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Increase Sales with a Multi-currency Converter

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Remember the last time you traveled abroad and had to pay with, say, British pounds? If you’re like most people, you may have panicked, wondering how much what you were buying would cost in your home currency. The same is true for E-commerce. Customers want to know how much they’re paying for the product in their own currency. Fortunately, by simply adding a currency converter, you can increase your sales.

Navigate international markets with confidence using a superior multi-currency converter tool designed specifically for e-commerce platforms. Simplify the purchasing process for your global customers by offering real-time currency conversion, eliminating guesswork, and providing clarity on purchase values.

Boost the shopping experience of your international clientele, ensuring they can seamlessly view prices in their native currency. This tool is designed to increase transparency, trust, and sales by bridging currency conversions. It is universally recognized that understanding product prices in local currency reduces abandoned carts and drives conversions.

Whether you’re keeping pace with the economic shifts of the global marketplace or aiming to provide a personalized shopping experience, this app is essential for any online store that caters to an international audience. Equip your platform with this agile tool and inspire shopping confidence in customers all over the globe, contributing towards your business's growth and success.

The app also offers easy install and customization benefits. You will not need any coding knowledge, and conversion customization takes only a few clicks, making it a user-friendly option for merchants of all sizes. This tool allows you to retain full control over your site's currency display, ensuring an optimal shopping experience for all your customers. It’s time to step into the global arena with an intuitive multi-currency converter.


Works with over 164 currencies, converting prices instantly on any device and theme
Auto-selects currency based on customer location to enhance international sales
Mobile user-oriented with a seamlessly integrated experience
Option to hide the currency converter switcher and run it in the background
Easy installation and user-friendly customization for optimal shopping experience


Offer real-time currency conversion for your global customers, reducing abandoned carts and boosting conversions
Increase transparency, trust, and sales by allowing customers to view prices in their native currency, improving the shopping experience
Simplify the purchasing process with easy install and customization options, ensuring an optimal shopping experience for all customers

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's talk about Libautech: Currency Converter. This helpful little Shopify app has been impressing users far and wide; it's perfected the art of making multi-currency transactions a breeze for customers around the globe. Its sublime ability to work with over 164 currencies and instant conversion feature make it a win-win for any shopping theme on any device. Plus, the convenience of auto-selecting the currency based on the customer's location? That's what we call catering to international sales. This mobile-oriented app creates a seamless shopping experience, even if you choose to hide the converter switcher, it'll be dutifully working in the background. Easy to install and even easier to use, this app has earned 14 dazzling reviews with an average 5-star rating and over 300 delighted merchants using it currently. The cherry on top is the attractive pricing, catering to all with a free plan and a modest maximum price. Hop on the Libautech: Currency Converter bandwagon, it's a wise choice for any savvy Shopify merchant operating globally!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does currency fluctuation affect sales?
Currency fluctuation can significantly impact sales, particularly for businesses involved in international transactions. If the currency of the country where a company gets its revenues depreciates, the company's sales can decrease. Conversely, if the currency appreciates, sales can increase.
What are the advantages of currency converter?
A currency converter provides multiple advantages for online stores. It allows international customers to see product prices in their local currency, ensuring clear and transparent pricing. This can enhance the user experience and potentially increase sales.
What is a multi currency pricing strategy?
A multi currency pricing strategy allows businesses to list their products in various currencies. This means customers from different countries can see and pay for products in their local currency. It provides a more personalized shopping experience, can increase international conversions, and help manage currency fluctuation risks.
Should I use multi currency pricing?
Multi currency pricing may be beneficial if you sell to customers in different countries. It can improve the shopping experience for international customers by showing prices in their local currency, which can increase conversions and customer satisfaction. However, it's important to also consider potential complexities such as managing exchange rates and transaction fees.

Shopify App Comparison: Libautech: Currency Converter vs Currency Converter Bear - which is better?

We have evaluated two currency converter apps, Libautech and Currency Converter Bear. Both apps offer valuable solutions for online stores looking to cater to an international audience and navigate global markets. However, there are some key differences that set these apps apart.

Libautech offers a superior multi-currency converter tool that is specifically designed for e-commerce platforms. It works with over 164 currencies, converting prices instantly on any device and theme. One of the standout features of Libautech is its ability to auto-select currency based on customer location, enhancing international sales. The app also provides a seamless mobile experience and offers customization options to optimize the shopping experience. By offering real-time currency conversion and allowing customers to view prices in their native currency, Libautech simplifies the purchasing process and improves transparency and trust. Overall, Libautech is a user-friendly option that can significantly impact the growth and success of online businesses that cater to an international audience.

Currency Converter Bear, on the other hand, focuses on automatic currency switching based on customers' geographic location. The app offers frequent exchange rate updates to ensure accurate pricing and prevent potential revenue loss due to inaccurate currency conversion. Currency Converter Bear seamlessly integrates with Shopify Markets, allowing for customized pricing based on customers' locations. By giving customers the comfort of knowing exactly what they are paying in their own currency, this app enhances the shopping experience, boosts conversions, and expands global business potential. While the app may not offer as many customization options as Libautech, the ease of use and reliability make it a practical solution for online businesses looking to align with the world market.

Libautech: Currency Converter Shopify AppLibautech: Currency Converter
Currency Converter Bear Shopify AppCurrency Converter Bear
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 15 599
Estimated Installs 279 7654
Min Price $0.00 $9.99
Max Price $5.95 $9.99
Works With Honeycomb Upsell, Bundles Bear, Ultimate Sticky ATC
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