. Its geolocation feature will let your on-brand promotions reach specific regions, adding a personalized touch to your campaigns. And no coding skills? No problem! Its easy-to-navigate interface allows anyone to create a customized drop-down banner in seconds, boosting sales while ensuring your branding remains consistent. In my wise opinion, the SC Sales Motivator offers a comprehensive package for increasing sales and enhancing user experience. Whether you're in the banners or gift-with-purchase industry, this app is worth a hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SC Sales Motivator do?
SC Sales Motivator is a Shopify app that leverages banners and gifts to incentivize customers, ultimately aiming to enhance your store's sales figures.
How can SC Sales Motivator help me increase sales?
By using targeted banners and gift with purchase strategies, SC Sales Motivator can effectively appeal to your customers' affinity for deals, prompting them to buy more from your store.
What are some sales strategies implemented by SC Sales Motivator?
SC Sales Motivator employs strategies like compelling banners and offering gifts with certain purchases, making shopping an even more enjoyable experience for customers, resulting in improved sales.
How does SC Sales Motivator promote my products?
Through its use of interactive banners and special gifts, SC Sales Motivator highlights your store's offering and makes customers feel appreciated, thus promoting your products and encouraging more purchases.

Shopify App Comparison: SC Sales Motivator vs FSB Free Shipping Bar - which is better?

When comparing the SC Sales Motivator and the FSB Free Shipping Bar, we can see that both apps offer unique capabilities and features that can benefit your online store. The SC Sales Motivator stands out with its real-time calculations and interactive messaging, allowing you to create urgency and boost your average order value. Additionally, the app's ability to tailor promotions to specific countries or regions using geolocation adds a personalized touch and increases the likelihood of conversion. With easy setup and customization through a point-and-click interface, the SC Sales Motivator saves you time and enhances your brand's user interface. Overall, this app is a power-packed tool designed to maximize your eCommerce potential.

On the other hand, the FSB Free Shipping Bar app offers visually dynamic promotional bars and thrilling countdown timers to ignite interest and foster brand loyalty among visitors. The app's core advantage lies in its geo-location-oriented functionality, providing location-specific user experiences to cater to a global audience. In addition to promoting free shipping offers, the app facilitates efficient email collection and quick announcements, enriching your shopper's journey and driving your sales upwards. By creating a holistic shopping experience with personalized, location-specific promotions and efficient communication channels, the FSB Free Shipping Bar app allows you to appeal directly to your customers' needs and wants, increasing overall sales and brand loyalty.

While both apps have their strengths, based on your specific goals and priorities, we would recommend the SC Sales Motivator for its real-time calculations, tailored promotions, and user-friendly interface, allowing you to boost revenue and enhance customer engagement. However, if you're looking for visually dynamic promotional bars and a tool to ignite interest and foster brand loyalty with free shipping offers, the FSB Free Shipping Bar app may be the better choice for you.

SC Sales Motivator Shopify AppSC Sales Motivator
FSB Free Shipping Bar Shopify AppFSB Free Shipping Bar
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews 517 15
Estimated Installs 1010 181
Min Price $9.99 $4.90
Max Price $14.99 $4.90
Works With Built for Shopify
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