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Boost Shopify Store Profits with Easy Price A/B Testing

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Improve your Shopify store's performance with ABConvert's powerful A/B testing features. ABConvert enables you to enhance different aspects of your store such as product prices, shipping rates, free shipping thresholds and product page content/layout. Our detailed analytics offers valuable insights into the effects of each test, allowing you to determine the optimal strategy. Boosting your store's profits has never been easier with our A/B testing and round-the-clock support.

Ascend to success with the ultimate tool for strategic online retailers. ABConvert brings the power of A/B testing to your fingertips, honing your Shopify store operation by unleashing an influx of crucial decision-making data. This app excels in multiple areas, testing the elasticity of product prices, shipping rates, and free shipping thresholds, as well as layouts and content on product pages.

Through an intricate analytical system, ABConvert generates deep insights on how your variations perform - a treasure trove of information that propels you toward the optimal e-commerce strategy. The idea is simple - apply changes, run the tests, and observe the results. This powerful, data-driven weapon avoids guesswork and leads your online store directly towards increased profits.

The application offers round-the-clock support. Getting stuck or seeking guidance is no longer a concern, with the promise of prompt, reliable, and professional assistance. Rest easy, knowing that you're armed with a comprehensive tool that's designed to fuel smarter business decisions and uplift your Shopify store's profitability.


Enhance your Shopify store with A/B tests for product prices, shipping rates, and content layout to make data-driven decisions
Optimize average order value and conversion rate by experimenting with free shipping thresholds and flat rates
Achieve accurate results with real-time traffic splitting without affecting site speed
Customize pricing based on UTM sources for different countries to maximize conversions
Monitor performance in real-time with advanced analytics for enhanced decision-making.


Increase profitability by testing product prices, shipping rates, and free shipping thresholds to optimize conversions and maximize revenue
Gain deep insights into performance variations to make data-driven decisions and strategically enhance your e-commerce strategy
Enjoy round-the-clock support for prompt assistance, ensuring you have a comprehensive tool to boost profits and make smarter business decisions

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Owlfred Review

Want to optimize your profits by efficiently testing different elements of your Shopify store, such as product prices, shipping rates, and more? Look no further than ABConvert: Price A/B Testing. It's no small feat to achieve an average 5-star rating from 31 reviews, but this app has done it with its robust yet user-friendly features. Dive into real-time, in-depth analytics and relish in the insights it provides on optimizing your strategy. Enjoy the benefits of a free plan and a 7-day free trial before committing to the affordable max price of $199 per month. But whho! It does more; maximize your Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CVR) with intelligent free shipping thresholds and flat rate experiments. No more guesswork with the real-time live traffic splitting that ensures super accurate results with minimal speed impacts. Another hoot is the ability to run tests for different countries and even display different prices based on UTM sources. Whether you're nesting with apps like Checkout, Frequently Bought Together, or Candy Rack, ABConvert integrates well. So flap those business wings and let ABConvert take your Shopify store to soaring heights of success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does A/B testing mean in ecommerce?
A/B testing in ecommerce is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or other user experience to determine which one performs better. It involves showing two variants, A and B, to different segments of website visitors at the same time and comparing the results to see which variant drives more conversions.
How does the ABConvert app help with A/B testing on Shopify?
The ABConvert app provides Shopify merchants the ability to run A/B tests on their online stores. It allows you to create two versions of your webpage, offers analytics to track performance, and uses this data to determine which version is more effective in driving customer conversions.
Why is A/B testing important for a Shopify store?
A/B testing is important for a Shopify store as it allows sellers to make data-driven decisions and improve their conversion rate. By testing different elements of their store, merchants can optimize their site's performance, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase sales.
Can I use ABConvert to test different pricing strategies?
Yes with the ABConvert app, you can test different pricing strategies on your Shopify store. By creating two different versions of a product page with different pricing, you can analyze customer behavior and determine which pricing structure leads to higher sales or conversion rates.

Shopify App Comparison: ABConvert: A/B Testing vs A/B Final : Price AB Testing - which is better?

When comparing ABConvert and A/B Final: Price AB Testing, we found that both apps offer the capability to conduct A/B testing for various elements of your Shopify store. ABConvert focuses on testing product prices, shipping rates, and free shipping thresholds, while A/B Final allows for testing of landing pages, images, copywriting, theme, and pricing. This key difference in capabilities allows users to choose the app that aligns with their specific testing needs.

Additionally, ABConvert stands out with its round-the-clock support, providing prompt assistance and ensuring users have a comprehensive tool to boost profits and make smarter business decisions. On the other hand, A/B Final boasts seamless integration with Shopify, eliminating the impact on page speed and enhancing the user experience. This makes A/B Final a convenient choice for users who prioritize a smooth and efficient A/B testing process.

Overall, both ABConvert and A/B Final offer powerful A/B testing capabilities that can lead to increased conversions and profits. We recommend ABConvert for those looking for comprehensive support and a focus on product prices, shipping rates, and free shipping thresholds. However, if seamless integration with Shopify and testing of a wider range of elements is a priority, A/B Final is a strong choice.

ABConvert: A/B Testing Shopify AppABConvert: A/B Testing
A/B Final : Price AB Testing Shopify AppA/B Final : Price AB Testing
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 42 2
Estimated Installs 55 0
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Max Price $199.00 $29.00
Works With Checkout , Frequently Bought Together, Candy Rack, Upcart, Kaching Checkout , Facebook Pixel, Tiktok Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Tiktok Shop, Google Ads Tracking, Facebook Product Feed
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