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Improve store speed, SEO rankings, and user experience with BeME: Boost SEO.

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BeME: Boost SEO is a great tool to monitor your store site speed and improve SEO rankings effectively.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Boost SEO and Speed: Monitor, Optimize, and Improve Rankings

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BeME: Boost SEO is a tool that allows you to monitor store speed, optimize search engine rankings, and conversion rates, and improve user experience. Easy app customization and settings, Meta tags and Social meta tags, Custom Rich 404 Page, Optimized store performance and Lighthouse speed, Lossless compression, and high compression ratio. Get indexed and cached with the coveted lightning bolt for your Products and Collections page with Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Unlock the potential of your online store with a holistic SEO optimization tool designed to streamline your meaningful discovery in the digital realm. Leverage the power of meticulous page speed analysis, precise search engine ranking insight, and conversion rate optimization tailored to elevate your user experience.

Unveil unprecedented convenience with an easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to customize settings to suit your specific requirements. Harness the utility of Meta tags and Social Meta tags โ€“ integral factors that boost your visibility on various platforms.

Step beyond the average with a Custom Rich 404 Page, gearing towards an even optimized store performance. The advanced Lighthouse speed feature amps up your loading speed, ensuring that each visitor's interaction with your website is smooth, fast, and intuitive.

Experience the merits of Lossless compression, boasting high compression ratios that optimize images without sacrificing quality. This unique feature ensures minimal lag, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Expand your digital footprint and gain an edge over competitors with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Experience lightning-fast indexing and caching for your Products and Collections page, serving content faster to mobile users, making your products accessible in a split second.

Your pathway to streamlined SEO optimization and enhanced online presence lies here. Achieve digital excellence and cultivate an unparalleled user experience with this transformational tool.


Monitor and analyze store SEO performance
Customize Meta tags, Social Meta tags, and create a Custom Rich 404 Page
Optimize site performance with Lighthouse speed feature
Implement Lossless compression for high-quality images
Enable lightning-fast content delivery with Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Increase your store visibility on various platforms with Meta tags and Social Meta tags customization
Ensure a seamless user experience with high-quality, optimized images through Lossless compression
Serve mobile users lightning-fast content with Accelerated Mobile Pages

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tinyimage, auto seo, pagespeed, eggflow, lighthouse, ChatGPT


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Owlfred Review

Whoo-hoo! Let's talk about the BeME: Boost SEO app, a nifty tool primarily focused on improving your store's SEO performance and boosting your site speed. This app is your new best friend when it comes to optimizing search engine rankings, enhancing conversion rates, and delivering a better user experience. It has a basket-full of features like easy customization settings, meta tags and social meta tags, a custom 404 page, and amped-up store performance with Lighthouse speed. Not to mention its lossless compression capability that presents a high compression ratio. The BeME team even threw in the Accelerated Mobile Pages feature to get you indexed and cached faster. It's got a glowing average rating of 4.8 from 7 reviews, and although there's no record of installs (likely a handy little backend app), it's keeping its users as happy as a nightingale! Free to start, with more advanced features unlocked at various price points, this app is a wise investment for those serious about ensuring their online shop is a speedy, SEO-optimized powerhouse. It even plays nicely with other apps like tinyimage, auto-seo, pagespeed, eggflow, and lighthouse. So if you're pining for a performance boost and better visibility on search engines, BeME: Boost SEO could be just the critter you need. Check it out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO and why is it important for my Shopify store?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process through which you can enhance your Shopify store's visibility on search engines. This is done by optimizing content, adding relevant keywords, and improving the overall site structure. As a result, your site has a better chance of getting ranked on the first page of search results, thereby drawing more visitors and potential customers.
How can the BeMe: Boost SEO app help in optimizing my store's SEO?
The BeMe: Boost SEO app is designed to help Shopify merchants optimize their websites for search engines. The app has various features like automatic tag generation, XML sitemap creation, JSON-LD, speed optimization and more. Ultimately, all these aspects work together to improve your Shopify store's visibility online and thereby boost your store's SEO ranking.
Why is speed optimization important for my Shopify store's SEO?
Speed optimization is crucial to both user experience and SEO. In fact, Google includes page load time as one of the key factors in its ranking algorithm. A slow website could potentially harm your rankings in search engine results, reduce the time on site by your visitors and negatively impact your conversion rates. Therefore, improving your Shopify store's speed will enhance user experience and overall SEO performance.
What are some tips for SEO improvement that I can apply right away to my Shopify store?
It's important to do keyword research and make sure your store's content is optimized with these keywords. Along with that, use SEO friendly URLs, add meta tags and descriptions, and ensure your website loads fast. Implement rich snippets where applicable and don't forget to incorporate SEO best practices into your image optimization process. Finally, updating and adding fresh, high-quality content to your website consistently will also positively impact your SEO.

Shopify App Comparison: BeME: Boost SEO vs Tiny SEO Image optimize, Speed - which is better?

When comparing BeME: Boost SEO App and Tiny SEO Image optimize, Speed App, it is clear that both apps offer a wide range of features designed to optimize your online store's SEO performance. BeME stands out with its holistic approach, combining meticulous page speed analysis, search engine ranking insight, and conversion rate optimization. This app also offers customization options for Meta tags and Social Meta tags, as well as a Custom Rich 404 Page to enhance store performance. In addition, the Lossless compression feature ensures high-quality images without sacrificing speed, providing a seamless user experience. The Accelerated Mobile Pages feature further boosts accessibility for mobile users, making BeME a comprehensive tool for overall SEO optimization.

On the other hand, Tiny SEO Image optimize, Speed App focuses on driving up e-commerce page speed without compromising on SEO. Its standout features include efficient image compression, resizing, and lazy loading, all crucial factors for higher rankings and superior customer experience. This app also offers diagnostic tools like 404-page handling and 301 redirects to streamline website navigation and provide a customer-friendly browsing experience. Additionally, the JSON-LD features and metadata tagging capabilities contribute to increased SERP visibility. The unique inclusion of a chatbot AI adds to the overall user experience, providing prompt answers and valuable insights.

In conclusion, both BeME: Boost SEO App and Tiny SEO Image optimize, Speed App offer valuable features to enhance your website's SEO performance. However, BeME's holistic approach and advanced customization options make it a comprehensive tool for overall SEO optimization. Therefore, we recommend BeME for those looking to unlock the full potential of their online store's SEO performance and user experience.

BeME: Boost SEO Shopify AppBeME: Boost SEO
Tiny SEO Image optimize, Speed Shopify AppTiny SEO Image optimize, Speed
Average Rating 4.1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 1942
Estimated Installs 0 18754
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $79.00 $19.98
Works With tinyimage, auto seo, pagespeed, eggflow, lighthouse, ChatGPT Google search console, Stamped,, Loox, Yotpo, Lai & other review apps
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