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Sell subscriptions, bundles, build-a-box, and add-ons to boost AOV and retention.

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Awtomic Subscriptions is the perfect app to easily sell subscriptions, bundles, build-a-box, and add-ons, helping you increase AOV, retention, and revenue effortlessly.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 18, 2024

Sell subscriptions, bundles, and add-ons to increase revenue and customer retention.

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With Awtomic, you can easily sell any product as a subscription, bundle groups of products together through our unique and powerful build-a-box features, and sell more via add-ons and upsells. Give shoppers the flexibility to manage their own subscriptions via our passwordless customer portal. Easily install and launch in minutes or let our team of experts create a unique and fully customized experience that matches your brand.

Unveil the potential of your products with an intuitive e-commerce tool capable of transforming any item into a recurring revenue stream. With seamless subscription integration, this app allows merchants to establish a sustainable and reliable business model in just a few clicks.

Capitalizing on unique features, this app offers an opportunity to bundle products effortlessly, crafting appealing packages for shoppers. Plus, upselling and add-ons are simplified, making it easier than ever to increase average order values and improve customer loyalty.

One of the standout features of this app is its 'build-a-box' function, providing merchants the leverage to enhance their product offering. With this unique feature, sellers can create customizable boxes, adding another layer of flexibility and innovation to their e-commerce venture.

Meanwhile, an intuitive and passwordless customer portal adds convenience to the customer's shopping experience. By enabling shoppers to manage their subscriptions, the app ensures businesses tap into consumer demand for personalized shopping experiences. Effortless installation is an additional bonus, ensuring businesses can hit the ground running or opt for expert customization to align with their branding.

This app is the perfect tool for Shopify merchants seeking to elevate their e-commerce strategy. With its unique functionalities that support subscription sales, product bundling, and more, sellers are equipped to drive sales, foster customer loyalty, and maximize revenue growth.


Enable subscriptions with flexible schedules, prepaid, and batching options
Enhance product offerings with the unique 'build-a-box' function for customizable bundles
Utilize lifecycle marketing and rewards programs for all customers
Ensure business continuity with failed payment recovery and churn mitigation features
Benefit from advanced bulk processing and API access for brands at scale.


Increase revenue by creating appealing product bundles effortlessly, boosting average order values and enhancing customer loyalty
Enhance product offering with the unique 'build-a-box' function, providing flexibility and innovation to attract customers
Drive sales, foster customer loyalty, and maximize revenue growth with subscription sales and product bundling functionalities

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Works with

Peel Analytics, Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS, Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing, Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat, Kustomer, Flow Automations


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Owlfred Review

Who says selling subscriptions, bundles, and add-ons should be complicated? Certainly not Awtomic Subscriptions, I'll hoot to that! This highly efficient and innovative app, rated an impressive 4.9 stars by numerous Shopify merchants, has been designed to streamline your e-commerce operations and boost your Average Order Value (AOV), customer retention, and overall revenue. Awtomic Subscriptions isn't your run-of-the-mill app—it lets your customers become their own captains by managing their subscriptions via a straightforward, passwordless customer portal. One thing Shopify users raved about was the flexibility it gave them for offering diverse product options like build-a-box features and upsells. It's not only about selling, but about maintaining a healthy "b-owl-ance" with features for failed payment recovery and churn mitigation and lifecycle marketing rewards for all customers. Plus, don't sweat about the integration—Awtomic works seamlessly with a spectrum of partners including Peel Analytics and Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat. Setup is a breeze and you can launch in minutes or seek the expertise of their team for a customized solution. So, whether you're a small-scale vendor seeking growth or a large-scale brand seeking robust API access, Awtomic Subscriptions is one to consider. From just $49/month, with a 14-day free trial to boot, it's an investment worth considering in soaring towards success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my subscription revenue using Awtomic Subscriptions?
By using Awtomic Subscriptions, you can offer customers attractive bundle deals. Offering attractive, well priced bundles can drive customer engagement and lead to increased sales, boosting your overall subscription revenue.
What is a bundle subscription?
A bundle subscription is a type of subscription model where customers sign up to receive multiple products at the same time, often at a discounted rate. Awtomic Subscriptions can help Shopify merchants create product bundles to stimulate sales and customer loyalty.
How do subscription services like Awtomic Subscriptions generate revenue?
Subscription services like Awtomic Subscriptions generate revenue by allowing merchants to create and offer subscriptions. These subscriptions provide a recurring source of income for merchants, as customers pay a regular fee in return for the products or services they receive.
How can Awtomic Subscriptions help me monetize my Shopify store?
Awtomic Subscriptions allows you to create and sell subscriptions and bundled products. This enables you to maintain a steady and predictable flow of revenue, which is particularly useful for managing cash flow and forecasting.

Shopify App Comparison: Awtomic Subscriptions vs Rebolt | Bundles & Upsells - which is better?

When comparing Awtomic Subscriptions and Rebolt | Bundle Products Pro, we can see that both apps offer powerful features to help drive sales and enhance customer shopping experiences. Awtomic Subscriptions stands out with its seamless subscription integration and the unique 'build-a-box' function, allowing merchants to create customizable bundles and offer personalized shopping experiences. This app also offers advanced features such as failed payment recovery and churn mitigation, ensuring business continuity.

On the other hand, Rebolt | Bundle Products Pro offers a wide range of bundle discounts, including percentage, fixed, free shipping, tiered, and quantity discounts. It also presents frequently bought together items, recommended products, and recently viewed items to maximize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The app's ability to allow customers to build and customize their own bundles adds an extra layer of engagement.

While both apps have their strengths, we would recommend Awtomic Subscriptions for Shopify merchants looking to establish a sustainable and reliable business model with subscription sales and customizable bundles. This app's unique features and advanced functionalities make it a comprehensive tool for driving sales, enhancing customer loyalty, and maximizing revenue growth.

Awtomic Subscriptions Shopify AppAwtomic Subscriptions
Rebolt | Bundles & Upsells Shopify AppRebolt | Bundles & Upsells
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 44 904
Estimated Installs 300 2621
Min Price $49.00 $12.49
Max Price $299.00 $29.99
Works With Peel Analytics, Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS, Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing, Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat, Kustomer, Flow Automations Shopify POS , Checkout , POS, PageFly, Rivyo Product Reviews
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