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Wholesale Gorilla - The Ultimate Wholesale and B2B Merchant Solution

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Unlock a new realm of potential in your Shopify store with a powerful app that elevates your B2B operations to new heights. This dynamic tool allows approved clients to access your store's offerings but at wholesale prices, imbuing a candid simplicity into your business operations.

Dive beyond the surface-level offerings to experience an extensive feature set designed to amplify your operation's effectiveness. Set rules for wholesale pricing, or utilize a broad array of additional tools such as net terms, bespoke shipping options, order limitations, specific product exclusions, quantity breaks, and much more - tailoring the tool's capabilities to best fit your business needs.

Should you encounter any roadblocks along the way, rest assured knowing that an extraordinary commitment to customer service underpins this application, positioned to assist you in conquering any troubleshooting woes promptly and efficiently. In effect, this application refines the wholesale approach, melding simplicity with efficacy in a single, streamlined package. Amplify your B2B operations today for a simpler, more secure tomorrow.


Set custom wholesale pricing and discounts for B2B clients to boost sales
Automate order processing, net terms, and shipping rules for enhanced efficiency
Access 24/7 customer service experts for onboarding, troubleshooting, and optimization support
Quick installation and seamless integration with your store for speedy operations
Implement pricing tiers to scale your business effectively and efficiently


Set exclusive wholesale pricing for approved customers, creating a personalized shopping experience
Streamline wholesale operations with order limit enforcement and quantity breaks for a more structured channel
Empower merchants with a competitive edge in the wholesale marketplace by simplifying complexity and enhancing capabilities

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Owlfred Review

Wholesale Gorilla is a robust app designed to help grow your wholesale/B2B business efficiently with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. With an impressive 4.5 average rating from 235 reviews and over 3700 installs, this app stands out as a highly recommended solution for Shopify merchants looking to streamline their wholesale operations. From setting wholesale price rules to advanced functionalities like net terms, custom shipping, and order limits, Wholesale Gorilla offers a full suite of tools to cater to various business needs. Additionally, their 24/7 customer service ensures that you receive the support you need every step of the way. Overall, Wholesale Gorilla simplifies the wholesale experience for merchants, making it a valuable addition to any Shopify store looking to expand its B2B offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wholesale Gorilla work?
Wholesale Gorilla provides a solution for Shopify merchants to offer wholesale pricing on their online stores. It allows for the creation of customer groups and the application of different wholesale pricing rules for each. Merchants can also create wholesale-only products and collections as per their business needs.
What is Shopify B2B?
Shopify B2B is a business model in which Shopify merchants sell products or services directly to other businesses. This could be wholesale, bulk orders, or custom catering to the retail industry. Shopify offers a range of features to support this model including tiered pricing, volume discounts, and special access to wholesale-only products.
How do I set up wholesale pricing on Shopify?
Wholesale pricing in Shopify is set up using apps like Wholesale Gorilla. After installing the app, you can create varying wholesale pricing levels for different customer groups. You also have control over minimum purchase quantities and can set up custom shipping rules for wholesale orders.
What can I do with Wholesale Gorilla?
With Wholesale Gorilla, Shopify merchants can easily set up a wholesale storefront within their existing Shopify store. This means being able to offer different pricing to different customers, apply volume discounts, create wholesale-only products or collections, and customize the shopping experience for wholesale customers.

Shopify App Comparison: Wholesale Gorilla vs B2B Wholesale Solution by BSS - which is better?

We have thoroughly evaluated both the Wholesale Gorilla app and the BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution app, and it is clear that they offer different sets of capabilities and features to cater to distinct needs within the wholesale marketplace.

The Wholesale Gorilla app focuses on simplicity and convenience for B2B merchants, providing a robust and feature-rich solution for managing wholesale pricing right within the Shopify store. It offers exclusive wholesale pricing for approved customers, order limit enforcement, and quantity breaks to enhance wholesale operations. The app also offers automated order processing, net terms, and shipping rules for improved efficiency. With its emphasis on simplicity and capability, the Wholesale Gorilla app is a valuable tool for both novice and experienced Shopify merchants, providing them with a competitive edge in the wholesale marketplace.

On the other hand, the BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution app offers a hyper-focused platform for businesses looking to elevate their B2B operations and strengthen their wholesale relationships. The app stands out with its ability to adjust pricing on a personalized product basis, fostering lasting partnerships and maximizing customer value. It also provides advanced features such as custom pricing with amount/quantity breaks, automated VAT exemption, and tax display rule control for regulatory compliance. With its focus on precise control over wholesale operations and better decision-making, the BSS app empowers businesses to achieve improved growth and profitability in the B2B sector.

Considering these distinct capabilities and features offered by both apps, we recommend the Wholesale Gorilla app for merchants seeking a streamlined and efficient wholesale channel on Shopify. With its comprehensive B2B toolkit and dedicated customer service, it provides an unparalleled 'wholesale, simplified' experience. However, for businesses aiming for precise product-based pricing and intricate control over wholesale operations, the BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution app offers a revolution in wholesale management, leading to lasting partnerships and enhanced profitability in the B2B sector.

Wholesale Gorilla Shopify AppWholesale Gorilla
B2B Wholesale Solution by BSS Shopify AppB2B Wholesale Solution by BSS
Average Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 251 714
Estimated Installs 3932 3185
Min Price $39.95 $0.00
Max Price $149.94 $100.00
Works With B2B Login Access, B2B Customer Portal, Klavio, Order Printer Pro, LangShop, Zapiet โ€‘ Pickup + Delivery
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