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April 18, 2024

Transform your shop into a seamless Automotive Part Finder.

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Make, Model, Year search allows your customers to quickly and conveniently search your store, for the products they seek. Configurable to display in Year, Make, Model order. Persistent Vehicle Filtering Vehicle selection is saved, and persists throughout the browsing session. This allows collections to only show compatible products, without requiring customers to re-select vehicle

Streamline the customer's browsing experience with the app's unique Make, Model, Year search feature. This functionality enables swift and convenient product searches within your store, arranged effectively in Year, Make, Model sequence. The displayed outcomes are tailored to align with the chosen automotive specifics, simplifying the customers' hunt for the ideal items.

What elevates this tool beyond a standard search function is its Persistent Vehicle Filtering component. Here, user selection is recorded and maintained throughout the users' browsing session. This intuitive feature ensures that the collections displayed only encompass products compatible with the selected vehicle. As a result, customers no longer have to reselect their vehicle details during each browsing session, facilitating a smoother, more efficient shopping experience.

This SEO-optimized tool encapsulates a thoughtful blend of user-friendly attributes and systematic efficiency. Delight users with easy navigability and showcase the products that cater specifically to their needs, thereby significantly improving customer satisfaction and augmenting conversion rates. Realize the convenience that comes with strategic organization and personalization, geared towards enriching your Shopify store engagement.


Streamline product searches with Make, Model, Year search feature
Simplify customer searches with effective Year, Make, Model sequence
Persistent Vehicle Filtering for personalized product collections
Maintain user vehicle selection throughout browsing session
SEO-optimized navigation for enhanced customer satisfaction and conversion rates


Streamline product searches with Make, Model, Year search feature
Persistent Vehicle Filtering for personalized product collections
Enhance customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates with SEO-optimized navigation

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GoVedia LLC
9212 Fry Rd. Suite 105-205, Cypress, TX, 77433, US
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9212 Fry Rd. Suite 105-205, Cypress, TX, 77433, US Map

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Owlfred Review

Owlfred here, with my wisdom on the Automotive Part Search app by GoVedia LLC. This clever little app truly revolutionizes your store into an automotive parts paradise with its engaging Make, Model, Year search feature. Your customers will undoubtedly love the persistent vehicle filtering - almost like a chipmunk stockpiling acorns for the winter, the selected vehicle data is stored and only compatible products are displayed, thus saving your customers time and hassle. With its ability to handle bulk data importing via CSV/Excel, this is a real mechanic in the world of Shopify apps. And for your patrons? Well, they'll be hooting with joy at the chance to save their favorite vehicles to "My Garage". With an impressive average rating of 4.9 out of 5 and a robust install base, it's clear that this app is running smoothly in the Shopify marketplace. Worth every penny of the $49/month pricing, it also offers a 14-day free trial that makes trying out this well-oiled machine a no-brainer. If you're in the business of automotive parts, I recommend you take this app for a spin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that can identify car parts?
Yes our Automotive Part Search app allows you to identify car parts online. It provides an intuitive search interface and comprehensive databases to make finding specific parts easy.
How profitable is auto parts business?
The profitability of an auto parts business can vary, based on the factors including volume of sales, operational costs and market competition. Conducting thorough market research and having an efficient business plan are key factors to increase profitability.
What are the most profitable car parts to sell?
Some of the most profitable car parts to sell include brake pads, car batteries, bulbs, spark plugs and oil filters. These are commonly replaced items that vehicle owners often seek to purchase online.
How to build an online auto parts store?
Building an online auto parts store involves few steps: select a niche, source products from suppliers, create a website or online store, list products with detailed descriptions, set competitive prices, and implement effective marketing strategies. Our Automotive Part Search app can further assist with product categorization and ease the customer shopping experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Automotive Part Search vs Easy Options by DevCloud - which is better?

The Automotive Part Search App offers a unique search feature that allows customers to quickly and conveniently find the products they need by selecting their vehicle's make, model, and year. This streamlines the browsing experience and ensures that the displayed outcomes are tailored specifically to the chosen automotive specifics. What sets this app apart is its Persistent Vehicle Filtering component, which remembers the user's vehicle selection throughout their browsing session. This eliminates the need for customers to reselect their vehicle details and allows them to browse seamlessly. With its user-friendly attributes and systematic efficiency, this app enhances customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates, making it a valuable tool for any Shopify store.

On the other hand, Easy Options by DevCloud is a powerful app that revolutionizes the way products are presented and customized. It offers a wide range of customization options, including text and numeric fields, dropdown selections, swatches, date selectors, and file uploading capabilities. With the ability to create unlimited product options, this app caters perfectly to the varying requirements of different customers. What makes this app stand out is its ability to align product options with specific contexts through simple or complex criteria. This means you can determine conditions for displaying options on each product, allowing for a personalized and tailored shopping experience. By streamlining product customization processes and increasing conversion rates, Easy Options by DevCloud is the future of product customization on Shopify.

Automotive Part Search Shopify AppAutomotive Part Search
Easy Options by DevCloud Shopify AppEasy Options by DevCloud
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 17 1
Estimated Installs 118 0
Min Price $49.00 $0.00
Max Price $49.00 $0.00
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