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Expand product options limit with color swatches, custom text boxes, and more.

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This app is perfect for surpassing the 3 product option 100 variant limit with unlimited product options and variants, allowing you to customize your products to your heart's content!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Unlock Limitless Product Options and Variants with Variant Option app.

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Experience full control over your product options with a comprehensive app that caters to all your needs, from color swatches to file uploads. This app allows you to add unlimited options to your products while managing thousands of product variations effortlessly. It serves as a powerful product configurator, ideal for bulk variant operations, and ensures your variants are handled with precision.

Explore beyond simple color variants with features such as image swatches, custom text boxes, and advanced functionalities including the ability to integrate price add-ons or include product engraving. Tailor your products in infinite ways, perfect for shops with extensive customization needs.

The promising Multi-Select feature streamlines your variant selection process, empowering your customers to make choices that align with their preferences. Make your product listings more interactive with the integrated custom tool, optimal for businesses offering personalized prints.

Specifically designed to boost customer experience, the app not only offers a versatile variant picker but also incorporates conditional logic, quickly adapting to user interactions. Master the solution to price management with its effective Price Increases feature. The text boxes function brings a whole new dimension, broadening your offering to text-based products.

Addressing the complexities of ecommerce, this app ensures you can confidently handle different product variations including color swatch or text field selections. It stands as a one-stop solution to your product customization needs.


Offer infinite product customization options to increase customer engagement and satisfaction
Streamline product variant management for businesses with extensive customization needs
Boost sales by offering personalized product options to enhance user experience and drive conversion rates
Empower customers with a Multi-Select feature for interactive variant selection
Utilize conditional logic and Price Increases feature for effective price management.


Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by offering infinite product customization options
Streamline product variant management with ease, ideal for businesses with extensive customization needs
Boost sales through personalized product offerings, enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates

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Owlfred Review

With almost 24,000 installs and a high average rating of 4.7 from 990 reviews, Variant Option Product Options seems like a popular choice among Shopify merchants looking to expand beyond the 100 variant limit. The app offers advanced product options including color swatches, custom text boxes, file uploads, and more, making it a versatile tool for customizing products. The ability to create unlimited product options and variants could significantly enhance the shopping experience for customers, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Considering the positive feedback and wide range of features offered, I would recommend giving this app a try for merchants looking to enhance their product customization options on Shopify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more than 100 variants on Shopify?
Shopify limits the number of variants to 100 for each product. However, using an app like Variant Option Product Options, you can add more than 100 variants to a Shopify product. The app creates variant options that act as additional variants to bypass this limitation.
What is the difference between options and variants in Shopify?
In Shopify, an option refers to the characteristic, like size or color, that can be chosen for a specific product. A variant, on the other hand, is the distinct combination of options, such as a blue, medium-sized shirt. The Variant Option Product Options app allows for greater customization and more flexible management of options and variants.
What is variant options?
Variant options are the specific choices available under a product option. For example, if the option is size, the variant options may include small, medium, large. Apps like Variant Option Product Options help manage and display variant options more efficiently, leading to a better customer experience.
How do I show variants as separate products on Shopify?
By default, Shopify shows product variants on the same product page. However, with the Variant Option Product Options app, you can display variants as separate products. This can be useful for products with numerous or complex variant options.

Shopify App Comparison: Variant Option Product Options vs EZ Product Options & Variants - which is better?

We have compared the Variant Option Product Options app with the EZ Product Options & Variants app, and both have impressive capabilities and features for product customization. The Variant Option app stands out with its comprehensive control over product options, allowing users to add unlimited options while easily managing thousands of product variations. It offers advanced features such as image swatches, custom text boxes, and integration of price add-ons or product engraving, making it ideal for shops with extensive customization needs. The Multi-Select feature enhances the variant selection process for customers, and the app also incorporates conditional logic and effective price management features. Overall, this app provides a powerful solution for handling complex product variations and boosting customer experience.

On the other hand, the EZ Product Options & Variants app offers a range of features that elevate Shopify site functionality. It allows users to add an unlimited number of options to products, exceeding Shopify's preset variant limits. The app supports various option types and provides a responsive design for seamless operation across devices. The advanced Conditional Logic feature enhances the shopping experience by displaying options based on customer choices. The app also offers easy installation and a Copy Bulk Variant feature for efficient bulk actions. With no coding skills required, users can swiftly add new variants and options to create a unique Shopify store. Overall, this app provides a user-friendly solution for product customization and enhanced customer engagement.

While both apps have their strengths, we would recommend the Variant Option Product Options app for businesses with extensive customization needs. Its comprehensive control over product options and advanced features make it an excellent choice for managing complex product variations. The Multi-Select feature and effective price management capabilities further enhance the customer experience. With the Variant Option app, you can confidently handle different product variations and offer infinite customization options to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Variant Option Product Options Shopify AppVariant Option Product Options
EZ Product Options & Variants Shopify AppEZ Product Options & Variants
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Number of Reviews 1016 233
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