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Easily add discounts to URLs with automatic checkout savings and discount banners.

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If you want to make it convenient for customers to use discounts without the hassle of remembering or copying codes, Autofill Discount from Url is the way to go!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Automatically Add Discounts and Display Banner on Checkout

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Don't let your customer's hard-earned discounts go unnoticed. With this smart application, Shopify merchants can seamlessly integrate discount codes into their URL, ensuring no special offer is overlooked. This straightforward tool tackles the issue of forgotten or misplaced discount codes, providing a clear, visible message to customers at every browsing stage.

The tool offers an automated function for discount code application during checkout. A banner in the store interface informs customers about existing discounts linked to their session. No more manual copying and pasting of codes from emails - with this application, promotional offers are seamlessly applied, contributing to a smooth, user-friendly online shopping experience.

This application serves not only to increase customer satisfaction, but also to increase conversion rates. By ensuring potential buyers are aware of available discounts, it provides a powerful incentive for them to finalize their purchase. Think of it as a gentle, automated nudge towards the checkout, enhancing the shopping environment while driving sales.

Streamline your customers' shopping journey, and foster loyalty with this tool. Rewarding your customers has never been easier, more visible, or more effective.


Automatically applies discount code at checkout
Show a customizable banner to the customer with discount information
Easy-to-use discount banner editor with preview
Seamlessly integrates discount codes into URLs for customer visibility
Streamline the customer's shopping journey and increase loyalty by rewarding customers.


With the Autofill Discount from Url, merchants increase conversion rates by ensuring customers are aware and taking advantage of available discounts, incentivizing finalizing the purchase
The tool helps foster customer loyalty by providing a smoother, more user-friendly shopping experience, which reduces shopping cart abandonment
The feature of automatic application of discounts at checkout saves time for the customer hence enhancing their shopping journey and potentially boosting average order values.

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Owlfred Review

Autofill Discount from Url, brought to you by Coupon Carrier, is a nifty tool that can help Shopify merchants seamlessly guide customers towards taking advantage of discounts. It accomplishes this by adding the discount code directly to the store URL and automating the application at checkout - making it a breeze for your customers. No more making them remember discount codes and disrupting the smooth checkout flow! On top of this smart functionality, the app also enables you to show a customizable discount banner to alert shoppers about their potential savings, cleverly fostering a sense of value. Although this app sports a promising 3.5-star average rating with 63 installs, it's worth noting that it requires a $9/month commitment after its 5-day free trial. As such, consider if the ROI from increased conversion makes this app a worthwhile addition to your arsenal. Overall, it's an interesting choice for pokeier shoppers who need that extra push with visible discount information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Autofill Discount from Url benefit my Shopify store?
Autofill Discount from Url can streamline your discount process by automatically applying unique codes at checkout. This not only saves your customers time but also improves their overall shopping experience.
What does 'automatic discount' mean in a store's context?
An automatic discount refers to a process where discount codes are automatically applied at the checkout without the need for the customer to manually enter them. This feature can increase conversion rates by reducing checkout friction.
How is Autofill Discount from Url different from similar plugins on WooCommerce or Wix?
While there are equivalent features offered on WooCommerce and Wix, the Autofill Discount from Url is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with Shopify to offer an optimized, automatic discount application process at checkout.
Can I use Autofill Discount from Url to apply discounts from different URLs?
Yes Autofill Discount from Url has the ability to apply specific discount codes based on the URL a customer uses to access your Shopify store, allowing for unique promotions through different marketing approaches.

Shopify App Comparison: Autofill Discount from Url vs Pug Feed - which is better?

Autofill Discount from Url is a must-have app for Shopify merchants who want to ensure that their customers never miss out on a discount. By seamlessly integrating discount codes into the URL, this app automates the discount code application process during checkout. This not only saves time for customers but also increases the chances of discount codes being redeemed. The customizable discount banners displayed in the store interface further enhance awareness of available discounts, incentivizing potential buyers to complete their purchase. With Autofill Discount from Url, you can streamline your customers' shopping journey and foster loyalty by effortlessly rewarding them with visible, effective discounts.

Pug Feed, on the other hand, is a powerful tool designed to transform your social media engagement and increase sales. This app stands out for its intelligent grouping of products by collection, making it easy to create Facebook sets. By embedding tempting, pre-applied discounts within product links, Pug Feed helps prevent cart abandonment and lead to successful sales. The seamless management of product feeds saves time and effort for Shopify merchants, maximizing their social media impact and sales. If you want to increase social media engagement and sales while saving time and effort, Pug Feed is the app for you.

Autofill Discount from Url Shopify AppAutofill Discount from Url
Pug Feed Shopify AppPug Feed
Average Rating 3.5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 1
Estimated Installs 58 0
Min Price $9.00 $15.99
Max Price $9.00 $15.99
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