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Protect against fraudulent orders and chargebacks with Beacon's advanced fraud detection system.

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Beacon Fraud Protection is a must-have app to defend your business against fraudulent orders and chargebacks with its advanced fraud protection system.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Stop Fraud and Protect Your Business with Beacon's Advanced Fraud Protection.

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A fortress of security awaits right at your fingertips, offering intense scrutiny for every transaction, keeping danger at bay. Versatile and incessantly active, this app ensures safety with its pioneering capability to analyse patterns like invalid addresses, VOIP, CVV codes, phone numbers and multiple accounts for potential threat indicators. Utilize its robust filter to detect and halt fraudulent activity before it can do harm, like a vigilant bot endlessly patrolling your virtual marketplace.

Customize the system to suit your unique business needs, tweaking the blacklist and flagging process for precise results. It works tirelessly to scrutinize transactions, identifying suspicious behaviors and red flags to protect your business from deceitful schemes and costly chargebacks. Say goodbye to false positives, this app meticulously scans and makes smart decisions, ensuring only genuine orders make it through your system.

Turn proactive by implementing an automated approach towards preventing fraud in your Shopify stores. Rely on the app's expert intelligence to save both your time and resources, creating a trusted, secure environment for your valued customers. A fortress for safety, a beacon of trust, and a heaven for business security, the app equips every shop owner with reliable fraud protection capabilities. Into the world of seamless and secure transactions, step right in.


Analyze fraudulent orders using powerful risk data to spot risky behaviors
Track credit card fraud, account takeovers, promotional abuse, and checkout bots
Customize the fraud system by setting various parameters to suit different needs
Automate order cancellation/void, holding orders, and control payment capture
Verify risky customers to confirm bad-actors and reduce false red flags


Prevent fraudulent activity before harm is done by analyzing transaction patterns and indicators
Tailor the fraud protection system to your business needs with customizable filters and processes
Save time and resources by automating fraud prevention measures and creating a secure environment for genuine orders

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Works with

Checkout , Flow, Fraud Filter, Riskified


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Owlfred Review

"You've worked hard on your Shopify store and the last thing you want is sneaky fraudsters harming your business. That's where Beacon Fraud Protection busts into the scene, armed to its beak with advanced features designed to fortify your business against fraudulent orders and chargeback damage. Despite being a smaller player with 10 reviews and an impressive 4.8 average rating, it's sure to ruffle some feathers in the fraud protection landscape. Beacon applies robust fraud filters that spot dodgy details like VOIP, invalid addresses and suspicious multiple accounts. Adjust its flagging and blacklist systems to cater to your specific business needs, and automate cancellation or holding of orders to thwart those pesky scammers quicker than a swipe of a talon. Its customizable parameters allow your store to always stay one flap ahead, reducing false positives and waving goodbye to bad actors. What's more, it's compatible with Flow, Fraud Filter, and Riskified and all at a cost-friendly price of $0.03 per month after a 14-day free trial. As this owl sees it, Beacon Fraud Protection is a smart perch for any Shopify merchant looking to tightly secure their nest egg against scams. So why wait? Give it a whirl and start defending your store today!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beacon Fraud Protection?
Beacon Fraud Protection is an app designed to help Shopify merchants safeguard their stores against fraudulent activities. It uses advanced algorithms to identify, evaluate and manage potential risk.
How does Beacon Fraud Protection work?
Beacon Fraud Protection works by scanning and analyzing all incoming orders in real time for potential fraudulent activity. It then flags any suspicious orders, allowing the merchant to review and take appropriate action.
Can Beacon Fraud Protection help prevent credit card fraud?
Yes. Beacon Fraud Protection is designed to identify and mitigate a variety of fraudulent activities, including credit card fraud. It utilizes advanced algorithms and continuously updated data to ensure effective protection.
Is Beacon Fraud Protection suitable for all Shopify stores?
Beacon Fraud Protection can be beneficial to any Shopify store. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, it provides an additional layer of security to help protect against fraud and reduce risk.

Shopify App Comparison: Beacon Fraud Protection vs Fraud Control - which is better?

The Beacon Fraud Protection app offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to safeguard your online business. Its pioneering capability to analyze patterns like invalid addresses, VOIP, CVV codes, phone numbers, and multiple accounts sets it apart from other fraud prevention apps. It also provides a robust filtering system that detects and halts fraudulent activity before it can cause harm. With its customizable features, you can tailor the app to suit your unique business needs, ensuring only genuine orders make it through your system. The app's expert intelligence and automated approach make it a reliable and time-saving tool for preventing fraud in Shopify stores.

On the other hand, the Fraud Control app takes a proactive approach to fraud prevention, utilizing business intelligence and analytics to provide an eagle-eye view of your store's fraud risk. It suggests predefined rules that are backed by intensive data analysis, allowing you to efficiently fend off notorious fraudsters during the checkout process. This app also offers the flexibility to craft custom rules, providing superior and tailor-fit protection against fraud. Additionally, it provides detailed analytics and trend reports that enhance decision-making and mitigate fraud risks effectively. By detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions in real-time, this app boosts store profitability and trustworthiness while improving operational efficiency.

Both apps offer valuable fraud prevention capabilities, but the Beacon Fraud Protection app stands out for its pioneering analysis of potential threat indicators and its robust filtering system. With its customizable features and automated approach, it provides a seamless and secure environment for genuine orders. Based on these capabilities, we recommend the Beacon Fraud Protection app as the top choice for business owners seeking reliable fraud protection.

Beacon Fraud Protection Shopify AppBeacon Fraud Protection
Fraud Control Shopify AppFraud Control
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 2.3 out of 5
Number of Reviews 11 6
Estimated Installs 5 0
Min Price $0.03 $0.00
Max Price $0.03 $0.00
Works With Checkout , Flow, Fraud Filter, Riskified
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