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Translate your store effortlessly into multiple languages for a localized shopping experience.

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Atranslate is the premier translation app for your store, effortlessly translating your store into multiple languages and providing your customers with a localized shopping experience.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Expand Your Global Reach with Atranslate

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Atranslate - the premier translation app for your store. With Atranslate, you can effortlessly translate your store into multiple languages, providing your customers with a localized shopping experience. Our app utilizes native translation capabilities to ensure seamless integration and high-quality translations. Say goodbye to language barriers and expand your global reach with Atranslate.

Unlock a worldwide market potential with an exceptional translation solution that erases language restrictions and delivers an authentic shopping experience to global customers. The app transforms your store into a multilingual marketplace, directing your brand towards broader horizons.

This app prioritizes high-quality localization of your store content, leveraging advanced native translation technology. Let the fluency of translated webpages flow effortlessly, creating an inclusive, easy-to-navigate ecosystem for your international audience.

Alleviate customer frustrations by presenting products and services in their native language, making your business relatable and understandable. By removing language barriers, you open your business to a limitless audience, catapulting your growth on a global scale.

Invest in a translation solution that offers seamless integration and precise translations for a wholesome, localized shopping experience. Transform navigation, embrace cultural diversity, and delight customers by speaking their language with unmatched accuracy.

Take a step forward into global ecommerce success with a tool designed to bridge language gaps and build connections. Offer an unparalleled user experience and stand tall in the global market with this game-changing translation app.


Expand your market reach by adding new languages to your store and attracting new clients
Easily create multi-language product feeds URLs for Facebook, increasing your global sales potential
Quickly make your store multilingual without any coding skills required, enhancing user experience within minutes
Seamlessly integrate precise translations to save time and effort, allowing you to focus on business growth
Bridge language gaps and connect with a diverse audience to enhance user experience and increase global market presence


Reach global customers by translating your store into multiple languages, expanding your market reach and increasing sales
Enhance user experience by offering a seamless multilingual shopping environment, reducing language barriers and increasing customer satisfaction
Save time and effort with easy integration and precise translations, allowing you to focus on growing your business and connecting with a diverse audience

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Owlfred Review

Hoot Hoot! Here's the scoop on Atranslate: Native Translate, a fancy little tool from ArenaCommerce, designed to help you break down language barriers and reach a global audience. This app positions itself as the "premier translation app" for your Shopify store, promising high-quality, native translations in multiple languages, all to create a more localized shopping experience for your customers. Even for those non-coding owls out there, it's a hoot to make your store multilingual within just 2 minutes. Bonus, it helps you increase your global sales and even create multi-language product feed URLs for Facebook – nifty! With a decent 3.8 average rating from 20 reviews, it's worth a try. The free plan is inviting, and the pro version won't make your wallet cry at $16.98. So, if you're aiming to fluff up your feather and interact with customers in their native language, Atranslate might be the right perch for you. Happy translating!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Atranslate: Native Translate help my business go global?
Atranslate: Native Translate can help your business reach a worldwide market by removing language restrictions. It uses advanced translation technology to transform your store into a multilingual marketplace, presenting products and services in the customers' native language, thereby attracting a global audience.
Why is it important to present my store in different languages?
Presenting your Shopify store in different languages makes your business more relatable and understandable to a global audience. By breaking down language barriers, you increase the chances of customer engagement and potential sales from around the world.
How can Atranslate: Native Translate enhance my customers' shopping experience?
Atranslate: Native Translate enhances your international customers' shopping experience by localizing your store content. It allows customers to navigate your site and understand your products easily by presenting everything in their native language. This makes shopping on your site a more intuitive and pleasant experience for non-English speakers.
Does Atranslate: Native Translate integrate well with my Shopify store?
Atranslate: Native Translate integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store. It accurately translates all your store content, enabling you to provide a localized shopping experience for your international customers. It is a valuable tool for stores looking to tap into global ecommerce markets.

Shopify App Comparison: Atranslate: Native Translate vs Store Translation Supreme - which is better?

We have evaluated two translation apps for Shopify stores: Atranslate and Store Translation Supreme. Atranslate offers high-quality localization, prioritizing native translation technology to create a multilingual marketplace. It allows you to easily add new languages, create multi-language product feeds, and quickly make your store multilingual without coding skills. With seamless integration and precise translations, Atranslate saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on business growth. It helps you bridge language gaps, connect with a diverse audience, and enhance the user experience. We recommend Atranslate for its accurate translations, easy integration, and the ability to reach a global audience.

Store Translation Supreme also offers comprehensive translation capabilities for Shopify stores. It stands out with its Import-Export functionality, allowing seamless CSV and Excel transformations and keeping track of past operations. It enables you to personalize shop configurations, align with local norms and policies, and offer an authentic shopping experience to customers worldwide. The app also optimizes product listings with metafields, making them more accessible and understood by global customers. Store Translation Supreme is a one-stop solution for expanding reach and driving sales in various geographies. We recommend Store Translation Supreme for its Import-Export support, customizable configurations, and enhanced visibility in diverse markets.

Atranslate: Native Translate Shopify AppAtranslate: Native Translate
Store Translation Supreme Shopify AppStore Translation Supreme
Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 1 out of 5
Number of Reviews 20 1
Estimated Installs 107 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $16.98 $9.99
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