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Design Stunning Catalogs & Boost Sales for Wholesale & Retail

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Get everything you need to create printable (PDF) and digital materials for your store in no time with no design skills required! The Catalog Maker will help you create digital catalogs to promote your new collections to your customers. Managing a wholesale business can be time-consuming. Don't worry! Save time and look more professional with our set of digital tools for wholesale businesses. Going to a tradeshow? Easily print your catalog, line sheets and order sheets.

Step up the presentation game for your shop with our tailored Catalog Maker, a tool designed specifically to alleviate the pressures of wholesale business management. As an essential tool in your digital arsenal, this app enables effortless generation of both printable (PDF) and digital catalogs. Highlight your newest collections and captivate your customers by communicating your product offerings in a refreshingly professional and organized way.

Whether you're operating remotely or heading off to a bustling tradeshow, this tool has got you covered. It streamlines the customization and printing process of catalogs, line sheets, and order sheets, thus removing the hassle and shaving off valuable hours from tedious design chores. No design expertise required.

The focus here is on efficiency and convenience. With this intuitive tool at your fingertips, you can instantly produce professional, appealing store material without breaking a sweat. Transformation of wholesale business management is just one click away.


Create printable (PDF) & digital retail catalogs and wholesale line sheets
Generate printable order sheets directly from your Shopify listings
Take wholesale orders from online catalogs or digital order sheets
Transform product pages to downloadable PDF for online customers
Automatically generate barcode labels & inventory tags (EAN, UPC, QRCode...)


Effortlessly generate both printable (PDF) and digital catalogs, saving valuable hours from tedious design chores
Streamline the customization and printing process of catalogs, line sheets, and order sheets, removing the hassle and need for design expertise
Instantly produce professional store material, transforming wholesale business management with one click

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Owlfred Review

Whoooo's ready for an innovation that's a real hoot? The Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker app by Now In Store Inc. has been ruffling feathers in a good way! With a satisfying 4.2 average rating from 162 Shopify merchants, this is an owl's eye view that indicates reliability. Don't let the 0 installs number fool you - this hidden gem is a backend helper, helping you produce snazzy digital and printable materials for your store, including catalogs and line sheets, all without needing graphic design skills. Perfect for tradeshows, this app allows you to easily print your catalog, line sheets, and stickers from your Shopify listings. Not only can you whip up a sleek catalog, but you can also take wholesale orders directly from your online catalogs. Feathering your nest with a wholesale business? This app aids in inventory management, with an additional feature to automatically generate barcode labels and inventory tags. Even better, it can magically transform your product pages into downloadable PDF files for your customers. Pricing is as free as a bird, with some additional charges possibly flying in later. Overall, as your wise owl friend Owlfred, I believe the Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker app is an intuitive, time-saving tool sure to bring your Shopify store to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a beautiful Catalogue?
Creating a visually appealing catalogue involves good use of high quality images,descriptive product information,and a layout that is easy to navigate. You would need both good design concept and content that reflects the image of your brand. Remember,consistency is key in maintaining a professional look.
What is the best program to create a Catalogue?
There are several effective programs for creating catalogs. Some top-rated ones include Adobe InDesign,Microsoft Publisher,and Canva. Shopify also has some apps,such as Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker,that simplify the process by integrating with your store's product information directly.
What is a design catalog?
A design catalog is simply a collection of products or services presented visually. It's meant to showcase what a company has to offer in an attractive,organized manner. It includes details about each product or service,including images,descriptions,prices,and more.
How do you make a good product catalog?
A good product catalog shouldn't only be visually pleasing,it should also be informative and easy to navigate. Additionally,it should be organized logically,typically by product category,and should include detailed information about each product,like specifications,price,and possible uses. Use high-quality images and compelling descriptions.

Shopify App Comparison: Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker vs MOD: Lookbook - which is better?

We have two fantastic apps that can greatly enhance your store's presentation and transform the way you showcase your products. The Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker app focuses on efficiency and convenience, allowing you to effortlessly generate professional, printable and digital catalogs, line sheets, and order sheets. With this tool, you can save valuable hours from tedious design chores and streamline the customization and printing process. No design expertise is required, making it accessible to everyone. We highly recommend this app if you want to upgrade your wholesale business management.

If you're looking to create visually-appealing product displays and engage customers in a unique way, the MOD: Lookbook app is the perfect choice. With its easy setup process and beautiful themes, you can transform your listings into an interactive experience. The app allows you to customize every aspect of your products' display information, including links to purchase. You have full control over the layout and can easily order pages within each catalog with a simple drag-and-drop interface. If you want to breathe life into your store and create a visually captivating catalog, Lookbook is the app for you.

Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker Shopify AppWholesale/Retail Catalog Maker
MOD: Lookbook Shopify AppMOD: Lookbook
Average Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 167 59
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