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Organize blog posts easily and customize their positions on your store's blog page.

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Article Organizer Pro is the perfect tool for effortlessly organizing your blog posts, allowing you to easily drag and drop articles to the top or bottom of your blog pages.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Elevate Your Blogging Impact with Customized Article Positions

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Given the power to manipulate blog post positioning with the precision of a virtual architect, this app is a boon for any digital storefront. Utilizing native features of the platform, it allows for the strategic organization of blog posts be they articles, asset listings, or category pages.

Whether the vision involves showcasing a stellar article at the forefront or distributing content in a bespoke order, this application handles both tasks with equal aplomb. It preserves the fluidity of native pagination while allowing users to shuffle blog posts according to their unique preferences and marketing strategies. This serves to bolster the browsing experience and streamlines article discovery for the store's visitors.

Don't let your content get lost in a sea of uniformity. Customizing and repurposing blog posts is accessible for all, setting your digital store apart from the competition. Cater to your unique merchant needs and craft a website that meets your vision with strategically curated blog post positioning.


Place your most active and viewed articles first
Organizing made easy with drag and drop functionality
Compatible with any Shopify theme, with only the publish date changing
Strategically curate and customize blog post positioning to set your store apart from competitors
Streamline content discovery and improve user experience by organizing blog posts effectively


Increase visibility of your top-performing articles to drive more traffic and engagement
Easily organize and curate your blog posts to improve user experience and streamline content discovery
Stand out from competitors by customizing and optimizing blog post positioning to meet unique marketing strategies and merchant needs

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Joe Pichardo
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Owlfred Review

Welcome to the world of Article Organizer Pro, a clever Shopify app that tidies up your blog posts as niftily as a squirrel gathering acorns. This no-nonsense app makes short work of organizing your store's blog, letting you drag and drop articles willy-nilly at will. Whether you desire to spotlight an outstanding post or repurpose blog entries as assets, items, or categories, this tool offers infinite customizability and flexibility. It even maintains your store's innate pagination intact. Even though the app currently only has one review, it's a shining 5-star rating, indicating satisfied users. Also, it's a backstage maestro, so don't fret over the zero installs count. From $10 a month and with a one-day free trial, you can place your most popular articles front and center, making organizing wonderfully easy and it works like a dream with any theme! Joe Pichardo, the genius behind this operation, has nailed it! As your trusted owl counselor, I glide right in with a two-winged thumbs up for Article Organizer Pro!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my blog impactful?
Ensure your blog is impactful by providing unique and valuable content. Use engaging visuals, keep your content digestible with subheadings, bullet points and short paragraphs, and make sure your blog design is clean and easy to navigate.
How do you elevate a blog?
To elevate a blog, start by focusing on your content quality and consistency. Incorporate SEO strategies to reach a wider audience, engage with your readers through comments, and use compelling visuals and infographics to support your content.
How would you promote your blog in order to gain more views?
Promote your blog by actively sharing your posts on social media, optimizing for SEO, collaborating with influencers or other bloggers, and by using email marketing techniques. Regularly engaging with your followers also helps create a loyal readership.
What is the role of blogs and articles in increasing website traffic?
Blogs and articles increase website traffic by providing valuable content that gets indexed by search engines, attracting potential visitors. They also encourage return visits and acts as a resource for referral traffic from social media and other websites.

Shopify App Comparison: Article Organizer Pro vs Penmo: Content Writing - which is better?

When comparing Article Organizer Pro and Penmo: Content Writing, it's evident that these apps have different capabilities and features that cater to distinct needs in the digital storefront space. Article Organizer Pro allows users to strategically organize and curate blog posts, increasing visibility of top-performing articles and improving user experience. This app enables customization and optimization of blog post positioning, setting the digital store apart from competitors and streamlining content discovery for visitors. With its focus on blog post management and organization, Article Organizer Pro is an ideal choice for merchants looking to showcase their articles and drive traffic.

On the other hand, Penmo: Content Writing offers a dual approach application that combines artificial intelligence with human expertise. This app provides the option for automated content creation or a customized, personalized approach. It allows users to generate SEO-optimized articles in bulk, increasing organic traffic to the online store. Additionally, Penmo offers access to expert human writers who can create bespoke, high-quality content that aligns with the brand's unique voice and style. By providing a comprehensive solution for content marketing needs, Penmo is a valuable tool for merchants seeking to enhance their store's narrative and achieve the perfect balance of technology and talent in content creation.

In conclusion, both apps offer valuable capabilities and features for digital storefronts, but their focus and strengths differ. If your priority is organizing and optimizing blog posts, Article Organizer Pro is highly recommended. However, if you're looking for a solution that combines automated content generation with access to expert writers, Penmo: Content Writing is the way to go. It ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals as a merchant.

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