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April 9, 2024

Engage Through Personalized Conversations: SMS + MMS Marketing Strategy

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Build a Winning Strategy: Refine your SMS strategy as you scale with playbooks, expert advice, and guidance from our industry-leading team. Prewritten campaign templates save you time. Grow SMS subscribers faster: Quickly grow your text and email subscriber lists with our patented two-tap technology. Two-Way Journeys: Send personalized two-way messages across customer lifecycle, such as limited-time offers, new products, order updates, customer support, Text-to-Buy via Shop Pay and more.

Communicate effectively with captivating SMS and MMS marketing strategies. Leveraging on expert advice and industry-recognized guidance, streamline your tactics with preformatted campaign templates that not only save time but also streamline execution. This richly-featured messaging platform is designed to enhance your operational efficiency while boosting your subscriber growth rate.

Experience the power of patented two-tap technology designed to significantly accelerate your text and email subscriber list growth. The platform goes beyond traditional list-building mechanisms, facilitating deeper audience engagement and fostering more substantial merchant-customer relationships.

Personalization takes center stage, allowing you to engage your customers on a much deeper level. Through the use of personalized two-way messages catered to individual customer lifecycles, this platform uniquely enables you to send out timely offers, product updates, order statuses, and customer support messages. Coupled with Text-to-Buy via Shop Pay functionality, it ensures seamless shopping experiences for your customers, adding another layer of convenience and user-friendliness.

In essence, this app creates a direct, interactive, and personal communication channel with your customers. Simplify your marketing processes, maximize engagement, and foster ongoing relationships - all from one robust platform.


Get expert advice and industry-recognized guidance to streamline your marketing tactics with preformatted campaign templates
Accelerate your subscriber list growth with patented two-tap technology for deeper audience engagement
Enhance engagement with personalized two-way messages catered to individual customer lifecycles
Drive high click-through rates in the customer lifecycle with personalized messages
Ensure program compliance with in-house TCPA experts and templates.


Save time and streamline campaign execution with preformatted templates
Accelerate subscriber list growth with patented two-tap technology for deeper audience engagement and relationships
Engage customers on a deeper level through personalized messages and seamless shopping experiences

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156 5th Ave, Suite 303, New York, NY, 10010, US
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Checkout , Gorgias, Okendo, LoyaltyLion, Zendesk, Rebuy, Loop Returns


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Owlfred Review

If you're a brand looking for an innovative, SMS-focused marketing tool, Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing could be just the pick-me-up your business has been searching for. This backend app offers a robust set of features for engaging with your customers in a personalized, two-way dialogue. It boasts resourceful growth strategies and advanced templates to streamline your marketing approach while saving time. And let's not forget the patented two-tap technology - a fast, efficient way to grow your email and text subscriber lists. Nifty, right? Even better, it features Text-to-Buy via Shop Pay, introducing a fresh channel for your customers to shop directly from their conversation! Plus, Attentive takes the headaches out of compliance, ensuring your program adheres to TCPA guidelines. While a few users expressed concerns reflected in the 3.7 average rating, many are applauding its features and the growth they've seen. A word of caution, though, while free to install, there might be some additional costs lurking. But if it's SMS marketing done right you're after, Attentive might just be your ticket to success! So, spread your wings and give it a whirl. This helpful owl thinks you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effectiveness of SMS/MMS marketing?
SMS/MMS marketing can yield high returns due to its direct and personalised approach. It has an open rate of 98% and a response rate of 45%, making it far more effective than traditional email marketing.
How can I integrate SMS + MMS marketing into my existing marketing strategy?
To integrate SMS + MMS marketing, start by segmenting your customer base. Then, tailor the content of your messages based on the segment's needs or interests. Use it for personalized offers, reminders, updates, and more. Just ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
What benefits can Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing app bring to my Shopify store?
Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing can offer several benefits including boosted customer engagement, increased conversions, and improved customer loyalty. It allows you to send personalized messaging campaigns directly to your customers' phones, a place they check frequently.
How does SMS marketing help in improving customer engagement?
SMS marketing improves customer engagement by offering a direct line of communication. It proves effective for sharing personalized deals, exciting news or updates. Timely and relevant messages translate into higher engagement, enhancing customer interest and trust in your brand.

Shopify App Comparison: Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing vs Conversios Google Analytics 4 - which is better?

Both Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing and Conversios Google Analytics 4 offer remarkable features and benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies. However, there are key differences between the two that may influence your decision.

Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing focuses on providing a robust messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate effectively with their customers. With features like preformatted campaign templates and personalized two-way messages, businesses can streamline their marketing processes, maximize engagement, and foster ongoing relationships. Additionally, the app offers patented two-tap technology for accelerated subscriber list growth and seamless shopping experiences. If you're looking for a comprehensive SMS and MMS marketing solution that puts personalization and engagement at the forefront, Attentive is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, Conversios Google Analytics 4 is tailored specifically for e-commerce entities and focuses on data-driven decision-making. With its automation capabilities, the app allows businesses to implement Google Tag Manager, track online behavior without coding knowledge, and identify eCommerce funnel gaps to improve conversion rates. It also offers one-click Google Analytics 4 eCommerce tracking, providing accurate conversion tracking data and valuable insights to elevate your online store's performance. If you're looking for a solution that empowers you with data-driven insights and efficient tracking, Conversios Google Analytics 4 is a great option.

Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing Shopify AppAttentive: SMS + MMS Marketing
Conversios Google Analytics 4 Shopify AppConversios Google Analytics 4
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 33 10
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $8.25
Max Price $0.00 $8.25
Works With Checkout , Gorgias, Okendo, LoyaltyLion, Zendesk, Rebuy, Loop Returns Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, AI Insightful Reporting, Checkout - Customer Events
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