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Automatically sync your Shopify products with Google Shopping in multiple languages and currencies.

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This app is a great choice for automatically syncing your products with Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center, with support for multi-language, multi-currency, and custom labels.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Automatically sync products with Google Shopping - Multi-language & currency.

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The app generates a Google Shopping feed (XML) and automatically updates a product feed that syncs your products with Google Merchant Center. When you update your product details, your products will be automatically updated on Google Shopping.

In today's competitive online retail world, maintaining synchronization between your Shopify store and Google Shopping is crucial. Here's where this application lends a helping hand.

Designed to automatically generate and update a comprehensive Google Shopping feed, this app ensures your product catalog is seamlessly integrated with Google Merchant Center. And it accomplishes this task with an impressive level of efficiency, thanks to its XML-based feed technology.

With every update to your product details, rest assured knowing that the changes are simultaneously reflected on Google Shopping. This means your customers will always have access to the most recent information, from price adjustments to stock availability— all essential in maintaining a trustworthy relationship between buyer and seller.

This application takes the stress off your shoulders, offering an automated solution that keeps your product listings up-to-date. Through this app, you can increase your visibility, enhance your customers' shopping experience, and ultimately, drive higher sales. Trust this tool to establish a seamless connection between your Shopify store and Google Shopping, a partnership that ensures your products will never be overlooked.


Export all Shopify products or products from specific collections to Google Shopping
Support for multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-country settings
Export custom labels supported by Google Shopping
Compatibility with Google Product Categories, Gender, and Age Groups
Customize default product images and export additional images


Automatically update Google Shopping feed with product changes
Enhance customers' shopping experience with up-to-date information
Increase sales through improved visibility

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Owlfred Review

With the app, Feed for Google Shopping: Awsm, Shopify merchants gain a streamlined way to synchronize their product catalog with Google Shopping effortlessly. The app has a solid foundation with limited reviews but holds an immaculate 5-star rating. Despite the lack of visible installs, don't let these figures deceive you; it's a backend powerhouse doing the work behind the scenes. It generates a Google Shopping feed (XML) and automatically revises your product details on Google Shopping whenever you tweak them. With multilingual and multicurrency support, it's a truly international solution, perfect for homegrown businesses and globetrotters. It offers the flexibility to export all products or selectively from collections. It also supports Google product categories, gender, and age groups, which enhances product visibility. Custom label export facilitates improved campaign structuring on Google Ads. Managing imagery also becomes a breeze with the option to change the default product image and export all additional ones. Pricing starts at a wallet-friendly $14/month with a 7-day free trial to take it for a spin. Ready to take your Google Shopping game up a notch? You might have just found your match with Feed for Google Shopping: Awsm by Awesome Store Apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Shopping automatic item update?
Google Shopping automatic item update is a feature that lets Google update your product listing ads based on the information on your website. This helps keep your ads relevant and up to date.
How do I get my Shopify products to show up on Google Shopping?
To get your Shopify products on Google Shopping, you need to create a Google Merchant Center account and sync your Shopify store. Then, you can use an app like Feed for Google Shopping to create product feeds and submit them to Google.
How does Google Ads and Google Merchant Center interact with each other?
Google Ads and Google Merchant Center interact by sharing data. You use Google Merchant Center to upload your product data, and then Google Ads is able to use this information to create and manage Shopping Ads.
What is Google product sync?
Google product sync is a tool that allows for ongoing automatic updates between your Shopify store and your Google Merchant Center. This ensures that your product listings are accurately reflected in your Google Shopping ads.

Shopify App Comparison: Feed for Google Shopping: Awsm vs Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV - which is better?

When comparing the Feed for Google Shopping: Awsm app and the Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV app, both offer comprehensive solutions for integrating your Shopify store with Google Shopping. However, there are some key differences to consider. The Awsm app stands out for its XML-based feed technology, ensuring an impressive level of efficiency in generating and updating your Google Shopping feed. This means that your product details are always up-to-date, enhancing your customers' shopping experience and building trust. Additionally, the Awsm app allows you to export custom labels and customize default product images, offering more flexibility in presenting your products. Overall, the Awsm app is the go-to choice if you prioritize efficiency, customization, and enhancing customer experience.

On the other hand, the Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV app excels in its ability to adapt and flourish in multi-currency and multilingual operations. With dedicated support for Google-related issues, this app ensures a smooth and efficient operation for your Shopify store. Its focus on local inventory ads feed streamlines the customer journey and drives conversions, increasing your sales. Furthermore, the app offers compatibility with Bing, Meta/Facebook, and various marketplaces, maximizing your visibility and reach across multiple platforms. If global reach, dedicated support, and broader visibility are your priorities, the Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV app is the perfect fit for your Shopify store.

Feed for Google Shopping: Awsm Shopify AppFeed for Google Shopping: Awsm
Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV Shopify AppGoogle Shopping Feed XML/CSV
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 353
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Min Price $14.00 $7.00
Max Price $59.00 $7.00
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