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Streamline B2B orders, quotes & payment terms for faster deal closures.

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Maximize your B2B efficiency with Shopify's B2B Portal/Net Terms app – streamline the ordering process, manage quotes, and offer flexible payment options to close deals faster! Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 18, 2024

Streamline B2B Orders & Maximize Efficiency with Net Terms

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Maximize your B2B efficiency with Shopify's B2B Portal/Net Terms app. This powerful tool streamlines bulk ordering and quote management, offering a robust customer portal for seamless transactions. Equipped with quick order functionality, it accelerates the purchasing process, enhancing customer experience. Flexible net term options adapt to various financial requirements. The app's sales rep feature personalizes interactions fostering smoother business relationships.

Dedicated to optimizing B2B transactions, the app leverages a suite of next-level features designed to refine your customer interface experience. This breakthrough tool invites a smoother ride through the labyrinth of bulk ordering, effectively decimating the complexities associated with quote management.

The deployment of quick order functionality fast-tracks the purchasing process, shaping an elevated user experience. Offering this nimble navigating tool not only provides an expedited purchasing journey, but it also crafts more time for you to focus on fostering stronger customer relationships.

Embracing the individual nuances of varying financial requisites, flexible net term options are poised and ready to adapt. This malleability ensures your business maintains a fluid financial stance that is in sync with your own unique commercial rhythm.

Lastly, in a world of automated messages and generic touchpoints, the app's sales rep feature interweaves a personal play into your business interactions. This humanized dimension courses a personalized engagement, securing a stronghold for fostering smoother and longer-lasting business relationships. A wholesome solution for those seeking to finetune their B2B efficiency.


Allow B2B customers to quickly add multiple products to their cart for efficient purchasing
Enable customers to submit quotes and negotiate for the best prices, streamlining the quote management process
Offer flexible net term options for B2B customers to pay later within a specified timeframe
Create company user profiles and manage sub-users easily with the company account feature
Access more B2B features such as re-ordering, ordering multiple variants on product pages, and bundling kits for a comprehensive B2B solution


Streamline bulk ordering with quick order functionality, saving time and enhancing the user experience
Adapt to varying financial needs with flexible net term options, ensuring a fluid financial stance in sync with your commercial rhythm
Cultivate stronger customer relationships through personalized sales rep interactions, fostering smoother and long-lasting business connections

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Owlfred Review

Ooh, BSS: B2B Portal sounds like a wise choice for Shopify merchants looking to optimize their B2B processes! With a solid rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 112 reviews and approximately 473 installs, this app offers a range of handy features like quick order options, quote management, and flexible net term choices to enhance efficiency. The ability to create company user profiles and manage sub-users adds a personalized touch, while the sales rep feature fosters smoother business relationships. Overall, with its focus on streamlining bulk ordering and offering a robust customer portal, BSS: B2B Portal seems like a valuable tool for closing deals faster within the B2B realm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Net 30 payment term?
Net 30 is a standard term in business accounting that refers to the length of time,in days,that a customer has to pay an invoice. In this case, Net 30 refers to an agreement that allows customers 30 days to pay their invoices from the date of the invoice.
What is custom pricing?
Custom pricing is a strategy that businesses use to set specific prices for individual customers or groups of customers, rather than setting a single, fixed price for each product or service. This allows businesses to offer special pricing to their preferred customers or to encourage larger orders.
What is cart modification in Shopify?
In the context of Shopify, cart modification refers to making changes to the default shopping cart system to better serve the needs of a particular business. This could include adding custom fields, adjusting the layout or functionality, or integrating with other systems.
What is a streamlined ordering process?
A streamlined ordering process refers to simplifying the order placement and processing system to make it as efficient and frictionless as possible for both the business and its customers. Improvements could include reducing the number of steps in the checkout process, improving the website interface for easier navigation, or integrating with other systems for automated order processing.

Shopify App Comparison: BSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30 vs Wholesale Quickie - which is better?

We have thoroughly evaluated both the BSS: B2B Portal and the Wholesale Quickie app, and it is clear that both apps offer advanced features and benefits for B2B businesses. The BSS: B2B Portal focuses on optimizing B2B transactions and quote management, offering quick order functionality and flexible net term options. This app excels in streamlining bulk ordering and adapting to varying financial requisites, ensuring a seamless purchasing journey and a fluid financial stance. Additionally, the sales rep feature adds a personal touch to business interactions, fostering stronger and longer-lasting customer relationships. We highly recommend this app for businesses seeking to enhance their B2B efficiency and cultivate smoother business connections.

On the other hand, the Wholesale Quickie app stands out with its seamless management of both retail and wholesale pricing. It offers personalized pricing based on customer type and encourages bulk orders with volume pricing incentives. The app also provides exclusive payment terms for wholesalers, making their purchase experience smoother and more personalized. With features such as the Quick Order Form and the Wholesaler Sign-up Form, this app focuses on streamlining wholesale operations and facilitating efficient order processing, driving business growth. We believe that businesses looking to expand their B2B connections and enhance their e-commerce experience should consider utilizing the Wholesale Quickie app.

BSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30 Shopify AppBSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30
Wholesale Quickie Shopify AppWholesale Quickie
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 115 4
Estimated Installs 520 0
Min Price $0.00 $19.98
Max Price $50.00 $19.98
Works With b2b, customer portal, quote, wholesale, net terms, sales rep
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