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April 9, 2024

Increase Sales Globally with Automatic Currency Conversion

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Our auto multi currency converter offers a seamless experience with automatic currency switcher based on your customer's geo location. We support multiple currencies to expand your business globally. Our app updates exchange rates multiple times daily, so your prices are always up-to-date and you're not losing out on revenue. Complete integration with Shopify Markets! Make shopping easier for your customers with our geo location based auto currency switcher. Try our multi currency app today!

Facing global challenges with international online customers due to currency barriers? Fret no more with this versatile tool designed to automatically switch currencies based on customers’ geographic location. This tailor-made solution offers an automatic multi-currency converter, an essential add-on to your online shop that breaks down currency barriers for your customers, maximizing global sales potential.

Understanding the shifts in the financial market is paramount. Because of this, the application offers automatic exchange rate updates multiple times a day. This ensures that your prices will always reflect the most current rates, preventing any loss of potential revenue due to inaccurate pricing.

What's more? This tool integrates seamlessly with Shopify Markets, thereby further customizing the shopping experience for every customer, no matter where they are in the world. Peace of mind to your customers by giving them the comfort of knowing exactly what they are paying in their own currency. This ease of use can retain customers, boost conversion rates, and expand your business on a global scale.

Reshape your online global marketplace experience with this reliable, geo location-based auto currency converter. Take the leap and try this practical solution that aligns your business with the world market and propels your e-commerce platform to new heights.


Automatically switch currencies based on customers' geographic location
Update exchange rates multiple times a day for accurate pricing
Seamlessly integrate with Shopify Markets for customized pricing
Customize currency switcher design to match your brand
Support multiple currencies with control over decimal display


Increase global sales potential by automatically switching currencies based on customers' geographic location
Ensure accurate pricing and prevent revenue loss with automatic exchange rate updates multiple times a day
Enhance shopping experience and boost conversions by seamlessly integrating with Shopify Markets to customize pricing for every customer

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Conversion Bear
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Honeycomb Upsell, Bundles Bear, Ultimate Sticky ATC


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Owlfred Review

Currency Converter Bear is a handy app for Shopify merchants looking to offer a seamless shopping experience to their global customers. With 599 reviews and an impressive average rating of 5, this app has garnered positive feedback. With 7654 installs, it's clear that merchants find value in its features like automatic currency conversion based on customer location, support for multiple currencies, and integration with Shopify Markets. Priced at $9.99 per month, Currency Converter Bear ensures that your prices are always up-to-date, ultimately helping you expand your business globally. It's a wise choice for merchants aiming to enhance their customers' overall shopping convenience and boost sales across different regions and markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do exchange rates influence international business?
Exchange rates affect international businesses as it changes the price of goods and services sold abroad. This can either increase or decrease a company's revenue. It's essential for businesses to account for these fluctuations to maintain profitability.
What is the automatic currency conversion?
Automatic currency conversion is a feature that displays the cost of goods or services in the currency of the customer's choice. This enhances customer experience by giving clarity on the actual cost of products or services in their local currency.
What are the benefits of currency conversion?
Currency conversion benefits businesses by making their products more accessible to international customers. It displays prices in the user's local currency, eliminates confusion, and improves the overall shopping experience.
How have other global companies handle currency fluctuations?
Global companies manage currency fluctuations by using financial strategies like hedging. Hedging involves contracting future exchange rates to avoid potential losses. Companies may also hold reserves in different currencies to offset potential fluctuations.

Shopify App Comparison: Currency Converter Bear vs Libautech: Currency Converter - which is better?

When it comes to choosing between the Currency Converter Bear App and the Libautech: Currency Converter, we see distinct differences in their capabilities and features. The Currency Converter Bear App offers automatic currency switching based on customers' geographic location and integrates seamlessly with Shopify Markets for customized pricing. This tailored solution ensures that your customers can shop with ease, knowing exactly what they are paying in their own currency. Additionally, the app provides automatic exchange rate updates multiple times a day, preventing any revenue loss due to inaccurate pricing. With these features, you can increase global sales potential and boost conversion rates, making it a must-have tool for any international e-commerce platform.

On the other hand, the Libautech: Currency Converter excels in providing real-time currency conversion for your global customers, eliminating guesswork and increasing transparency. With over 164 currencies supported, prices are converted instantly on any device and theme. The app also offers easy installation and user-friendly customization options, ensuring an optimal shopping experience for all customers. By allowing customers to view prices in their native currency, this app enhances the shopping experience and reduces abandoned carts. With its seamless integration and focus on user experience, the Libautech: Currency Converter is a great choice for online stores that cater to an international audience.

Currency Converter Bear Shopify AppCurrency Converter Bear
Libautech: Currency Converter Shopify AppLibautech: Currency Converter
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 599 15
Estimated Installs 7654 279
Min Price $9.99 $0.00
Max Price $9.99 $5.95
Works With Honeycomb Upsell, Bundles Bear, Ultimate Sticky ATC
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