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Display related blog posts in your Shop Blog to boost internal SEO and improve user engagement.

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Using Better Related Blog Posts created a crucial link between your blog posts, boosting internal SEO and enhancing user experience.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Boost Your Shop's SEO with Better Related Blog Posts

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Using Better Related Blog Posts created crucial link between your blogposts that will boost your internal SEO Hyper modern technologies make BRBP load super fast on any device. This contribute to better user experience and also effect your shops SEO Keep your visitors longer on your shop. This increase engagement and retention.

Enrich your Shopify store with the ingenious functionality offered by the Better Related Blog Posts app! This keen tool meticulously weaves an intricate web between your blog content, providing a significant uplift to your internal SEO. Infused with avant-garde technology, the app prioritizes speed, ensuring it operates swiftly on any device and enhancing your visitors' experiences.

One of the valuable benefits of this app is its organic ability to thrive the visitors’ stay on your online store. By doing this, it actively amplifies engagement rates and solidifies visitor retention, making it an asset for businesses looking to nurture a steady customer base.

Revamp your store's blog posts with this resourceful app. Not only will it breathe new life into your content strategy but also fortify your website's internal SEO, thereby fostering a conducive environment for growth and engagement. Make a strategic move and experience the transformative impact of an integrated blog network today.


Create crucial links between blog posts to enhance internal SEO and visitor engagement
Utilize hyper modern technologies for lightning-fast loading on all devices
Keep visitors on your Shopify store longer, increasing engagement and retention
Compatibility with a wide range of themes
Seamless operation on any device for an optimal visitor experience


Increase visitor engagement and retention by weaving an intricate web between blog content, fostering a steady customer base
Enhance internal SEO, creating a conducive environment for growth and engagement
Prioritize speed and seamless operation on any device, ensuring an optimal visitor experience

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Owlfred Review

Let's talk about Better Related Blog Posts app by Stackedboost - a handy little tool designed to boost engagement and SEO for your Shopify store. Running a solid 5-star rating track, this app encourages customers to hang around your site a bit longer by recommending similar blog posts at the end of each entry. Using it is like hosting a mini tour guide to your content, and who wouldn't love that? The fact it's built with a mobile-first approach keeps the browsing experience zippy and pleasant on any device. Plus, it creates quality internal links that take your SEO game to the next level. Starting at a modest $4.90/month with a 7-day free trial, it's a budget-friendly way to increase your page visits and potentially, your sales. Top it all with full customization options and you got a winner. Although this might be a "behind-the-scenes" kind of app, considering the absence of install numbers, it's truly promising for those looking to spruce up their marketing and conversion tactics. So, if you're wanting to keep your visitors engaged longer and boost your SEO, Better Related Blog Posts could be a hoot and half!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my blog SEO?
You can improve your blog SEO by producing high quality, keyword-rich content regularly. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your text and headlines. Make sure your content is useful, unique, and relevant to your audience.
Does updating blogs help SEO?
Updating blogs can boost SEO. Google's algorithm favors fresh, relevant content. When you update a blog post, it can lead to improved rankings and increased traffic.
How do I show related posts on Shopify?
Showing related blog posts on Shopify can be done by using apps like Better Related Blog Posts. This app categorizes and tags your blog content to display relevant posts to your customers.
How many blogs per month for SEO?
The optimal number of blog posts per month for SEO varies. However, HubSpot found businesses posting 16+ blogs monthly get nearly 3.5 times more traffic. Therefore, frequent and consistent blogging is beneficial.

Shopify App Comparison: Better Related Blog Posts vs Instagram Stories & Highlights - which is better?

When comparing the Better Related Blog Posts app and the Instagram Stories & Highlights app, we can see that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits for enhancing your online store. The Better Related Blog Posts app focuses on improving your internal SEO and increasing visitor engagement and retention. By creating crucial links between blog posts and utilizing modern technologies for fast loading on all devices, this app helps to keep visitors on your Shopify store longer, fostering a steady customer base. With compatibility with a wide range of themes, the app seamlessly operates on any device, ensuring an optimal visitor experience. Overall, this app is a strategic tool for revamping your store's blog posts and creating an environment for growth and engagement.

On the other hand, the Instagram Stories & Highlights app offers a different approach to boosting customer trust and converting visitors into confident customers. By seamlessly integrating Instagram Stories and Highlights into your store, this app showcases your product with real-time social proof, building trust with potential customers. It allows you to elevate your store's credibility by leveraging user-generated content and bring your product to life in real-world scenarios, driving purchasing decisions through authentic user experiences. With its dynamic and engaging shopping experience, this app harnesses the potential of social proof to capitalize on first impressions and transform visitors into loyal customers.

The Better Related Blog Posts app is recommended for businesses looking to enhance their internal SEO and increase visitor engagement and retention, while the Instagram Stories & Highlights app is recommended for those who want to build customer trust and elevate their store's credibility through real-time social proof. Both apps have their own strengths and benefits, so it ultimately depends on your specific goals and priorities as to which app would be the best fit for your online store.

Better Related Blog Posts Shopify AppBetter Related Blog Posts
Instagram Stories & Highlights Shopify AppInstagram Stories & Highlights
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 3 47
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Max Price $4.90 $2.99
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