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Increase Conversion with Powerful Customer Review Collection & Marketing Tools

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Revolutionize your brand's online engagement with an app designed to streamline the review gathering process. Leverage the power of customer feedback and let it become your ultimate sales driver. This app is set to take the lead in acquiring customer reviews using an ultra-optimized channel, ensuring an unrivaled review-to-order ratio.

Showcase your brand’s trustworthiness right on your shop with the help of compelling widgets and banners. This allows prospective customers to see social proof, building confidence in your product's quality, and motivating them to make a purchase. Hence, accelerating conversion rates becomes a natural result.

A highlight of this app is its effortless set-up process, which liberates you from technical complexities. However, if you ever encounter an issue, take solace in our always-ready customer support team designed to ensure your seamless experience. So fulfill your need for high-quality reviews and marketing tools with this meticulously crafted app, and watch your business grow.


Collect shop and product reviews to gather valuable customer feedback
Display shop and product reviews prominently on your online store
Showcase Google star ratings in search engine results pages and Google Shopping
Easily set up the app without technical complexities and rely on responsive customer support
Enhance trust and boost conversion rates with compelling widgets and banners for social proof.


Boost conversion rate by showcasing trustworthiness with compelling widgets and banners
Streamline review gathering process for an unrivaled review-to-order ratio
Effortless set-up process and reliable customer support ensure a seamless experience

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Société des Avis Garantis
10 Rue du Colisée, Paris, 75008, FR
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Owlfred Review

Hoot-hoot, listen up, Shopify merchants! The Guaranteed Reviews Company app by 'Société des Avis Garantis' comes with a promise of elevating your customer feedback game. With 19 reputable reviews and a sturdy 4.2 average rating, this app shines in the world of product reviews, despite being a backend app. Its feathers are fluffed up with features that enable you to collect shop and product reviews, displaying them directly on your shop. Not to mention, the coveted ability to display Google stars in SERPs and Google Shopping results, boosting your visibility to soaring heights. The pricing begins from $24.90/month with an additional 30-day free trial - a seemingly fair investment for the power-packed marketing tools, widgets, and banners aimed at improving your conversion rate. Although there's no evidence of specific collaborations with other apps, this easy-to-set-up app seems to be a standalone champion in its field. So, if you're looking to give your conversion rate wings, Guaranteed Reviews Company might just be the wind beneath your wings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do product reviews impact my Shopify store's conversion rate?
Product reviews can greatly improve your Shopify store's conversion rate. They establish trust and credibility, resulting in increased consumer confidence, which can lead to higher conversions.
How does Guaranteed Reviews Company help increase my conversion rate?
Guaranteed Reviews Company helps increase your conversation rate by getting more genuine customer reviews about your product. More reviews mean more trust, which leads to higher conversion rates.
What actions can I take to improve my conversion rate on Shopify?
Improving your Shopify conversion rate can often be done by utilizing customer reviews to build trust, having a clean and easy to navigate website design, as well as offering competitive pricing and clear, compelling product descriptions.
Can customer reviews truly boost conversion rates significantly?
Yes there is statistical evidence that shows the influence of customer reviews on conversion rates. For example, an increase in conversions by as much as 270% has been witnessed in some studies, proving the powerful impact of reviews.

Shopify App Comparison: Guaranteed Reviews Company vs Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews - which is better?

When comparing Guaranteed Reviews Company and Ali Reviews - Product Reviews, there are some key differences in their capabilities and features. Guaranteed Reviews Company focuses on streamlining the review gathering process, providing a seamless experience with an effortless setup process and reliable customer support. It offers the ability to collect shop and product reviews, display them prominently on your online store, and showcase Google star ratings in search engine results. With compelling widgets and banners for social proof, this app aims to boost conversion rates and establish trust with potential customers. Overall, Guaranteed Reviews Company excels in providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools for acquiring and showcasing customer feedback.

On the other hand, Ali Reviews - Product Reviews differentiates itself by offering an all-encompassing solution for collecting and managing product reviews. It allows users to import hundreds of product reviews from external platforms like Amazon and AliExpress, providing a strong base for establishing credibility. This app also includes an integrated automated Email and SMS review request system, ensuring detailed and genuine reviews are obtained from each customer order. Additionally, it offers customizable review display options that seamlessly fit into your brand design, as well as integrated review rich snippets and Google Shopping capability to drive organic traffic and boost sales. Ali Reviews - Product Reviews aims to enhance customer trust, improve store image, and influence buying decisions with engaging product-specific reviews.

Guaranteed Reviews Company Shopify AppGuaranteed Reviews Company
Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews Shopify AppAli Reviews ‑ Product Reviews
Average Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 19 14251
Estimated Installs 0 31081
Min Price $24.90 $0.00
Max Price $119.00 $49.90
Works With PageFly Landing Page Builder, Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS, DSers AliExpress Dropshipping, Language Translate & Currency, Google Shopping Ads, Amazon
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