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May 1, 2024

Engage Customers and Grow Your Email List with Gamified Memory

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Offer your customers a unique and engaging experience while growing your email list more efficiently with this revolutionary gamification feature. Transform the conventional and often tiresome email collection methods with an interactive memory game. This method not only entices customers to provide their email but also promotes engagement and interaction due to its enjoyable nature.

When considering traditional, static, and unengaging exit popups that often get overlooked or closed immediately, this approach offers an exciting alternative. As opposed to being a disruptive process that customers try to bypass, this fun game naturally draws the users, letting them interact, play, and benefit the most from it.

In essence, it's a win-win solution; your customers engage in a fun, rewarding game, where their score directly translates into discounts, incentivizing them further. In turn, as a merchant, you collect valuable customer emails in an organic and enjoyable manner, thereby reinforcing positive brand interaction and customer retention. A unique fusion of engagement, enjoyment, and marketing efficiency that makes for an impactful user experience as well as optimization of your customer database.


Collect emails of your customers
Reward customers with discounts
Increase sales by incentivizing customers with discounts based on their game performance
Boost customer engagement and interaction with a fun and rewarding experience
Improve brand loyalty and retention by offering an engaging memory game for increased email sign-ups.


Increase email collection rate by offering an engaging memory game, resulting in a higher conversion rate and more email sign-ups
Boost customer engagement and interaction by providing a fun and rewarding experience, leading to increased brand loyalty and retention
Drive sales by incentivizing customers with discounts based on their game performance, encouraging repeat purchases.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, Shopify mates! If you're looking for an innovative way to collect emails and engage customers, the Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) is something to check out. This clever little app by Awesome Store Apps takes the pesky nature out of exit popups by turning them into an entertaining game of matching pairs. Not only will your customers have fun but they also stand a chance to win discounts -- a superb incentive, if I may say. As a back-end app, it may not have wide visibility in terms of installs and only has a singular review. However, its unique approach to lead collection and sales increase, along with the very reasonable pricing of $9/month (with a 7-day free trial, hoot hoot!) could remarkably swoop up your customer interaction and send your sales figures soaring higher than an owl at midnight. Now that's a wise move! If you're a Shopify merchant in the popups category, I'd definitely recommend giving this app a whirl. It might just be the game-changer you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can gamification improve my Shopify store engagement?
By using apps like Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs), merchants can incentivize customer actions and engagement on their online store providing a fun and interactive experience. This gamified approach encourages repeat visits and actions by rewarding consumers, thus increasing overall engagement.
What is gamification in the context of pop-ups?
The concept of 'gamification' in popups often involves interactive elements that encourage users to engage with the pop-up content. This could be in the form of a game, challenge, or puzzle, with rewards such as discounts or special offers provided for completion.
Can I use gamification techniques in my email marketing?
Absolutely. Including gamified elements in your email marketing campaigns can encourage clicks and engagement. For instance, interactive games or unique memory challenges link back to your site and offer rewards for completing them can significantly boost customer recall and conversion rates.
How does Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) promote customer engagement?
Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) promotes customer engagement by providing an interactive game for visitors to play. The nature of the game encourages visitors to stay longer on the site, improving engagement metrics. Meanwhile, rewards given from playing these games incentivize repeat visits, purchases, or other desirable actions.

Shopify App Comparison: Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) vs Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups - which is better?

When comparing Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) and Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups, we can see that both apps offer engaging and interactive experiences to attract and retain customers. However, Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) stands out with its unique memory game feature. This game not only collects customer emails but also rewards customers with discounts based on their game performance. This incentivizes customers further and encourages repeat purchases, driving sales and increasing brand loyalty. Additionally, the enjoyable nature of the game promotes engagement and interaction, resulting in a higher email collection rate and more email sign-ups. Therefore, we recommend Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) for businesses looking to increase their email list and boost customer engagement.

On the other hand, Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups offers a different approach with its discount wheel popups and gift game pop ups. These popups create an immersive interactive experience, collecting key remarketing data while presenting value-added opportunities. With the added elements of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), these popups drive conversions by creating a sense of anticipation and enticing offers customers can't resist. The ability to customize the popups to align perfectly with your branding ensures a coherent and exciting user experience. Therefore, we recommend Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups for businesses looking to reduce cart abandonment and increase customer loyalty through gamified popups.

Awesome Gamify Memory (Pairs) Shopify AppAwesome Gamify Memory (Pairs)
Tada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups Shopify AppTada Pop up Spin Wheel Popups
Average Rating 1 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 275
Estimated Installs 0 2050
Min Price $9.00 $0.00
Max Price $9.00 $19.98
Works With Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Zapier, Omnisend (Zapier), Hubspot (Zapier), Mailerlite (Zapier)
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