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Boost sales with AI-powered targeted campaigns, no cookies needed. Engage customers effectively.

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PageCrafter is a fantastic tool to create stunning, SEO-optimized pages for your products, collections, and blog without slowing down your store. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

AI-Powered Marketing Assistant Boosts Targeted Campaigns

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This top-notch SEO page builder operates as a smart marketing assistant, facilitating an in-depth understanding of your customer's shopping behavior and desires. The savvy system predicts potential purchases, enhances customer targeting, and tailors specific campaigns to resonate with your clientele.

Seize the opportunity of synchronizing with platforms like Meta Ads, Klavyio, or Hubspot, increasing your reach and sending out highly specific campaigns that truly land. Not just another app, it boasts a unique edge with its non-cookie-based operation, a mark of consideration for customer privacy.

Transform your enterprise's growth trajectory by putting the right content in front of the right audience. This user-friendly builder enables you to craft a niche for your business in the hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape. With this, you're not just running a store, but mastering the art of customer engagement and satisfaction.


Optimized SEO functionality for in-depth customer behavior understanding and purchasing predictions
The app supports integration with platforms like Meta Ads, Klavyio, and Hubspot for enhanced marketing strategies
Offers privacy-conscious operation by preventing cookie-based tracking
Facilitates understanding of the product buying journey to boost customer retention rates
User-friendly interface, simplifying the process of page building and customer engagement.


PageCrafter SEO Page Builder aids in understanding customer purchasing behavior, potentially increasing conversion rates and average order value
The app's syncing abilities with Meta Ads, Klavyio, and Hubspot can lead to a wider reach, resulting in increased traffic and potentially higher sales
Its non-cookie-based operation respects customer privacy, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering higher loyalty and retention rates.

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Sumanth Jois
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Works with

Klaviyo, Hubspot, Facebook Ads, csv export, Meta Ads


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Owlfred Review

PageCrafter ‑ SEO Page Builder is a fantastic app designed to help you create stunning, SEO-optimized Product, Collection, and Blog Pages seamlessly for your Shopify store. With an impressive average rating of 5 stars from 15 reviews, the app offers a range of features like understanding customer behavior, predicting their preferences, and syncing audiences with various platforms like Meta Ads, Klavyio, and Hubspot. This app empowers you to target the right customers effectively. Best of all, it's free to use making it a must-have for merchants looking to enhance their store's pages and drive more traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI in the PageCrafter app help with marketing?
AI feature in the PageCrafter app analyzes user behavior and adapts strategy over time. It identifies patterns and optimizes marketing campaigns to target customers effectively. It also helps personalize content based on audience groups.
Can AI in PageCrafter be leveraged to optimize PR strategies?
Yes the AI in PageCrafter can significantly enhance PR strategies. It automates content creation and optimizes it for search engines. It also helps in identifying keywords and trends for effective PR campaigns.
How is AI used in PageCrafter for advertising?
PageCrafter utilises AI to automate and optimize ad campaigns. It analyzes user behavior, identifies successful patterns, and replicates these in future campaigns. It also predicts the success rate of a campaign, helping in advertising decisions.
How should I use AI powered search ads in the PageCrafter SEO Page Builder?
You should use AI powered search ads in PageCrafter to analyze keyword trends, optimize bids, and personalize ad delivery. It helps in automating ad scheduling according to the time when potential customers are most active.

Shopify App Comparison: PageCrafter | Product Page CRO vs SearchPie SEO & Speed optimize - which is better?

When comparing PageCrafter and SearchPie, it's clear that both apps offer valuable capabilities and features for optimizing SEO and enhancing the customer experience. PageCrafter stands out with its unique non-cookie-based operation, which prioritizes customer privacy, while SearchPie emphasizes a comprehensive solution for both SEO and page load speed.

PageCrafter's optimized SEO functionality and predictions on customer behavior make it an essential tool for boosting conversion rates and average order value. Additionally, its ability to sync with platforms like Meta Ads, Klavyio, and Hubspot can lead to a wider reach and increased sales. On the other hand, SearchPie excels in its ability to detect and fix SEO issues with smart reports, boost SEO and traffic with rich snippets and backlinks, and optimize speed with AMP and image compression. Its focus on enhancing page load speeds is crucial for keeping visitors engaged, improving user experience, and ultimately increasing store visibility and search rankings.

Ultimately, both PageCrafter and SearchPie offer unique advantages and benefits. If privacy and predicting customer behavior are of utmost importance, PageCrafter is the recommended app. However, if a comprehensive solution for both SEO and page load speed is desired, SearchPie is the way to go.

PageCrafter | Product Page CRO Shopify AppPageCrafter | Product Page CRO
SearchPie SEO & Speed optimize Shopify AppSearchPie SEO & Speed optimize
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 23 4049
Estimated Installs 61 5980
Min Price $0.00 $39.00
Max Price $0.00 $99.00
Works With Klaviyo, Hubspot, Facebook Ads, csv export, Meta Ads
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