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Identify problem customers before you ship with Bad Customer app.

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If you want to steer clear of problematic customers, Bad Customer can help you identify potential issues before shipping out orders.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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May 7, 2024

Stop problem customers in their tracks with Bad Customer

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Experience the unmatched utility of an app designed to safeguard your business against repetitive order chargebacks and unwarranted refund requests. This tool goes the extra mile in distinguishing itself from typical anti-fraud applications with its simplified approach that doesn't rely only on complicated algorithms to identify suspicious actions. Instead, it cleverly uncovers potential risks by investigating customers' past histories of chargebacks across various platforms.

The app's unique methodology is akin to a watchful eye, keen on safeguarding your bottom line. It's designed for Shopify merchants seeking straightforward solutions to potentially tricky problems that could compromise the health of their business. By taking a practical approach to fraud prevention, this app almost acts as a firewall, protecting your financials while maintaining the trustworthiness of your customer base.

Benefit from a tool that works almost like a proficient detective, analyzing your customers' past behaviors to shed light on possible future risks. With this app, you significantly increase your chances of avoiding transactions that might pose financial pitfalls, empowering you to navigate your e-commerce landscape with greater confidence and peace of mind.


Identify customers with a history of chargebacks on other sites
Flag orders with PO Boxes or mismatched billing/shipping states
Detect customers with multiple accounts and potential fraudulent activities
Analyze past behaviors to shed light on future transaction risks
Act as a proficient detective to safeguard your business from financial pitfalls


Avoid financial pitfalls by identifying customers who have a history of chargebacks on other sites
Increase confidence in transactions by flagging orders with suspicious billing/shipping information
Enhance peace of mind by detecting customers with multiple accounts and potential fraudulent activities

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Owlfred Review

Bad Customer, from Outlander, is a unique fraud prevention tool in the Shopify ecosystem. Flaunting a distinctive approach to tackling fraudulent activities, it veers away from traditional algorithm-based solutions and instead, identifies customers who frequently chargeback their purchases or request excessive refunds. It even takes the initiative to flag orders to PO boxes or when billing and shipping details mismatch across states, adding an extra layer of security. It's a free tool for Shopify merchants designed to ease out the whole delivery process by identifying potential problem customers even before shipping. However, this app comes with a low average rating of 1.9 based on 9 reviews. This may give some merchants pause before integrating it into their system. While the concept is promising, it could be beneficial to check out additional reviews or test the application in a limited setting before full implementation. Overall, for a zero-cost solution, Bad Customer may prove to be a handy tool for those dealing consistently with chargebacks and refunds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deal with a problematic customer?
One way of dealing with problematic customers is by remaining calm and understanding their concern. Offer solutions to the problem or direct them to persons or resources that can further assist them.
How do you deal with toxic customers?
In handling toxic customers, the best approach is maintaining professional and respectful communication. Setting boundaries is also important to establish a healthy business connection and prevent damaging stress levels.
What can be implemented to improve poor customer service?
Poor customer service can be improved by investing in training your staff better and using tools to track customer satisfaction. You may also implement a customer feedback system to receive suggestions from customers themselves which can be used for continuous improvements.
How do you dissociate with bad customers?
It's important to be professional when choosing to disengage with a bad customer. Politely explain the reasons, and if possible, recommend them to a business more suited to their needs.

Shopify App Comparison: Bad Customer vs FraudJudge Fraud Prevention - which is better?

We have compared two different fraud prevention apps for Shopify merchants: the Bad Customer App and the FraudJudge Fraud Prevention App. Both apps aim to safeguard merchants against fraudulent activities, but they have distinct differences in their capabilities and features.

The Bad Customer App stands out with its simplified approach to fraud prevention. Instead of relying solely on complicated algorithms, this app investigates customers' past histories of chargebacks across various platforms. It acts as a watchful eye, identifying potential risks by analyzing customers' behaviors. This unique methodology enhances peace of mind for merchants, helping them avoid financial pitfalls and navigate their e-commerce landscape with confidence. With features such as flagging suspicious transactions and detecting customers with multiple accounts, this app acts as a proficient detective, empowering merchants to make informed decisions and maintain the trustworthiness of their customer base.

On the other hand, the FraudJudge Fraud Prevention App provides a robust line of defense against fraud and security risks. It offers streamlined security with smart, predictive features that create a reliable barrier against chargebacks and inventory losses. The app verifies orders using customized rules, ID requests, and address validation, ensuring transactions are conducted securely. With real-time checks and the ability to block risky transactions using advanced black/white lists, merchants can customize their risk tolerance and processing rules. This app's comprehensive toolkit not only reduces fraudulent transactions but also fosters a safer shopping environment, building trust with customers and reinforcing the merchant's reputation as a reliable marketplace.

In conclusion, both the Bad Customer App and the FraudJudge Fraud Prevention App offer valuable fraud prevention solutions for Shopify merchants. However, the Bad Customer App stands out with its simplified approach that acts as a watchdog, analyzing customers' past behaviors and providing practical solutions to avoid financial pitfalls. If merchants are seeking a straightforward fraud prevention tool that enhances confidence and peace of mind, we recommend the Bad Customer App.

Bad Customer Shopify AppBad Customer
FraudJudge Fraud Prevention Shopify AppFraudJudge Fraud Prevention
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